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Name: Download Like the Wind
Pack: Download Junavara Unpublished Track
By:   Junavara
Version: 20-Oct-2009
Released: 20-Oct-2009
TMX id: 1905256
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,438
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:46.39   sef.Paras!+ 0:00.0039,438
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:46.54   AR »2slow4you+ 0:00.1538,672
0:46.74   AR »Mudda+ 0:00.3537,653
0:47.06   AR | Helix+ 0:00.6736,020
0:47.11   Trace+ 0:00.7235,765
0:47.15   Hexeberg+ 0:00.7635,561
0:47.16   AR »Hotsauce+ 0:00.7735,510
0:47.16   'lars+ 0:00.7735,510
0:47.16 0:00.7735,510
0:47.17   1991alex+ 0:00.7835,459
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Author Comments

This track designed for : Easy/Intermediate FS

Here's a new track, didn't get so many ideas at first for building,
but, after some try I think the track is pretty fun. I enjoy to build it !

Informations about track :

It's an easy FS track build rec hunt/online. A bit longer than my other track.
Get respawn, some rookie ways too. Is pretty speedy, funny and get a good flow I think.

- ~49.00 sec to finish
- 3450 Coopers used
- Intro/Outro/Auto-GPS
- Respawnable
- Beta-Testing : ......Joking ?

Medal Time :
Gold : 49.00 sec
Silver : 51.00 sec
Bronze : 55.00 sec

Good luck and Have Fun !

Thanks for playing , replays, comments and awards are welcome

User Comments
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  ANE.Emil 27-Oct-2009
Well, I completely agree with Juna, and I hate myself for barging in in one of these discussions, but I think most of this is based on jealousy And I could relate to Gubbi, as he has some very good but underrated tracks! But that kinda attitude wont help at all!

Simply put, you shouldn't give in to populism, and award no matter how many awards the track has if you like it!

And TMX was better long ago, but most stuff turns sour after staying in the sun for some time...

Blah blah.

People should award if they like, I'd compare awarding with "++"ing on a track online!
  Junavara 27-Oct-2009
@Syncro : Ya know I did not search for award, you know it , uh, tell me you know ? or you simply answered without reading to make some fun ?
I believe for second statements...

Originally posted by Syncro ...
I completely agree with gubbi
this is one of those tracks where you race it....and your like...hmmm
it's an "alright" track....but most certainly uncreative, along with the fact that is has bad walls, and a terrible (scenary/atmosphere) "which in turn gives it a boring feeling"

Mmmm......well.... I'am happy with what I build and this is what I search first, not to build for other people.
If some people like it too, make me happy, If they dislikes, well.... i don't really care and try to build something other considering feedbacks.

Originally posted by Syncro ...

To recieve the amount of awards you have only because of your past tmx history.

Ohhh I'am sooooooo sorry, can I feel some jealousy or brainless comments ?

Before speaking, ya know is my first BotW since 2 years ? you know it, tell me....... you know ? or just speak for nothing?
Btw my other tracks get more awards like this one and I did not cry because I did receive any attention during some months for it.

I really wonder what TmX history can help me. When I was not here during some months, I build an track (Ordeal) how get 10/15 awards during some weeks......and....heey... wait, wait, My past help me a loooooooooooot to get this 10 awards. C'mon before speaking did you think ??

By the way to get this,

Did I spam ? Not really.....ah wait where Gubbi .... he can speak about it, they look like they works for him !
Did i spam online ? Well not really.....Wait I know some people they does and they works !!
Did I speak everywhere about myself , mine [new track incomming] [Builders clan] ?? not really too......

And maybe...... it's just 50 people who liked the track on 100000 users here.....

btw a good comments for ya :

Originally posted by Rewiind ...

People award tracks they thinks are fun. Should you not award a track because it has too many awards according to other users ? Come on guys, imagine it: "oh my god, this is totally my favourite track of all times. Wait, people say it's not worth another award. Meh, I'll just move along as if nothing happened then."

Originally posted by Syncro ...

Which in turn you had good tmn tracks.....but I liked them more when I was a less skilled driver.....
Now they just seem "unsmooth, unexciting, and just not enough to please some1 who is looking for any type of adrenaline or "greatness" feeling in a track

Well.... happy you consider yourself by a skilled driver. "Greatness" feeling in a track.....You get the Universal taste, happy for you again !!

Originally posted by Syncro ...

In my opion you are just making excuses for not being able to "keep up w/ the new talent"

For sure ! I searched on the book of "1001 excuses" written by Sinkro and I found this one, not good for you? Too bad

"keep up w/ the new talent" Actually, I don't like most of new "talent", every people get his own taste.... ya ?

........btw now I wonder I should excuse for what get a brain how works, to try to change people mind when I say "award the track how you like" ( TmX motto....) ?


I do not beg for something,

I did not search for something.

I get my honor and pride.
  TimeBreaker 27-Oct-2009
Let's face it, TMX has been conqured by jealousy.You don't have to care for those people, Juna, they lack the capabilities to ever become a great builder like you and instead of trying to improve, they complain.
People don't understand what online- and beginner-friendly tracks are.
  SynCro. 28-Oct-2009
lol, I'm not jealous first of all....I read the every comment here, and I just said that I agreed with gubbi
I'm not writing my comment in any anger what so ever.
I just think that this is a shit track, and as I said before...."uncreative"
As you had built it for yourself....which is fine....and I know you didnt spam, I was just suprised that this many actually took the time to award this.....(well how should I put it...."junk" track)
Again I'll say...even tho no1 will believe me cuz the an everlasting battle that will never be won.....but i'm not jealous or angry in anyway.
Also juna....this statement at the end or your last comment....
I think you are most likely "irl" are some1 who gets made fun of.
Your last comment is extremely's almost funny to read.....

@TB - ....really, I know what beginer friendly tracks are....I think we should let the beginners stick to them.'s funny how 60% of your award is about the MT
  Hr.Mann 28-Oct-2009
Congrats, more than 50 awards!
GoGo 100.

By the way i find it funny that one track can be that controversial^^
  Junavara 28-Oct-2009
@SynCro.: I'am really to lazy to read your comments and just read your last sentence. It's redundant discussion about "I like" "It's a shitty track" "Nah you wrong" ect...ect...
Nothing constructive.

Btw, "60% about MT".....sorry but...... Where you learn to count ?
11 comments on 51 get the word "intro" or "MT".

How you want that I take you serious with you comments ?

Seriously, you can write what you want here..... I will not answer.
I will just..... smile and when i will read it, you will make my fun on day, thanks

@Hr.Mann : Thanks !
  TimeBreaker 28-Oct-2009
You talk about my award or the average award, Syncro? I think there's not much to describe on a plain fun track?
  hotseason 07-Mar-2010
I see this conversation died months ago....
but heres my 2c anyway lol....

I am pretty much an online racer. But, I race with TMX open nearly all the time. If I race a track I like then I award it on the spot, like now for this one. Sometimes my award is the only one, sometimes I am joinng a queue of awards. It does not matter to me because my award is based only on what I think.

  Acer|wells 20-Mar-2010
Look at Dyna's time in the dedimania ...
  chrisor. 18-Nov-2014
  AR »Liszt. 09-Dec-2014
Incredible. I've waited so long for someone to get 46.x Fucking sick time. Never knew if that would be possible or not, 13-Oct-2016
duuuuude if you take a look to my cp's you'll find dedi 1, but.....ahg just look my replay
  sef.Paras! 21-Oct-2016
well not at all
but u got a good start thats true, just take the booster next time
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User Award   howie 13-Nov-2012
Hi quality as always
User Award   alchemY 13-Mar-2013
awesome one
User Award   Solaris 28-May-2013
Cool one
User Award   AR »Mudda 29-Sep-2014
User Award   AR »Liszt. 29-Dec-2014
User Award   sef.Paras! 16-May-2016
My new favorite <3
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