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Name: Download Asphalt
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Firwarre.F® - Inactive
Version: 26-Jun-2008
Released: 26-Jun-2008
TMX id: 193486
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:43.07   ted_turner+ 0:00.19-
0:43.22   AR »Down.+ 0:00.34-
0:43.23   AR /wind+ 0:00.35-
0:43.28   AR »2slow4you+ 0:00.40-
0:43.29   &µ.fox°®.ARROw.»eSU«+ 0:00.41-
0:43.31   v4L+ 0:00.43-
0:43.34   GSA|dynamYte+ 0:00.46-
0:43.36   Quantum.Max'+ 0:00.48-
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Author Comments

Yo all !

Today is a particular day for me, today is the day of my birthday ! I'm 17 years old.
I decided to build a track for this day. Full Speed, as usual.
I wanted to make a track in my style and not too difficult, but by looking of new stunt.
I think that I made a success, but it belongs to you to judge.
The screenie was taken at the new stunt, thx Metal Snake

Now, the track :
Mod : sunset
Autor time : 44,20
Intro :
In Game :
Outro :
New stunt :
Walls : 3
Loops : 2
Platforms : a lot
Dirt part : 1
Big screenie

Special thanks :
Metal Snake : screenie + help intro + beta-testing.
Max' : beta-testing.

Special dedication :
NLpwf because we were born the same day, we are 17 years old today !

Hope you like it,

Thx for !

1. Socius : héhé, thx m8 I hate you, you know
2. NLpwf : my friend, happy birthday to you, and thx for you !
3. Metal_Snake.F® : thx m8 for all, and very very good
4. TimeBreaker : Glad you like it, and thx m8 !
5. GSADynamite : thx for this fast
6. `Weee* : thx for this lovely m8
7. Bajs : cool , glad you like it
8. Merze : np for replay Thx for this super
9. CRO|Bare : so fast, but great ! Thx !
10.Obie : thx m8, lovely Glad you like it
11. Fytrim | Scenery Freak : O-M-F-G ! What...What this O_O It's the best that I have ever seen, and he is for me ! Incredible I don't know what to say... I love your , it's wonderful ! So, thx thx thx thx thx my friend !
12. FaHoFF : m8, awesome for me Glad you love it !
13. Tige® : héhé, thx you very much ! The best here ? It's ME !
14. Sebi l gone : thx you for this fast m8
15. Maelstrom : lol Yes, I'm a cheater Thx !
16. D4v1d : thx m8, I love your , Fast and simple
17. Triple_shoot : The second incredible for me ! Smaller, but big all the same Glad you my track m8 !
18. womble`w4 : realy great words, lovely , thx !!
19. Bubbleman : fast, simple, nice :award ! Glad you like it
20. GSA|DaMn : double thx for this super ! Thx you !
21. [UTB]TXI : wahouuuu, I your words m8 ! Thx, this this awesome
22. Ptitnono.F® : Incredible My friend, your words roxxXXX ! Thx you !
23. Alba | mÖp : glad you like it m8 ! Thx for this great words
24. emiffl : yeaahhh, glad you like it, super for me
25. Max' : thx you very much m8, and thx for beta-testing
26. Duo°Madx : héhé, glad you like it, and super replay
27. [UTB]Anttibubu : thx for this lovely
28. mbc Quat : fast , but for me, thx !
29. Flugel : np m8, glad you like it. The pleasure is for me
30. ornaim : thx for this fast

User Comments
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  Firwarre.F® - Inactive 26-Jun-2008
31. NL-Chr!s- : super Yeahhh, I love my work too
32. AGRUM : looool, thx m8, I continue
33. Panter : glad you like it Thx for your
34. eXtr@cT : yeaaahh, super in the review forum ! thx a lot !!
35. Low-Cash :héhé, thx m8, You like it ?! Me too !
36. Kendal : another of you for an other track by me. Wow ! Thx a lot
37. MrMono : WTF ?! I have read your he is ... WoooAAAhhhOOOuuUUU ! Just fantastic, Glad you LOVE this track, and thx for this AWESOME comment, incredible Thx thx txh ! The pleasure is for me
38. IcARuS : woah m8 ! Super ! No secret, just working hard
39. coolest : fast , but it's for me, thx !
40. vladish.F® : #40 by you, thx a lot m8 !
41. ThibzZz : loool, my stunt is perfect Thx for this m8
42. Djsisi78 : ohhh thx Glad you like it, awesome comment
43. craq/scorpio : thx a lot for this !
44. _NL_Mass_NL_ : lovely m8, thx
45. Cyrus_17 : thx for your , glad you like my track
46. Dr.Fatass : thx for your fast
47. JooR : wahou, perfect comment, thx !
48. HardDance : oh my friend, your roxxXXX ! Glad you like this track after Nederland Thx a lot
49. Raphael Sneijder : another super for me, by you, thx
50. Hubby : just "wow" thx a lot
51. FLY. shanki : thx a lot for this lovely m8
52. necromaniac : super words for my track, thx
53. Zack^y : glad you like it
54. Exrange : thx a lot for this fast
55. LNCR-X : loool, thx, take pleasure
56. Freddy : great words, glad you like it
57. [UTB]Seadevil : héhé, glad you it m8 !
58. Josaga : thx for this fast
59. Gelex : wow, nice words, you like ? héhé, glad you like it
60.. spider95 : thx you for this great #60 m8
61. USI | Knight : np m8, great , thx a lot
62. o3.CraxX : np for this latest m8 Glad you like it !
63. shark« DeeP : thx for this beautiful
64. bubka : thx a lot m8 for this lovely
65. R4ß.Sarda : thx for this fast mon Sardou
66. Zanto : great for me, thx a lot !

903 dl's, 66 !
  Txi- 26-Jun-2008
haha I was going to say, pwf turned 17 aswell, downloaded track, will race it tonight!
  Firwarre.F® - Inactive 26-Jun-2008
10 dl's and...8 !
Thx !!!

edit : 11 dl's/9
  CRO|Bare 26-Jun-2008
Happy B-day...(;
  Fytrim. 26-Jun-2008
Whoops! An error occurred while processing your page request ...

A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (_ctl3:GetComment="... with the

i get this error when i send in my incredible huge award

  Tige® 26-Jun-2008
what a long award from Fytrim
  ThibzZz 26-Jun-2008
gonna award it l8ter. Haven't got time atm -.-
Happy b-day
Joyeux anniversaaaaaireeeeee
  Firwarre.F® - Inactive 26-Jun-2008
Thanks to you for your award, they are excellent !

I would now like to explain over the choice of the enginekiller
I didn't so appreciate the idea to put an enginekill, but he was for me outside question to put a boost back to front.
In fact, I was obliged to find a means to decrease the speed for the entry of the bend.
Indeed, if I had put nothing, the car would have been too fast, and it slipped.
I thus put the enginekill, of which the effects stops towards the check which follows....

Thx all !
And sorry for my bad english XD
  ANE.Emil 27-Jun-2008
More awards!! This track's gotta reach the top of the week If not showcase!
  _Mono » 28-Jun-2008
Happy Birthday, btw ! forgot to say that in my "awardrush" hehe
  Quantum.Max' 13-Nov-2008
new WR ^^

good luck
  (\\||//wambo\\||//) 07-May-2009
damn, I had a 44.22
great track
  Quantum.Max' 20-Aug-2009
I lost 0.06 in my 43.20 ....

gogo .1x
  robertmace231 18-Oct-2009
great track!
love the eb and flow that it has!
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User Awards
Showing 80 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   craxx <3 06-Jul-2008

just pefect tranfers...stunning

sry for this lil but i think with over 60 awards the most important things were said

soo get ya

User Award   fOoliSH 12-Jul-2008
WoW this is the best FS track Ive ever driven just perfect... But not made for perfectionism, just for driving These Tracks are the best!

rgds DeeP
User Award   bubka.~zT 22-Jul-2008
hey firwarre

this is such a great track with awesome speed, ideas, flow, just everything that a great speedmap needs

- nothing more to say

here is your totaly desered award

greetz Bubka
User Award   BOT! Sarda 03-Aug-2008
Nice track Fir

>> <<
User Award   Sf | Zanto 04-Aug-2008
I Love the Scenery... and the map of course... nice work
User Award   R4B AlF 19-Sep-2008
Really a nice track fir

User Award   ZayL 02-Oct-2008
User Award   Kiko31.F® 26-Nov-2008
!! Amazing Track !!

Fantastic Ideas
Fantastic Scenery
Fantastic Loops
Fantastic Walls
Fantastic Screenshot
Fantastic Platforms
Fantastic stunts
Fantastic MT

~> <~

User Award   El Cid.esu 02-Feb-2009
OMG ... wth!
i love this track.
Amazing smooth ,great speed cool transitions.
This is probably my favuorite FS...also becasuse is easy to finish (but not easy to get a very good time).
I dunno why i never played this one before
When i saw that transition (you know which one ) i had think " can't works" but i was wrong ! it's perfect
Very nice scenary,SS and i like a lot the wallrides.
User Award   Immortalize 05-Feb-2009
I hate all the tracks that have the little jumps and ramps and crap except your maps, I love them so smooth and just great
User Award   smog70 01-Mar-2009
Once again another great track rolls off the production line,


User Award   (\\||//wambo\\||//) 06-May-2009
great great great
-for hunting
-JOB ! ! !

User Award   -HQ-CeLoX- 17-May-2009
Fine speed track ... fun to play!
User Award   Fishy 17-May-2009
completely amazing track! love the flow and the speed and everything!
User Award   JhonnyMC 27-Jun-2009
Just great
User Award   Wisty 29-Jun-2009
great job
User Award   Honda-R 10-Aug-2009
Nice Track
User Award   Froxer 05-Jan-2010
Very nice Track

first Award of 2010
User Award   boomie 01-Mar-2016
User Award   ted_turner 19-Sep-2019
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