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Name: Download [PF] Rupture
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zhuckar
Version: 01-Nov-2009
Released: 01-Nov-2009
TMX id: 1956720
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 4m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise
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0:11.69   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter]+ 0:00.001,000
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0:12.58   »Flo.F®+ 0:00.89543
0:12.62   Erizel (brutal)+ 0:00.93522
0:12.71   nok13+ 0:01.02476
0:12.87   B@etis+ 0:01.18394
0:13.50   DeeJayzOr+ 0:01.8171
0:13.64   CZM° Pikou+ 0:01.950
0:13.83   Metal_Snake+ 0:02.140
0:14.31   ottokar315+ 0:02.620
0:14.48   Bajs+ 0:02.790
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Author Comments

RUPTURE_____________________________________ 1/11-09

This is it! It’s the release of my long waited Press Forward (PF) track. It's been exactly 1 year in days since my last PF release so I’ve definitely had the time to work. I am proud of what I’ve made so it's been a long week of excitement, but today is finally the day.

The Track
There is a special thing about this PF. I've had my big sister help me get ideas during my holiday in Egypt early this year. She has never played Trackmania so she doesn't really know about anything and therefore I had to explain to her what a PF was. She was quite interested so I showed her some PF's and asked her to point out the best PF. The PF "Phantom Fake" had recently been released so I showed it to her but she actually didn't like it.
She loved the PF "Tensai Racer 3" and "Erebus" which actually opened my eyes a bit. So I decided to make a PF she liked and a PF the TMX'ers would like. This is what came out. It's still a bit of a speed PF, but it is far from as speedy as my last one. Despite this, I can say that it has a lot of new ideas and a lot of cool stunts. It has stunts that make the car turn in every single direction.

I know from the last couple of PF's that people feel annoyed by the many awards PF's receive (or the fact that PF's exist, I don’t know), so I’ve decided to attach a little extra track to this one. It's a 20 second long track with 1 drift, a jump and a dirt sequence. Just press backwards in the start to watch a little guide. This way I hope to make the track a little more compete able and I hope that people won’t judge the track. The truth is that I am against PF's myself because it annoys me that they have nothing to do with driving. There's just one problem. I love making PF's so no matter what people will say, i will make PF tracks if i want to.
I addition to this little extra track, I’ve decided to run a little contest. The 3 best times at the end of next week (Sunday night, but I will probably first check Monday afternoon) will receive following prizes:
1. 2000C
2. 1000C
3. 500C

I also took the liberty to make a Light Version of the track. By that I mean: No unnecessary blocks at all, no scenery, no MediaTracker, no music, nothing. Just the track.
You can download it here

Basic Stats
Coppers: 15685
Building time: ~300 hours
Length: 39751 meters
Time: 4:25.06
Average speed: ~540 km/h
Maximum speed: ~835 km/h
Re-uses: 5
Stunts: 62
Stunts pr. sec: ~0.25 (one stunt every fourth second)

MediaTracker Stats
Intro: The intro contains flowing cameras, text effects using 2D Triangles, a slow-motion effect, a crash, colors, lots of replays and of course timing with music. I’m sorry for the high amount of replays and the many coppers in the track that may ruin the sync in the intro if your computer isn’t good enough.
In-Game: As mentioned, the in-game contains a little guide if you press backwards. It will explain how you should drive the PF and how you should drive the extra route.
Outro: A little bit. It's just camera switching to avoid going trough objects or invisible stunts. The same as used in the "video with effects".

The rest of the author comment including videos, screenshots and beta-tester will be written in the comment section, first page

Showcase to -DexM- for having (imo) one of the most underrated PFs

[PF] Erebus by   -DexM-

User Comments
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  zacky(;'new stuff 26-Nov-2009
forever it's sick !
  Insan!ty.göney 27-Nov-2009
why only 160 awards -.-
must be 400! gogo
  W!cked 28-Nov-2009
this one deserves 300-400 awards

why just 160? ~.~

btw. i love listening to "Dark age" while driving this one
  dadm 13-Dec-2009
Omg ...
Big GG !!
  electrik_booy 16-Dec-2009
how can i play the map on an online server? it is too big and the server doesn't accept it, the map's size is around 700kb helpp meEEEE !!!!!
  D@rK@nGe 20-Dec-2009
Video here :
  JakeRay 06-Mar-2010
This one is better than Phantom Fake.. No doubt in that, this [PF] is so underrated compared to Nono's and M_S's [PF]... To bad it doesn't get more attention
  «PasSion™ 13-Mar-2010
Phantom Fake is a Historic Track, no matter which track will built Phantom fake will still be on top 1.
  -DexM- 21-Mar-2010
Wow dude I just wanted to re-watch your PF and I realized that you've put Erebus in Showcase!! I notice that only now lol ^^ Well, it's never too late to say Thank You
  JakeRay 01-May-2010
200th award!!!!!

  Zhuckar 02-May-2010
Thanks for the 200th awards, and for the comments guys
  rewiind 09-Jun-2010
I still don't like Px (surprise, surprise), but 200 awards is an achievement for any track style.


edit: haha, didn't notice you received your 200th over a month ago xd
  Guik'Z 24-Jun-2010
Yeah, Metallica
I'm crazy of this f*/*** band !
Great screen mate !
  JakeRay 02-Jul-2010
Originally posted by an award ...
Awesome PF, IMHO better than Phantom Fake

I think alot of us thinks the same.
  L4Bomb4 15-Dec-2010
did pitnono award this track ?
  Anthrakas 22-Apr-2011
Awesome job
  R4aI|rodeo 25-May-2011
Why only 234 awards for this much hard work
I think this is bcoz ur finish was some annoying
and the 2nd way which totally spoils the track
  zdevo 19-Sep-2011
it does NOT. its supposed to be stunty not FAST
  Raiman 03-Nov-2011
U Suck man!
  .nixx 19-Feb-2012
why only 1,000 lb?
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