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Name: Download A Snake on Fire
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   aQ » Alba.
Version: 28-Jun-2008
TMX id: 198865
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:40.79   bazz+ 0:00.28-
0:40.79   Juma!+ 0:00.28-
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Author Comments

Hey all

after a little break, because of school, I´m proud to present you my new track.

A Snake on Fire

This track is once again a tribute track, to a great mate and a really awesome builder & driver.
That map is for you Metal_snake

There´s simply one reason, why I made this tribute to you,
you´re an awesome guy and your maps are always extremely insane,
and ofc your pf maps are legendary
It´s insane what you reached with your tracks and your tracks are all built on a high level.

I really hope u and all the others enjoy your ride.

This time I tried to make something different, something more techy than speedy,
in allusion to Metal_snake´s compact tech maps.


'| Tech
'| 41 sec long
'| Intro: some text layers, some cams and some fx colours
'| GPS
'| Maybe the screen will load as a pic in the intro
'| many slides
'| some jumps & drops
'| and I hope much fun for all of you

Thanks to:

'| ThibZzz for testing
'| DenSu for testing
'| Champ for testing

Special Thanks to:

'| Metal_Snake.F® for his awesome maps

Nj0y it
I would be thankful for every kind of feedback.

Also try some of his greatest maps:

[PF] Planing Fury by   Metal_Snake

Get up & Slide by   Metal_Snake

Compact Hunt #3 by   Metal_Snake

Regards Alba

User Comments
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  aQ » Alba. 28-Jun-2008
Thanks for your nice feedback

o1.| Firwarre: Thx m8, maybe there´s one just for ya, too
o2.| Malay: Thanks, glad u like it, sweet time
o3.| Joker_the_1st: Ty for your nice award
o4.| ~leon~: Thx mate, I´m satisfied that u like it
o5.| CRO|Bare: Thanks, you lazy boy, haha
o6.| Fitty: Ty mate, yup your tribute was awesome
o7.| EmperoR: Thnx m8, nice award
o8.| mbc quat: Thanks, great words
o9.| Raphael Sneijder: Glad u like it m8, thx
1o.| Metal_Snake.F®: W w mate, glad u like it that much ,
that´s the main thing, btw very nice time you drove
11.| DenSu: Thanks mate, hope to see your track soon
12.| D4v1d: Ty very much for your nice support all the time
13.| MrMono: Glad u like it mate, thanks
14.| -NiGhTRiDeR- : Thanks for your nice award
15.| Timebreaker: Ty for your great award
and your weird associations
16.| Natzke: Great that u like it that much, thanks
17.| Bubbleman: Thanks for your sweet award, bubblekopf
18.| Fime: Ty m8 for your awesome award
19.| raphistole: Thnx for your great award
2o.| Triple_shoot: Thanks, great that u like it that much
21.| .onFire.: Thx for your great words and unbelievable time
22.| ThibzZz: Ty mate, next time I´ll do
23.| Tige®: Thnx m8 for this awesome award

  Firwarre.F® - Inactive 28-Jun-2008
Ahahah, my is genious
  Joker_the_1st 28-Jun-2008
  Metal_Snake 28-Jun-2008
Holy crap i was going to miss it I'm..speechless, don't know how to thank you Gonna try it now ofc
  Joker_the_1st 28-Jun-2008
  Fitty | Standby 28-Jun-2008
  Metal_Snake 28-Jun-2008
He he fitty, you also ofered me a wonder of track thx again ^^ )
And thx again Alba, splendid track, i love it

=== EDIT
Best possible run for me here ( surely one of my best run ever ^^ )
I wonder if a 40.9x is possible.
  aQ » Alba. 28-Jun-2008
yeah I know the screen suXx @ tb

I´m probably going to make a new one soon
  TimeBreaker 28-Jun-2008
40.9 is defnitely possible.. even i can/will do that
  Metal_Snake 28-Jun-2008
Damn you TB
Maybe French People can't speak english, but we aren't gay. We brung the French Kiss all over the world. So calm down man. Comon', beat my " gay time " TB
  TimeBreaker 28-Jun-2008
ohh metal ..^^

just had -38 on my .29 run on that cp you jump through.. but then youre a bit disadvantaged due to more speed
  Metal_Snake 28-Jun-2008


TB has the most vicious sight ever seen in tmx history.


Congratz TB, i'm frustrated and i hate you now.
  v000nix 'inactive' 29-Jun-2008
määäh, give me a running PC with TMF, i wanna try this map
  aQ » Alba. 03-Sep-2008
w w xray that is some sick time


Omg, another classic , thx so much guys, really appreciate it
  bazz 09-Mar-2009
.5x possible ^^
  niQ* 09-Mar-2009
  Sebi.nGine | off 11-Mar-2009
since when is this classic? cg anyway
  aQ » Alba. 11-Mar-2009
thx sebi

got classiced about a month ago

and great time pho
  pHO 11-Mar-2009
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User Awards
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User Award   Therese Johaug 25-Jul-2008
well done m8
i like the track very much and its rly
User Award   ray 29-Aug-2008
User Award   Sebe 07-Nov-2008
very nice slides... i like it
User Award   Showtime 22-Nov-2008
User Award   bazz 09-Mar-2009
gg lba
User Award   pHO 09-Mar-2009
awesome track. Some great ideas.
User Award   wopz 11-Mar-2009
Lovely track with flowing ways and drifts ! I liked it a lot , mate. Take your award
User Award   En3 11-Mar-2009
yeah, great work
User Award   bhofmann 12-Mar-2009
Very nice work indeed. You get my vote!
User Award   Elite.Air 24-May-2009
very nice map m8!!
greta ideas

User Award   KarjeN 31-May-2009
forgot to award this one ;o
User Award   isdiableeto 11-Aug-2009
Great track
User Award   Juma! 12-Aug-2009
very nice track ^^
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