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Name: Download exceeD °°° the limit
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   fiddycent
Version: 22-Nov-2009
Released: 22-Nov-2009
TMX id: 2031221
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 77,330
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:24.28   Monster11_02+ 0:00.0077,330
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:24.31   ulysses+ 0:00.0376,756
0:24.33   711.classic+ 0:00.0576,374
0:24.49   fiddycent+ 0:00.2173,317
0:24.49   B1ts+ 0:00.2173,317
0:24.69   gambler_1995+ 0:00.4169,495
0:24.70   GranDe | InactiVe+ 0:00.4269,304
0:24.72   entiia+ 0:00.4468,921
0:24.89   MD.Grimm+ 0:00.6165,673
0:24.90   JakeRay+ 0:00.6265,482
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Author Comments



Here's my first track of a future coming mini series. The team behind exceed°°° is composed of 3 members: Xcyte, Cranberries and D3mon. We hope to create lots of enjoyable minis for online play.


The track
The track itself is very challenging and tricky, you will need some skill to beat the gold medal.
Style: Tech
AT: 24.49
Coppers: 1223
Team intro (by C)
Light scenery


Other minis from the series:

exCeed °°° my Tech by   cranberries

eXceed°°°Zod by   Xcyte


Good luck & Have fun!

User Comments
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  Themask67 22-Nov-2009
noo, this track is no good
No good slides, not good to do.
Srry no award this time...
  Dutchy! 22-Nov-2009
i have to agree with him
  fiddycent 22-Nov-2009
typical newbie reaction.

there is my replay, watch it if you don't know tech.
  Themask67 22-Nov-2009
why newby..
just say my opinion...
  Dutchy! 22-Nov-2009
Indeed, if you can't stand any critQue..
  fiddycent 22-Nov-2009
"2 hard for me, not good track" doesn't mean critique to me. anyway, this track doesn't meet everyone's taste, and i know it, so there is no problem.
  cranberries 22-Nov-2009
pls guys, take it easy !

you themask67 actually said that it's not good (the track) .. so you were making a statement ... but I know you all are talking from your own point of view ... in my personal opinion this track is cool , I got the flow and I think it's skillful, yes it's a hard tech track, but I like it ...

  Themask67 22-Nov-2009
cranberries!!!! you are right.
I know why people like this track but i just dont like it
But i dont understand why d3mon cant take any critics...
  cranberries 22-Nov-2009
what you said in the first comment/post was not a critique
pls download his replay and you'll see how controllable the track is ... it's simply a track with hard slides and flow ... I agree it's not a track that many will like or even can play right ... so for that it's not liked ... but if you want to post a critique about the track or builder, do it in a constructive way ... I know for sure that D3mon can take a critique just fine ...
  Xcyte 22-Nov-2009
  fiddycent 25-Nov-2009

The way I see things, TMX doesn't promote quality anymore.

There's my whole idea in one sentence.
  mr.hubby 25-Nov-2009
when you say it like this its ok & it may be also true
  B1ts 02-Dec-2009
Hubby likes to write short award texts lol I'll try this one soon and I hope I'll tell the truth about this track

edit: great... another tie -.- This track is a bit hard and it's not easy to understand this track, but I did my best to and I can't say I dislike it or smth.
  cranberries 03-Dec-2009
OMG ... not again ! ... your specialty now is to equal WRs ...
  B1ts 06-Dec-2009
Yup, I'm pro at it.. did the same on another track with d3mon's wr..
  Vorty 03-Jan-2015
shots fired
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Pix' ->maybe back 22-Nov-2009
User Award   danos 22-Nov-2009
hard but nice!
User Award   royale 22-Nov-2009
hey man !

...hmmm hard one ! first one when i played i said "this sux" ...but after many tries i got that flow and then it was more easy to finish.Yeah i know i don't have a good time but i think is my best !
...anyway here is my

User Award   vgr 22-Nov-2009
Tricky =S

User Award   xyrby 22-Nov-2009
great track!!
User Award   Halogucker 23-Nov-2009
Nice shorty
User Award   Cyber_Dragon 23-Nov-2009
User Award   Frx ben75 23-Nov-2009
Nice mini tech!
User Award   aenima 24-Nov-2009
Simple but great mini tech
User Award   mr.hubby 24-Nov-2009

I gotta few things to say which aint all about the track...I "discovered" you at rewiinds track..and I have to say that I was surprised with your strange feedback..I think you should think more about the way you treat people here ( I wont protect rewiind )...if you dont like a track you can say it of course but this is a "famliy site" and I dont think you talk like this to our "family"...btw I hate people who say even a noob like me can get xx.xx time though iits at least 3 secs fatser than any noob in tm..yeah you know how to drive tech & also how to build but why shouldnt I know this too? just bcuz Im 1-2secs slowier than you? well thats actually complete crap?! I also think you may have to see it from another point of you...for me f.e. rewiind builds exactly in my dimension & unfortuantly not in yours but why should a track be poor then? for its great...sure its the best if it fits a skill levels but its almost impossible to give everyone the same fun on your tracks..& actually I also wanted to say something about the 2nd half of the cooment but I dont get it right so I let off because I may interpret wrong things in it but all I can say is that I think the thing you are talking about was from the beginning ( but I wasnt there at this time ) but to say my opinion this trac is for "real" noobs as poor as rewiinds track for it would (in you way of thinkin ) deserve no awards but imo its deserve them because its quite challenge to get all slides in a good way..btw this is my 2nd rn & I may could get even -0.2 but Im not sure..I've said everything I wanted to & if you dont understand everything or something you can p.m. bcuz I want to clear this thing even when its actually not betwenn us (; & you may could explain me what you meant with "award slut"...( at least what exactly )....oh I forgot something...if I watch you replay I could be impressed by your driving skill & I see how you drive but that doesnt mean that I can drive in that way..because often you need some speed to get it like you...pfff poor behaviour from me =/ but yours too...

User Award   T-hunderbird 24-Nov-2009
wonderfull and realy challenging, speedtechtrack.


greetz T-hunderbird
User Award   Erizel (brutal) 27-Nov-2009
Nice drift tech, Hard to
User Award   kn0lle 27-Nov-2009
User Award   zaker 03-Jan-2010
Simple and nice
User Award   711.classic 07-Dec-2013

easy map, but very cool to play
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