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Name: Download Dutch Delight FE
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 30-Nov-2009
TMX id: 2064816
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 31,746
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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Author Comments

GR's Journal.

January 27th 2006. TrackMania Nations is released. I run the game and just seeing the menu gives me goosebumps. I'm exited about seeing the 7th environment for TrackMania. I join a server to get some online experience and after an hour I decide to hit the editor and just start building. With my latest Island track Fir3$tarter fresh in mind I'm trying to build something simular: full speed. I notice the physics are different from Island. You hardly slide in Nations! I'm thinking this will never work for full speed. But after a few days and 25 hours of building I reach the finish and to my surprise it does work! I can drive my car from start to finish without releasing the acceleration button and without sliding, unlike in Island. A full speed Stadium track is born! I had never seen this before. I invented Stadium FS all by myself! ... Uhm yeah well, then I notice that some guy called Panis *sarcasm* also made an FS track ... BUMMER! But then I think to myself, hey it's still my own little invention and no one will steal the smile off my face. On February 2nd 2006 I released Dutch Delight. The rest is history...

April 16th 2008. TrackMania Nations Forever is released. I decide not to build a track right away to make room for new talented builders to end up in the All time favs, not knowing it will be crowded with Px tracks. At the same time my WoW addiction is killing my trackbuilding ambition so months go by without touching the track editor. Summer 2008. I start realizing my old tracks on TMNX are fading away from new public. I also miss the attention that I still got from late awarders and I miss the fame I've so gotten used to. So I start foreverizing all my old tracks so they won't be forgotten. A few months later I'm done with all tracks but my WoW addiction kicks in again and I'm not bothered finishing post production like screenies and author times.

November 30th 2009. 1.5 years and only 2 Forever tracks and 1 Foreverized track (Black Velvet) later I realize I've missed alot of Nations Forever and I still have alot of catching up to do. I've quit WoW last month and my trackbuilding ambition is itching again. I decide to finish my foreverize project and will release 6 more tracks in the next weeks/months. Maybe next year I'll make another hit track like in the old days or maybe I've lost my touch. Time will tell...

End of Journal.

About Dutch Delight Forever.

Dutch Delight was my first track for Nations and it has some mistakes so I had to tune this track the most of all tracks. I have heard people say they liked some rough parts in the old track. This new version is smoother but I kept in the short drops where the inflatables were to keep close to the original. But hey, if you don't like it you can still drive the original ofcourse (if you're not totally bored with it already)


-Style: Full Speed
-Author time: 43:25
-Coppers: 4567
-Intro/Outro: polished
-Mood: Night
-Original track: Dutch Delight

Screenie: 1280x800

Original 2006: Dutch Delight
Remake 2011: Dutch Delight Ultimate
TM2 2012: Dutch Delight Canyon
TM2 2013: Dutch Delight Ultimate²

User Comments
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  uetzer|R4a 30-Nov-2009
  ZopUH[in TMN] 01-Dec-2009
Hello Ganja.
was interesting to read your Journal:) it's funny-from him I learned that YOU invented fs TMN what i want to say.
Me will not be awards, because this is worse a remake of the original
-he is not much smoother.
I do not think that this track will once again plunge you in the glory
And I think he will bring as many awards as previously
and if you want to back the glory
you need to finish the mold remakes and do something new
you're just standing on the spot .... do it for us as you did when you Dutch Delight-Brown Stains-Black velvet-The Launch et c. ..
Press Forward GR!
[sorry 4 my english]
  GR. 01-Dec-2009
Let's get this straight. You heard Panis say he thinks I invented FS? Mmh I doubt it. The wheel is also invented by different people at the same time. We'll never know who was first.
And I made these remakes for fun not for glory. Plus I want all my Stadium tracks in one place.
  ZopUH[in TMN] 01-Dec-2009
Have they not in one place? is not whether ?--->
  GR. 01-Dec-2009
Nope, also united and two already here.
  oNio 01-Dec-2009
nice fe re-make^^
  rocKz0r' 01-Dec-2009
btw : pb on old version is .57 not .58 drove 5 minutes ago this Time at Rounds
  sj@tmn 05-Dec-2009
It would surprise me if you had lost "the touch".

Though my longes tm-break ever lasted for only 6 months I hope you'll find it back soon and that you can start releasing those creative masterpieces you used to make, suchs as Sticky Tarmac or Black Velvet; or even Black Hawk (or was it night hawk? yea, your popularity really is fading ).
  McBain 08-Dec-2009
I will not award the map again, but its a nice remake much better than BlackVelvet FE in my opinion and also better than the remake of GreenRACER
  Djoszee 24-Dec-2010
It's a nice update, but the night mood totally killed the green vibe of the track
I'm 0.08 away from a top10 time
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   rocKz0r' 30-Nov-2009
Yeahhh Ganja Rider really nice but i have to say the Oldskool version is much more better then this because of the Trick here the Trick is not there Aynways really had Fun to play well deserved award !


btw: my Oldskool pb is 43.58
User Award   zeequenZ 30-Nov-2009
Hey Ganja,
nice track, really nice! I like it much more than the "old" one! It's definitly a very smooth one and I don't miss the trick
My time is not the limit for sure, but there are specialists for fs-tracks

In the end, a really nice remake of your classic, better than the original in my opinion!

Keep building!!!
User Award   ZoggeR 01-Dec-2009
Gosh the Scenery is ugly
but the track itself brings back some memories
it's quite easy and fun and still has this remarkable flow
So all in all a great remake with the usual bugs and not-so-nice parts and that lovely feeling of the old time
User Award   Ph1L4z 02-Dec-2009

User Award   DDR.Buddha 02-Dec-2009
much better than the old version, which i dont like...
User Award   oNio 05-Dec-2009
i think its a nice track but with such plattforms
out of forever the tricky factor isn't there which
made the track to an amazing track...

pb @ the oldschool: 43.50
User Award   hotseason 12-Dec-2009
Ok this FE I really really like.
When I saw it I didn't think the original could be improved on. I was wrong. It feels exactly like the old DD but is smoother.
I love it!!

~ ~

User Award   laguna 10-Jan-2010
Not this one badly but it is necessary to do new things...
User Award   Killcount 08-Feb-2010
one of the best tracks ever whats the reason this track have only 9 awards
User Award   master_nl 13-May-2010
Nice track Ganja Rider!!!

Here is your deserved
User Award   n0xx 19-May-2010
crazy.. ^^
User Award   Frx ben75 09-Jul-2010
Nice one!
User Award   N i T R O 05-Oct-2010
User Award   wardav 15-Dec-2010
Very nice delight for every one !
Good Job Ganja !
Old feeling and old clasical treasure there we can find
BIG for this symphatic track and idea
User Award   AR | Luki 22-Apr-2011
Really awesome version of dutch delight
I love it

Great Job
User Award   Kang 27-May-2011
Been meaning to award this. I've used it for lan many many times. I like how easy it is and its still fun. GJ
User Award   Silver° 21-Apr-2015
Nice one
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