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Name: Download REusing
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Metal_Snake
Version: 01-Jul-2008
Released: 01-Jul-2008
TMX id: 209987
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 60,550
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:32.34   Remix.+ 0:00.0060,550
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0:33.32   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter]+ 0:00.9849,541
0:39.93   KarjeN+ 0:07.590
0:40.28   mX.Hayabusa+ 0:07.940
0:40.68   Metal_Snake+ 0:08.340
0:40.73   HardDance+ 0:08.390
0:41.32   Cw*FaHoFF.xT+ 0:08.980
0:41.44   Tige®+ 0:09.100
0:41.68   HPD.Stanz0r.CH+ 0:09.340
0:41.72   dow|.Dave.+ 0:09.380
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Author Comments

Hey all
Today i present you a quiet experimental track. I decided to build a quiet compact speed tech, based on re uses. So the flow could seem a bit strange, at least original, but i hope you'll like it

Track Infos
Copperuse : 3300
Author Time: 41.67
Mood: Day
Style: Speed tech
Platform parts : 1 big, used 2 times
Jumps/drops: 4
3 Big reuses
Nice scenery imo ^^
MT work : Intro, GPS
And a lot of fun

Bigger Screen

Well, i hope you'll like it ! All kind of feedbacks are always honourific, and if you want, post your time

and pleaaaaaaaaase test this incredibly underrated track

The Matrix by   :Kn!ghT.

User Comments
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  Metal_Snake 01-Jul-2008
Thx for awarding !
Thx a lot Tige® for this great award ! I'm glad you like it, and super time
Thx a lot Raphael Sneijder for your nice award
Thx a lot german_dude for this great award, i'm glad you like the idea
Thx a lot v000nix for this very nice award
Thx a lot EmperoR for such a long and great award ! Lovely words mate, thx a lot
Thx a lot ~leon~ for your amazing award
Thx a lot FaHoFF for your very nice award, glad you like it Yeah, i checked..but marci is always stunning..
Thx a lot Djsisi78 for this great award !
Thx a lot dow|.Dave. for your nice award
Thx a lot Bubbleman for your very nice award Yeah, i like the screen too ^^
Thx a lot Ptitnono.F® for this BIG award ! BIG thx mate
Thx a lot TimeBreaker for this great award ! Well, i found that screen, and fin it was beautiful, but you're probably right ^^
Thx a lot Firwarre.F® for your very nice award
Thx a lot RuSsianX for this super award !
Thx a lot HardDance for your lovely award, and your incredible time
Thx a lot Tomdeos for your very nice award
Thx a lot MrMono for your nice award
Thx a lot JooR for your great award
Thx a lot Joker_the_1st for this amazing award
Thx a lot vladish.F® for this sublim award
Thx a lot Maelstrom for this nice award
Thx a lot dukaty for this fantastic award
Thx a lot T-hunderbird for this amazing award ! Wonderfull words, i'm glad you liked the idea and the track, and a big thx for taking the time to write such a comment
Thx a lot GSA|DieAxt for your very nice award
Thx a lot Arild for your lovely award This one gave me a big smile, so much great words from such a great builder
Thx a lot HawkGer for such a great award
Thx a lot D4v1D for your very honourific words
Thx a lot DOX-Hayabusa for your lovely award and incredible replay
Thx a lot Begrip`KarjeN for this wonderfull award..damn i'm so honoured reading such words from you And one more timen, insane time Big thx !
Thx a lot Kiko31.F® for this fantastic award
Thx a lot PCerrorNERD for this amazing award
  ZoggeR 01-Jul-2008
No problem dude

I really like the idea xD

Your tracks are always awesome!


  Metal_Snake 01-Jul-2008
he he, thx for your very honourific words
  v000nix 'inactive' 01-Jul-2008
narf, i uploaded my track at the same time as the snake
Good Luck!
  Metal_Snake 01-Jul-2008
ha ha I'll try yours a bit later
  v000nix 'inactive' 01-Jul-2008
A Tip for your next Track...: Use the new Forever "MT-Triggerconditions", so Text like "Wait for GPS" isn't used when you reuse the Startblock Looks better and more professional
  Metal_Snake 01-Jul-2008
Thx for the tip mate !
  mX.Hayabusa 22-Sep-2008
hehe nice Karjen
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 09-Nov-2008

Ehy guys, didn't you know the game principle?!
I drove the whole end extremly save!
So 32:xx isn't very hard!
  Metal_Snake 09-Nov-2008
Arg damn it -_-'
Such great times by haya and karjen..i'll see if i fix or not ^^'
  KarjeN 09-Nov-2008
omg boring..
Even if u find a cut.. do you have do the cut and send in the replay?
That just destroy the map
what a happykiller
Anyways I got the (real wr)
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 09-Nov-2008
Yes, I must!
  Metal_Snake 09-Nov-2008
Yep Karjen, you got the real WR and we can see your insane run in your great video !
  mX.Hayabusa 10-Nov-2008
Don't fix Karjen's time is too sweetie to be uploaded
  Metal_Snake 10-Nov-2008
I agree
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 30 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   »RtA«mael² 02-Jul-2008
Nice idea, good reuse !

grtz mael
User Award   dukaty 03-Jul-2008
Fantastic track.
User Award   T-hunderbird 03-Jul-2008
wonderfull track with a very nice idea. The flow here is realy good maybe it could be on someparts a little bit better, but I know it´s hard to do with all the reuses. The speed is very good all the way. The ideas here are awesome, especially the reuses I dunno how many are there xD. The platform is just excelent placed for all the reuses. The slides are also nice maybe sometims to long for my taste, but I saw how there are possible in your gps run. The scenery around the track looks so amazing and the track is so compact builded. My respect for such a well done track with so many reuses.
All in all a supertechtrack with a awesome reuse feeling.


greetz T-hunderbird
User Award   GSA|DieAxt 11-Jul-2008
nice reuse track. reminds me a bit of some of the old ceo_tw tracks. great layout and some cool drifts... good job and well deserved
User Award   Arild 20-Jul-2008
I have to say, the slides in this map feels a bit old. It's the kind we've all driven for years in TMN, except for a nice little one on the concrete center-block. I love the reuseing idea! So compact, and such a complex route. It also comes very natural, though a restart or two at was needed at first I really hope to see you continue down this path, and try to make even more impressive looking and inventive maps, based upon such great ideas! 'Cause despite my negatives, this was a quite refreshing ride!
User Award   HawkGer 13-Aug-2008
I'm a big fan of reuses and so I immediately fell in love with this track
Despite that some really nice transitions, jumps and slides involved in here
great work,
User Award   PN`D4v1d 09-Sep-2008
Well, I heard your name a lot of times, so you are a very known builder, but I suddenly realised I actually never tried one of your maps, so I decided to give it a try. And it was worth the time, some really nice slides, combined with a good flow, great speed, and very nice re-use. A fine speed/techtrack!

Here is my !


User Award   mX.Hayabusa 21-Sep-2008
damn i've forgotten award this map i'm crazy xd

nice job m8

take that,
incredible isn't it
User Award   KarjeN 09-Nov-2008
Man.. I'm think I'm starting to fall in love with your tracks
You're a damn genius in building! In some way u get an incredible flow in your tracks
User Award   Kiko31.F® 28-Dec-2008
#30 award.

What a track
You built this track with a lot of creativity, a good point
Then, you worked on the curves and i've to say that there are very Fantastic. Why ? because when you play this track, more & more, the adrenaline is more & more present: you search the best drift, the fastest way, ..

For all your wonderful work:

--> <--
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