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Name: Download [RPG] Prey and Shadow
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Enai Siaion
Version: 09-Dec-2009
TMX id: 2101483
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 19,888
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 4m Diffic.: Intermediate
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3:00.59   Realized2+ 0:10.8612,252
3:02.54   mt17+ 0:12.8110,882
3:08.23   holzbalken+ 0:18.506,881
3:10.84   german761(RazoR)+ 0:21.115,046
3:11.31   Lewy+ 0:21.584,716
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Author Comments

[RPG] Prey and Shadow

This track is RPG meets regular track. It is short for an RPG track, easy and very fast. This should allow for some fierce hunting.

The setting is a haunted monastery where the enemy has a hidden spy radio station. Find it, blow it up and get back out. But hurry - there's a thunderstorm incoming.


For added realism, the track uses a mod and custom sounds. Locators are provided, so it will automatically download them.

Due to the absolute lack of usage of the media pack for Ex Gehenna and Daylight, I'm not including one with this track. Just let the yellow download bar at the top right finish downloading, then wait a minute while it does its mystical juju, then hit restart. If this doesn't result in a mod or sound (you can check this by listening to the church bells around the first checkpoint), quit the track and launch it again.

Good luck!

User Comments
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  NLpwf 10-Dec-2009
Hey m8,
this track was really great,
except for 1 thing !
And that was the very first challenge in this track.
The weird jump from dirt to dirt with the platform with poles between it.
I actually spend 8 minutes trying to get that right
I suggest you change that into something much easier and put a cp right after it.
Then I think this track will be a much bigger succes.

Anyways, if you dont change it, this still is an awesome job
  NitroGuy! 10-Dec-2009
pwf, where are you talking about? i don't remember a section like that ^^
  NLpwf 10-Dec-2009
The first jump you take -.-' Dont know if you had the same, but it took me a shitload of time to get passed that.
  naruveli's RPG tracks 10-Dec-2009
Too much landingbugs! All your other RPG tracks are SUPER AWESOME but this... Ugh!
  occam 10-Dec-2009
Originally posted by NitroGuY ...
pwf, where...?
Originally posted by NLpwf ...
...the first jump...
In the run featured in the video, it is the second around 15to20sec
YouTube  -->  Prey and Shadow
  Enai Siaion 10-Dec-2009
- If you fail at that first ('second') jump and crash between the pillars, then just go right (on the stone platform) and get some distance and then race back to the ramp and jump across.

- The 'landing bugs' are a sign that you don't know how to airbrake.

- Nice vid! Even if he made a complete mess out of everything after the underground part.
  naruveli's RPG tracks 12-Dec-2009
Enai, i use airbrake!
  ,,Januy 12-Dec-2009
Hmm, let me think about this mate, I don't exactly know what to think about this track.
I think I have to try it a few times.

I just...missed something
  Big Al.xT 17-Dec-2009
Track is featured on the RPG blog
  naruveli's RPG tracks 12-Jan-2010
too booring track!
  Enai Siaion 12-May-2013
Zenit: you're welcome.
  Xerox. 08-Nov-2018
GPS: 2:52.61 by ikvat.
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User Awards
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User Award   vyQ 23-Dec-2009

i love your maps! **
User Award   Cpart|Offline waiting for tm2 11-Feb-2010
Great Enai
Great Work Cool Athmosphere In The Track And The In Game Mt Was Perfect For This Track...
User Award   fab'm PT <3 18-Mar-2010
medium size RPGs
just the way i like then

User Award   JiiX'iK | asylum. 18-May-2010
User Award   Nyrb!uz 29-Jul-2010
Maybe my favourite RPG...
It's f**king awesome!

well deserved
User Award   :-) 21-Aug-2010
User Award   .Kouba. 06-Feb-2011
awesome mini rpg
User Award   .Henk« 26-Feb-2011
just stunning !

User Award   PrimaveraMasterSound 06-Apr-2011
User Award   simo_900 09-Jul-2011
User Award   worm.apx 08-Aug-2011
Nice Atmosphere, nice MT.
User Award   Regal 09-Aug-2011
Very nice track

User Award   SpiderX22 20-Oct-2011
Phenomenal. Not too easy not too hard. Fantastic atmosphere!
User Award   elcrazy 07-Nov-2012
User Award   McBong 07-Nov-2012
Awesome atmosphere
User Award   Zenit 02-May-2013

always one of my favourite rpgs ... and no award lol

shame on me
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
Good old track
User Award   ikvat 27-Jan-2018
So ...
User Award   TheWestend 20-Apr-2018
Great job! It really shows how much you can do with MT to manipulate the atmosphere of the map!
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