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Name: Download Surge Of Power
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Gili & Muffin
Version: 27-Dec-2009
Released: 27-Dec-2009
TMX id: 2170492
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 23,036
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:37.28   DeeJayzOr+ 0:00.0023,036
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0:37.40   giligoop+ 0:00.1222,591
0:37.72   PN`D4v1d+ 0:00.4421,404
0:38.37   kn0lle+ 0:01.0918,995
0:39.52   peteypablo7+ 0:02.2414,731
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Author Comments

Hi there

Kinda funny, huh? Muffin said 4 days ago he won't release another track and here he is with a new duo track... Kinda weird, isn't it? Well, he won't release any new tracks, he was just finishing this project.
Enough about Muffin, how about Giligoop? Actually he is pretty busy but finally he made this project come to an end, as well.
so now we can present you our duo project: Surge Of Power.

The Project
Once, a long, long time ago Giligoop asked Muffin for a duo track. And Muffin said "yaay", what else? So they started building and deleting and building and deleting and rebuilding.... In the end nobody really knows who did what. We just started somewhere and ended somewhere else the only aim we wanted to reach: Transitions and a great flow.... We managed it kinda well, didn't we?

This is the amazing work of giligoop. The more he makes things, the better he gets at them, and he is doing well and is on the way to become a good MT maker. But without some external help, we wouldn't have comme this far, were we are now with this track. Therefore we want to thank a great help ZopUH. He made the intro details looking very neat, He made all the text and effect + a angle edit in the intro and the gps camera + text + effects. Many thanks from us goes to him .

What the hell? Two screenmakers started a compo and a third one did win? What to think about that crazy sh!t? Well, congratulations, Venom, you definitely made the best one!
big version: Here it is
Also a big thanks to all other people who made this compo possible.

There were so many betatesters Oo. The list is just soo long. We would like to thank all of you guys, for testing and commenting our track. Without your help we wouldn't have come this far.
uetzer|R4a, CwT»spn o.0, kopstoot, lia, brenni, fO.oliSH, hubby, answer~uT, "spn o.0 ~uT, »DutchY'', Kn0lLe (:, R4a|Heroe|, Benbe', Optimusje, Peteypablo7

Coppers competition
you can find it Here

Any final words and so?
Try it, leave a comment, a replay or an award. We really appreciate that! Yes, we do.

Take it not too serious,

Giligoop & Muffin

ISTC4 DiStOrSiOnE by   adry46

Pure Dirt by   ZopUH[in TMN]

Playing Favourites by   McMuffin

User Comments
Showing 12 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Gili & Muffin 27-Dec-2009
Thx for the awards, support and comments
lia * heartless
"spn o.0 ~uT

Kn0lLe (:
ReVG|DeeJay. nX!

  »ToXi¢™ 27-Dec-2009
I can't test it now, but only the author comment and the screenshot give me envy to test it =D Lovely cutout on the screen
  Dutchy! 27-Dec-2009
to much showcases
  Benbe.xT 27-Dec-2009
  giligoop 27-Dec-2009
don't need it for me so I left that out xD
muffin's idea

btw there is a copper competition on this one check it out
  McMuffin 28-Dec-2009
hehe, thanks nfs292. You're right, this track was so to say the beta for playing favourites refering to the ideas....
  giligoop 28-Dec-2009
indeed, this track was made before the track from muffin

Cmon guys, Replayssss
  PN`D4v1d 29-Dec-2009
Sorry, don't really like it, too transitional imo
  giligoop 29-Dec-2009
Like I said on your forum: transitional tech

btw copper competition deadline changed to: 08-01-2010
btw 37 low is possible
pb = 37.38 =D (author time)
  c0ve 02-Jan-2010
hey guys
i`ve tested ya track and the track itself is surely cool but i think there is a bad flow and the track all in all didn`t fits my taste
so no award here sry...maybe next time
  giligoop 03-Jan-2010
no problem cove we know this kind of tech tracks isn't everybody's taste
  DeeJayzOr 10-Jan-2010
So... I want my coppers! xD
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User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb 27-Dec-2009
Very nice track with excelent flow and awesome transitions! The slides are smooth all the way

Good Job

User Award   peteypablo7 27-Dec-2009
hi guys,

I know both of you and I guess it's quite good that you made a duo. track is not the easiest one, but yeah that's what they call transition tracks I guess? and I'm not the best driver at all XD except FS mini anyway, the transitions are mostly clean and nicely done. nice combination from slides, drops and jumps
the use from different blocks is really good and scenery is done well. didn't had the biggest 'WoW'-feeling but it's really not bad at all guys. good job and I really like the intro hope you get some more awards for this and I might add a replay if I can drive a decent time
User Award   joe b 27-Dec-2009
Well, I already drove this one in beta I don't think it changed.

It's a nice map. Dunno what to say.

User Award   EndyMii0n.mb 27-Dec-2009
Cool track

User Award   shortz.esu 27-Dec-2009
lovely track guys
User Award   kopstoot 28-Dec-2009
Very nice very very nice
User Award   Rowie. 28-Dec-2009
Great track!
Nice transitions and slides..

I really can see the influence of Muffin..
The same ideas he used in Playing Favourites

User Award   Lia - OFF tracks 28-Dec-2009

what a map ... got nothing more to say
i just cant believe that my 2 friends and also great trackbuilders made a duo
just incredible
the flow , smoothness ... slides are just wonderfull
the angles are nice gili and soo nice text effects zopuh !
the track is the style i used to expect , some good usement of transitions and slides
lovely map

User Award   Zipperke 28-Dec-2009
hey guys
I just want to tell you that you 2 make excellent tracks together
I hope you can co-op in the future and make more of these techies
Perfect map with great TM work
User Award   SPN'« 28-Dec-2009
I must say Im stunned
Transitions are insane, and flow
is amaizing! Great job u2
User Award   kn0lle 29-Dec-2009
User Award   .Ornaiim 30-Dec-2009
Really a great Tech
Deserve more and more awards !
Great work guys !

User Award   «PasSion™ 30-Dec-2009
Awesome Duo Guys, , Great Work
User Award   Benbe.xT 31-Dec-2009
User Award   Optimusje 31-Dec-2009
Excellent speedtech track, good transitions and nice scenery. The intro with the ghosts is becomming quite the cliche tough

User Award   DeeJayzOr 31-Dec-2009
Awesome piece of transitional tech!
Great transitions, and some challenging slides!
Good work for both .
User Award   Dutchy! 01-Jan-2010
Thanks for telling me gilli
User Award   raptor-omeq 07-Apr-2010
yeaaaa, this is a great track

i cant stop play them
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