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Name: Download Virtual Insanity
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JumperJack
Version: 03-Jan-2010
Released: 03-Jan-2010
TMX id: 2199992
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 5,184
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
2:42.57   mons+ 0:00.005,184
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
2:52.26   the.Sakura(icebox)+ 0:09.693,330
3:00.89   Realized2+ 0:18.321,678
3:08.68   >Dawe+ 0:26.11188
3:15.89   HoffernJr+ 0:33.320
3:24.11   JumperJack+ 0:41.540
4:48.72   occam+ 2:06.150
5:44.23   HawkGer+ 3:01.660
14:59.65   paxiuz+ 12:17.080
15:04.05   Pi malun+ 12:21.480
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Author Comments

Virtual Insanity

This is a requested race version of the platform track "Virtual Insanity", originally released the 7th of July, 2008 at United Exchange.

Honestly, revalidating this... thing, was one of the most irritating and time-consuming things I've done in the past year in Trackmania, but I managed. Not as good as my authortime of the platform version, but still, with only the intended roads driven (there are two minor, but still very hard cuts in it), I think it's quite good. I'm curious what this bigger and more active nations community is capable of on this track!! ^^

A little summary of the seven parts of this track:
Part I: The crenels (difficulty: 6/10)
Part II: The cactuses (difficulty: 8/10)
Part III: The ray (difficulty: 9/10)
Part IV: The headache (difficulty: 7/10)
Part V: Oerend hard (difficulty: 8/10)
Part VI: The abstract (difficulty: 7/10)
Part VII: Approaching success (difficulty: 10/10)

If you want, you can grab a bigger screenie.

Have fun!!

User Comments
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  JumperJack 03-Jan-2010


thanks optimusje yep, i needed half a day before i had a semi-decent author time. i'll definately watch your replay if you'll ever finish the track!! otherwise i'm curious how far you got, since the first part is still the easiest, i'm afraid. ^^'
thanks domin actually i'm quite fancying a new rig at the moment, so keep throwing!! ^^'
thanks occam for actually giving me the reason to upload this track here, and the videos of course!! ^^
thanks igntul glad to hear that there are actually still people happy about this invasion of nations exchange... ^^'
thanks rookieaxe thank you. ^^
thanks hawkger there you go, finally virtual insanity is ready to get pwnd by the master of rpg drivers. ^^' i'm really honoured that you like it that much, and really, one amazing time you drove!! you're the first person that i know of to use that jump bug-trick at the last cp. i used it too once, but for me it seems just a little too lucky. ^^' still, with some unnecessary mistakes throughout your whole run, i definately fear for some real damage to be done here!! o.O' but is there actually still someone who's brave enough to take the really intended way at the last part?! ^^'
thanks hoffernjr thanks a lot. was fun driving this with you. ^^'


Finishers (more and more)

2008-06 jumperjack
2008-07 infinite
2008-07 mr. bones
2008-07 sandder
2008-07 maphios
2009-12 occam
2009-12 paul13
2010-01 optimusje
2010-01 hawkger
2010-01 hoffernjr
2010-01 ...
  TimeBreaker 03-Jan-2010
  DominESL 03-Jan-2010
This is one of the most subjective tracks i've ever seen! A mix of Tech and RPG!
Seriously, do you expect someone will finish the track? I know you are a good mapper, but this thing here is desperating! Even your replay agrees with me .
I needed to watch it to learn how to do some zones. I think that although your goal was to make a really hard preccision challenge, it depends more on luck than on driver abilities.
Anyway, im sure you spent a lot of time building it and people will try their best, so i will award it .
  TimeBreaker 03-Jan-2010
cmon, even Sandder finished this without respawn
  JumperJack 03-Jan-2010
hehe. please do remember that i've built this track almost two whole years ago. that was actually before i started mapping for leagues. ^^ however, when revalidating i was actually still surprized how little luck was needed, even if i'd have build some parts differently nowadays. anyway, thanks a lot for testing it, i don't count on many replays, since only 8 finished at united exchange in 18 months... ^^'

oh, and sandder only did the 2 respawns, the 0 is still the unreached limit. go for it tb.

edit: btw, i think it's quite fun that you call it a hellish mix of tech and rpg, since the word 'rpg' didn't even exist back when i've built this track.
  occam 04-Jan-2010
YouTube -->

Virtual Insanity     SD     HD720     HD1080

Virtual Insanity -Cam2-     SD     HD720     HD1080
  Optimusje 04-Jan-2010
I found the first part to be one of the hardest allready finished it once, ill see if i can get a better time then what I got now XD
  JumperJack 04-Jan-2010
great optimusje!!

you're actually the 8th person to finish the track as far as i'm aware of it!!

edit: damn occam. that nobody yet had found that cut... never use fake finishes, me idiot!! -.-'
  occam 05-Jan-2010
Originally posted by JumperJack ...
...that nobody yet had found that cut... never use fake finishes...

I am glad about the few cuts that are still possible :-) ...don't beat yourself up...for a really good time, the very best drivers still have to drive the intended route ... and for the less skilled it is nice to have an alternative route to conquer the finish^^
     ...the track did not exactly become Nadeo A-0 this way :->>
  JumperJack 05-Jan-2010
hehe well maybe not, no.

edit: hah 4'19 online.

edit: HAH 3'24 online.

still needed a restart for part 4 though. could've been 2'xx...

edit: hoffernjr... o.O"

edit: ah, a cut time. well, looking at your driving, i don't see a 2'xx being possible with cutting. still grats for a great time of course. ^^
  HoffernJr 13-Jan-2010
Don't think I can make a 2.xx.xx time but maybe a 3.0x.xx time.. I will try later
  occam 13-Jan-2010
Originally posted by HoffernJr ...
Don't think I can make a 2.xx.xx time but maybe a 3.0x.xx time.. I will try later

...congrats to your awesome run...and drove the arc smoothly Hoffern :-)

YouTube --> HoffernJr 3'15
  HoffernJr 24-Jan-2010
hehe thx occam btw, jippi I'm on youtube
  Tecfan 27-Jan-2010
This track will be played in the 13th RPG round race (trial edition)
  JumperJack 31-Jan-2010
ah, just didn't get back in time, but... what a times... o.O'

i wonder whether they are driven intentionally or not... ^^'

a big, big thanks for picking this track for the rpg roundrace!!
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 02-Feb-2010
My hypothesis is that times under 2:30 are possible with the right way. The current cut way has some main mistakes!
But too much work to realise!
  igntuL 01-Sep-2010
hey where's me in the finishers list?
  Knights Ragle 30-Jun-2013
PLS no fancy camera replay edit! cant see R2's skill compared to Icebox..
but anyways, great map, finished in 23 min atm
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User Awards
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User Award   Optimusje 03-Jan-2010
This is insane, ive just made it to the first CP and im slowly progressing forwards, this deserves alot of attention, only if it were to justify the hell you went trough when revalidating this . Excellent work!

User Award   DominESL 03-Jan-2010
I can see flying Pc's and keyboards right to JumperJack's head.
User Award   occam 04-Jan-2010
insane :-)

Virtual Insanity -bw-      SD    HD720    HD1080 
User Award   igntuL 04-Jan-2010
Thank you very much for the nations version JumperJack
Now i can play this Insanity of map ^^
Great work... i hope to finish it
User Award   RookieAxe 04-Jan-2010
User Award   HawkGer 05-Jan-2010
I made it ! (finally after more than one year when I tried the platform-version)
Thanks a lot for porting this to the nations-site, it's a very special track and I'm already looking forward to seeing this being driven on the Trial RND Race.
Will try the track a second (or rather third) time later...let's see what time I can submit here
User Award   HoffernJr 10-Jan-2010
insane track Like your style
User Award   >Dawe 18-Jan-2010
nice,crazy work
User Award   Realized2 28-Jan-2010
Haha , crazy map.Really pushed myself to the limit here
User Award   Erizel (brutal) 03-Mar-2010
Great idea !
User Award   the.Sakura(icebox) 19-May-2013
My Award comes here a bit late, but... Wow! - what a awesome Track, i saw it once on Youtube in the Past, long before i started to play RPG and similar Tracks, and was not realy interested for it. But now after that long Time i'm in Love with this Track, i really enjoyed to hunt it, well its not over, 02.3x.xx is here ofc possible, i failed this Time with a risky end but the Day will come where i'll have it
At last i can just say great work here and maybe i'll build an own Version of the Track or better said a similar Track, maybe a bit harder and longer this Time
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