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Name: Download Sky Sight
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   PagH .xT
Version: 05-Jan-2010
TMX id: 2205533
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 67,978
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:51.16   HardDance+ 0:00.0067,978
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0:51.30   Acer|wells+ 0:00.1466,862
0:51.31   5torm+ 0:00.1566,782
0:51.44   Metal_Snake+ 0:00.2865,746
0:51.60   CwT»See_g+ 0:00.4464,470
0:51.69   DeeJayzOr+ 0:00.5363,753
0:51.90   kn0lle+ 0:00.7462,078
0:52.12   PagH .xT+ 0:00.9660,325
0:52.42   c0ve+ 0:01.2657,932
0:52.77   mr.hubby+ 0:01.6155,143
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Author Comments

Sky Sight - 5th of January 2010!

A track by: PagH
Screenshot by: Metal_Snake
Intro by: darkpuddle


Today I proudly present my most recent production. What you'll see in this track is a completely different style than what you're used to see from me. Yes, you heard right! This track is build in the legendary style which is used to be called the "AnGel-style", Which I think is rather old-fashioned. I'd rather call it the "Lux-style", which is one of the best tracks ever made in this style. As you might know now is it a speedtech which is around 52 seconds and build in day mood to prevent laggs online. The difficutly is intermediate The track includes only TMN ESWC blocks (also including scenery) which I hope will bring you memories back. I tried my very best to put the best possible flow intro this one. I tried my best to put the best possible smoothness into this track and I made the slides long and relaxing yet with lots of action_


I got the idea to this track in the bleak and dark month of December. I was roaming around on the old TMNX site where I tried the tracks I remembered from these days. I got this special feeling when I drove this simple but yet flowing tracks and it just popped into my mind that I had to make a track like these. I went back on TMNFX and tried my favorite old skool (or nearly old skool) tracks here and my desire to make an old skool track just grew and grew. So the 1st of December I decided to get this project started immediate. It was rather hard for me at the beginning since I usually make tracks with a bunch of forever blocks, but ultimately I had done this_


Another thing that bothered me lots of troubles was the scenery. As you might know I used to build a very heavy scenery - also with many forever blocks - so it took me quite a while to figure out how to make a light but yet functional scenery. But last I also succeeded here, I hope. It end up with a total amount of 3321 coppers which is for me very challenging. Hope you'll enjoy that aswell_


Well. I gotta tell you that this has to be dedicated to one of the most awesome guys around here. I've always wanted to give him a tribute, but I've never managed to make a track which will do him justice. I mean, he's one of the best when it comes to flow and speedy speedtechs with nearly only TMN ESWC blocks. I just had to build a track like this, since that's what he loves. With tracks like Still Alive and Dazzel are there no doubt about it's the only one, our lovely moderator HardDance. I'm proud to call you my friend. You taught me a lot, so here's your tribute!_



o Time: 52"06
o Time: 53"50
o Time: 57"00
o Time: 1.00"00
o 3321 cc
o Day mood
o Intermediate

oScreen: tmx | big
oVideo: tm-tube - thanks Uetzer


Now, have fun. Awards, replays and comments are much appreciated!_


User Comments
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  wopz 11-Jan-2010
Omg who cares. It's just a game mates. RELAX!!
  PagH .xT 12-Jan-2010
crazy times guys O.o
  HardDance 12-Jan-2010
50.xx is for sure poss. When i had .36 i had -27 sometimes, i always messed up the last turn tho

  Acer|wells 13-Jan-2010
Agreed. I'll try to take the rec back when I would have the time. I lost somethin' about 0.20 at the end, fucked up the last drift :/
  PagH .xT 13-Jan-2010
please send me logins (top5) compo's over
  Dutchy! 16-Jan-2010
i was right!

  PagH .xT 18-Jan-2010
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User Awards
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User Award   Moofie 10-Jan-2010
User Award   CwT»See_g 10-Jan-2010
very nice ST track m8,deserves big
User Award   Hotrod .xT 10-Jan-2010
Love this new style Its kinda how I'd like to build my maps... seems I got some ways to go before I reach your level. Anyway I think this map is a great map for friendly wars - fast tempo tech that requires a skilled driver. Very good quiality map imo - but hey... whats new? ^^

I hearby reward you with this: (watta lovely trophy)

Cheers m8!
User Award   Kendal 12-Jan-2010
Great flowing track that even I finished the first time

Lovely scenery etc etc etc

Great award for you,

User Award   _Mono » 12-Jan-2010
A little late award, but man this track is amazing. everything is just sooo amazing. The slides are all so great, and the scenery just looks wonderful. And the small transitions makes this track perfect. Just amazing work here man ! Dunno what to say. Wanna write you a long award, but you'll have to do with this one. Masterpiece once again! And the fact that it's by an awesum danish guy doesn't make this track any worse.

User Award   eXtracT 12-Jan-2010
paghy paghy paghy, what do i need to say, ofcourse i love this map! altho it is different to your normal style, you perfectly represented the ol school style of buildin, congrats mate, you did all us oldies proud xD

- eX -
User Award   renki 16-Jan-2010
puh what a map for experts
this map is good like party tech, but too difficult for me
for sure

User Award   Kakashi 18-Jan-2010
Dman it ! i forgot to re-award it

As i said in beta, you perfectly masterize this style, wich is my favourite !
So, this is a legen - wait for it - dary map !!
Flow and slides are just perfect, and i mean it

User Award   amnesia | asylum 19-Jan-2010
Awesome track man

User Award   Baston 19-Jan-2010

Sorry to award it so late but you know I'm kinda busy atm

Well it's good to see a new one from you m8, and a great one although unsual style for you.

Anyways, it flows well with an adapted speed. The curves and slides are awesome

The MT is nice, so all in all a very good track, pretty easy and fun to drive

So, Keep it up!

User Award   Khone 20-Jan-2010
wondeful work
just fun to drive
User Award   Cyber_Dragon 18-Feb-2010
User Award   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb 18-Feb-2010
Awesome track PagH!
Fantastic flow on this one

User Award   SPN'« 28-Mar-2010
lol sry for late award, but award is award xD

Track is gr8 and challenging! Some parts are lil bit bugy but its ok!
Great speed trought the all track and nice slides!

User Award   Edge.xT 22-Aug-2010
This is so nice! Incredible oldschool speedtech feel great job!
User Award   Moe.. 29-Oct-2010
User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
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