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Name: Download [RPG]The Oomune Castle
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   o...rz
Version: 24-Jan-2010
TMX id: 2270265
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,224
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
9:00.90   tomatox+ 0:00.0013,224
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
9:10.16   bonb_lc+ 0:09.2611,865
9:30.94   elgster+ 0:30.048,817
9:42.75   o...rz+ 0:41.857,085
9:52.95   zyousyou+ 0:52.055,588
10:06.20   Reahx+ 1:05.303,645
10:10.87   Voyager006+ 1:09.972,960
10:39.26   Realized2+ 1:38.360
11:30.09   JumperJack+ 2:29.190
11:37.55   Tecfan+ 2:36.650
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Author Comments

This track is designed to resemble a Japanese castle.

Have fun

About Secrets
There are 11 places in all.
Letters become the sentence when you collect all secrets.
But It doesn't contain a wonderful meaning
and It is unrelated even to your finish.

Track spec
coppers : 17833
Mood : Sunset
Mod : Takechan No Wa No Kokoro MOD by Takechan
(Meaning : Takechan's Soul of Japanese MOD)
->ManiaLink(Need 200Coppers) : tmtp:///:coppermine:mod08
Ghost Skin : Tohu By nksn
->ManiaLink(Need 50Coppers) : tmtp:///:coppermine:Car_p1
Target :
author time : 9:44.36
gold : 10:28.82
silver : 12:36.60
bronze : 13:41.68

caution: This track is very heavy...
and Shadow computing is verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy heavy

Special thx to Beta tester

Award thx
Sf | Zanto
MuR° Kiyo
Snicker| New

I am weak in English.
Please forgive the slow response.

User Comments
Showing 12 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  artman123 27-Jan-2010
awesome- absolutly brilliant- best jumps ,loops wallrides, love the lift, the ghost cars. wud award it but tm its not letting me. and yes what are the secrets for?
  o...rz 27-Jan-2010
To artman123
wow thx

"Secret" was used in the event before uploading.
the rules :
"If you find all the secrets of earliest, I will give you a silver tag."
Therefore, the "Secret" does not make sense now. Sorry.

Letters become the sentence when you collect all secrets.
But It doesn't contain a wonderful meaning
and It is unrelated even to your finish.

To eie
> Just weird with that many alt. routes
It might certainly have become a cause of the mess.

> Oh and I found 2 letters and I wanted to know they're for?
I wrote on upper.
It's secret. but not wonderful...Sorry.

To seismic
>didnt look that good from seeing the intro...
In atmosphere, I do not match you. hehe.

To hayonaise
>but of the many blockmixing and mini blocks, it laggs like hell.
I had forgotten to think about low specs. I'm sorry.

>How do you blockmix under the grass? it doesnt work for me..
Only the limited one can be buried under grass(Z Level is Zero).
Example, StadiumDirtRoad Series...
  seismic 30-Jan-2010
about the intro: the track looks very open(which it is kinda)
and many times when a map looks very open....there are big chances of cutting somewhere you should not cut
so i thought this would be a map where im gonna miss cps or do a wrong cut
but once i drive the track the route was quite clear to me
(i did not mis any cps or did a wrong cut on my first run-about 40 min)
doing a second run was not that hard to get under 20 min
ill try to get under 15 soon

and thx for liking the atmosphere in my track...

  shortz.esu 31-Jan-2010
real nice map, but imo the mod is a bit to colorfull, I would prefer this mod from"Among the ruins". would be may fit better
  Tecfan 31-Jan-2010
no, no, no! the mod is the whole track! no other mods would fit
  Lambda 02-Feb-2010
I found all 11 secrets. (have a bad headache now...)
  o...rz 07-Feb-2010
To MuR° Kiyo
>I just played it one RPG Unlimited !!!
I was not believed at first.
I am glad that you enjoyed

To kopstoot
>though i didnt like the amount of lagg and i'm not a big fan of the dirt in the start
I want to improve a ragg. (In the degree that does not break the now)
I think that I lengthened too much a dirt.

To occam
>it is like being teleported into a 1980's 'arcade machine' :-)
lol "Will you die if you fall" It may be just what you say. XD

To Tecfan, Golo, HawkGer, Katødik
>innovative/original RPG
I feel honored to have you say so
I exhausted the material. X(
It may take time, but wants to make RPG again.

To Snicker| New

To Igntul
The secret is the place that I cut off for flow.
It is only bonus after all...
I wanted to give a tag for all secret completers. but no copper
>Link for the mod pls?
I do not have a right to distribute mod.
I am sorry, but please purchase it.
> all the letters were arleady found?
yes...before upload...

To Jic
I tried all of what get the idea.

To bigrobin
>awesome mixing
but I overdid mix and became heavy...hehe...

To seismic
I understood
Because it is structure to rise at almost, I think that this track is hard to be cut.
but a lot of objects are seen in an open style.
I think that having become heavy was a failure.

To ShortzZ
>I would prefer this mod from"Among the ruins". would be may fit better
There may be a thing to match more as you say.
but, I wanted to build a castle because there was this MOD.
So I am impossible.

To Lambda
With that alone it is the end....
There are not the meanings more than it....Sorry
  HawkGer 14-Feb-2010
GPS Video's:
  o...rz 15-Feb-2010
to -CparT-

to hawkger
wow!!! Many many thanks!!! XD
but I am disappointed because I couldn't run without a miss...
Who made this map so hard!?
  Igntul 30-Jul-2010
-comment removed-
  sushi 08-Sep-2010
Numb your work!
  Anthrakas 04-Jul-2011
After 40 minutes i come to some of the last cps, but i give up cause couldn't drive with sooo much lagg..^^
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 40 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   w2 12-Jun-2010
Very nice track.

Very original ideas (inverse cam is terrible !! )

Great for your work.
User Award   ybonex 28-Jun-2010
Great track!
User Award   JumperJack 29-Jun-2010
heh original one. had a lot of fun driving it over and over and over. just haven't hit the 10 yet, but 9 is crazy. doubt that i'll ever reach that... o.O' anyway, some original blockmixing and a nice touch of a speed track. i like it. ^^'

final rating: 8/10

great one!!
User Award   Schabowy.w 19-Sep-2010
Great work!!! It's my favourite RPG!
User Award   v3rm 19-Oct-2010
nice track
User Award   deus.esu 03-Jan-2011
dayum! u had to work a lot to do all that stuff!
very creative and the mixes are just sick!
very nice usage of the variations. i dont know that much about mediatracker but i can imagine how long that took.
great job
User Award   piachu 01-Mar-2011
Amazing !
User Award   Regal 16-Mar-2011

Very nice map
User Award   neon*Esdalan 20-Mar-2011
That is one of the best maps, I ever drove.
Very Very good Work
User Award   Anthrakas 04-Jul-2011
Very nice one dude i had so much fun driving it!
User Award   Kenji 13-Dec-2011

i llove this track and this MOD
but the Tower ...... XD
User Award   antpedro100 16-Dec-2011
Very nice
User Award   Reahx 20-Feb-2012
OMG i love this track
Its the best track that i have ride ever !!
funny tricks and idea and rlly good
very very very nice job man
User Award   lain64 01-Mar-2012
great atmosphere
User Award   onicole 09-Jul-2012
User Award   Deville 09-Jul-2012
screw it, its good!!
User Award   jordanr 22-Aug-2012
Really awesome map, can't believe this is my first time to play
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   Xerox. 21-Jan-2018
CP49 is a nice idea, the map itself it's not anything special for nowadays standards, but I still enjoy this map and it's pretty fun to play, some decent speedy parts around
User Award   Loe 21-Jan-2018
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