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Name: Download Annoying Orange.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rewiind
Version: 02-Feb-2010
Released: 02-Feb-2010
TMX id: 2310507
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 27,476
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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Author Comments

- february second, twothousandandten -

Hey guys. Been quite a while since I uploaded a new track, so I thought I'd just upload this techie for you. I personally don't think it's too special, but I find it to be pretty fun to drive. Hope you won't find it as annoying as the Orange!


Title: Annoying Orange (best episode imo xd)
Style: Techhhh.
Mood: Evening, not my favourite, but I think it looks nice.
Times to beat:


My PS has been down for a while, so my skills are a bit rusty, but I think I managed to make something pretty nice nonetheless. No nice place for the text, so I chose to not add any (:
1680 x 1050

Everything I tried looked like crap, so I asked the awesome brenni to work his magic, and I must say; he delivered! Hope you guys will be as in love with it as I am! <3

Intro -
GPS - (43.95, my pb)
Outro - nah..


Exit. by   Etidu & Kendal


Guess that's all for now. You can expect another map quite soon, since I have it done too. Leave your comments, replays and awards, and have a great evening!


, Rew.

User Comments
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  Dutchy! 02-Feb-2010
Annoying Orange

  rewiind 02-Feb-2010
Don't think I didn't like your award if I don't write anything behind it, but it's just that I don't have anything worthwile to say!


o1. W!cked

o2. Dutchy - glad you liked it, duuuude!

o3. brenni - & thanks again for the scenery!

o4. Roomie

o5. fytrim - glad I got the achievement. How many gamerpoints does it give meh ? xd

o6. Mr.Zogger - Thanks! Too bad you didn't like the scenery though D:

o7. ReaL Dave

o8. Bajs - I'm glad it did (;

  brenni 02-Feb-2010
  W!cked 02-Feb-2010
Quote ...
that was some wicked shit

i sometimes feel really annoyed x)
  rewiind 02-Feb-2010
ghehe ^^
  chuckn0rris 02-Feb-2010
That's indeed the best episode.
  brenni 02-Feb-2010
wonna see replay
  Fytrim. 02-Feb-2010
wonna see thankslist
  rewiind 02-Feb-2010
  Roomie¬ 02-Feb-2010
wonna see many awards.
  Dutchy! 02-Feb-2010
I wanna seee..

  Dule 02-Feb-2010
Duthcy wanna see...

  rocKz0r' 02-Feb-2010
Daves award
  Roomie¬ 02-Feb-2010
wtf dave.
  dow|.Dave. 02-Feb-2010

Little quote.
God, this is so goood.
  Dutchy! 02-Feb-2010
Bohaha Nice ;-D
  Fytrim. 05-Feb-2010
blumpkin xD?
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   W!cked 02-Feb-2010
wow... this one is really awesome...
the slides are just awesum', dude... really...
it's kinda hard but easy, too i dunno how to say that
love it
User Award   Dutchy! 02-Feb-2010
Whew that was some wicked shit Rewiinddo
First of al the variation in this track is beyond epicness,
long turns/Short turns
Short Slide's/Long Slide's
Epic Moments/Superfantastic Moments
Really enjoyed it, scenery was ok, but nothing more

User Award   brenni 02-Feb-2010
- .. Just an epic piece of Tech
User Award   Roomie¬ 02-Feb-2010
really great,pure epicness!

User Award   Fytrim. 02-Feb-2010
not a techie mate. you can call this tech
amazing smoothness. flow. slides. wanna know more? well gotta mention that I always hated those bump roads but they felt bend into the track in this one. pretty cool. never had this feeling with the bump roads, so you can call that an achievement (:..

User Award   ZoggeR 02-Feb-2010
lovely one
great combination of curves, jumps'n'drops and slides, all packed together with a wonderful flow
much fun to drive
But I have to agree with Dutchy regarding the Scenery, it just doesn't look good
I like the Screenshot btw
Anyways, keep it up!

User Award   > ReaL Dave ~ 02-Feb-2010
User Award   Bajs 02-Feb-2010
Sweet slides, makes fun.
User Award   Lia - OFF tracks 02-Feb-2010
fantastic map
User Award   brødhue|velv 02-Feb-2010
Good track, nice slides and smooth jumps, but the scenery are best. Likes the colors and contrast thats make this good feeling into this track.
User Award   Cyber_Dragon 02-Feb-2010
User Award   NLChr!s 02-Feb-2010
Don't think I didn't like your track if I don't write anything in this award, but it's just that I don't have anything worthwile to say!

User Award   rocKz0r' 02-Feb-2010
Rewiind !?

This Track is just Awesome [L] It is defenetly one of my favourite Tech Maps here on tmX now (: so many cool stuff in one Track ...Very cool Slides ,some really cool smooth Jumps and an amazing Flow here !I think a track dont need more just perfect Rew! here is your well deserved award (:.


Will try to beat AT 2moro
User Award   dow|.Dave. 02-Feb-2010
"No! I'm a pumpkin."

"Pumpkin? Don't you mean plumpkin? Hahaha.
You're Hugh! Hahahaha. "

"HA HA HA that's real funny... -.-'"

"Hey plumpkin!"


"Hey.. Hey Plumpkin?!"


"How did you got so plump?! Hahahaha."


"Plumpkin, wanna see a trick?!"

"Not really.."

"Buurgh.. hahahaha."


Man.. I love this..

Oh, and the track is great as well! ^^

Well done mate!

User Award   Tomdeos 03-Feb-2010
Awesome track!

Although you've used only road, it feels pretty innovating! Nice creativity man! The slides rock hard and it flows sweet all the way. It's also challenging because there are some close listening parts and you need a good speed at some parts. Toghether with this nice scenery, it gives a great feeling! Nice track, good job!

User Award   ZayL 04-Feb-2010
amazing track

nice ideas

super screen

User Award   .wesc 18-May-2010
annoying few awards splendid map >
User Award   timefound WOW Lover <3 17-Jul-2010
nice one
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