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Name: Download A Tribute to FahoFF
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   RaptoR |
Version: 14-Feb-2010
Released: 14-Feb-2010
TMX id: 2349309
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 57,869
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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0:47.45   fmvdav+ 0:00.0057,869
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0:47.56   ciciman THE+ 0:00.1157,064
0:47.58   KingMethod+ 0:00.1356,918
0:47.60   B1ts+ 0:00.1556,771
0:47.65   Marsupilami+ 0:00.2056,406
0:47.90   RaptoR |+ 0:00.4554,576
0:47.93   aenima+ 0:00.4854,356
0:48.01   Knut.wr+ 0:00.5653,771
0:48.06   LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°)+ 0:00.6153,405
0:48.12   kn0lle+ 0:00.6752,966
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Author Comments


I'm here with a new track, for me a very special one, because it is my first tribute to another builder! I grew up with his tracks in TMN but also in TMNF, and his maps were the ones which inspired me too build a track myself so he actually had an impact on my Trackmania career. Although I do not know him really good, neither does he know me much, I wanted to creat this tribute for him because he is just an awesome Trackmaniac ! When I had this map in beta, I pm'ed him this map and asked him to test it, and well he liked it, and after a little time I saw that there is a really nice person behind that building skill too . He was a really good beta tester, and he gave me a few tips and this map got even a little better...

So you all do not know who he is ? Well then let's welcome FaHoFF to this author comment

Enough about the origins of this track, let's take a look at the information:
I have to say that this one is, in my opinion, by far my best but also hardest track I have built yet. Like my previous one this is an oldskool techmao with no boosters etc, it has 4 smooth jumps/drops and it is respawnable throughout the whole track. The mt is all done by myself, after some time I had good ideas and I'm satisfied with the outcome...

-[...T H E...T R A C K...]-

style: speedtech
length: 48 seconds..
author time: 47.98s
scenery: faily heavy, with standard signs and all kinds of blocks used
copper count: 3195
mood: evening

and of course I want to thank all of my great beta testers!!


and furthermore snowii for this awesome screen, actually i forgot you, sorry m8 !!

-[...S H O W A C A S E S...]-

for snowii:

~Realize' by   Snowii | back to business

for ornaiim:
"P u r e. by   .Ornaiim"

still to come

Well this is as much as i can say at the moment, I hope this track will appeal to all of you, which is impossible but there is always room for dreaming xD. Anyways.. feedback, replays and even awards are always greatly appreciated and I would love to hear your opinion about this map.

Have fun !

User Comments
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  Cyber_Dragon 14-Feb-2010
  RaptoR | 14-Feb-2010

thanks for these awesome awards guys !!
- Cyber_Dragon
- »d!plO«
- GamePlay
- .:Flo:.F®
- Roomie¬
- PanK Oo
- kn0lliee@new PC
- Kachna thx alot dude !
- Unil
- Benbe?!
- NeeXuuS
- dadaMl.
- mYr'
- HeroE.|R4a
- ANE.aenima thanks for that awesome award, glad you like it
- vgr
- FaHoFF haha thanks for that great award man,
- pajo
- Leon/g°
- dow|.Dave. thx
- Junavara
- spn o.0 ~uT
- Tomdeos
- .Dotchy
- answer~uT thx alot man
- IGA Doki
-Khone | fytrim dont leave!
-SweSebbe -

  Cw*FaHoFF.xT 14-Feb-2010
wow m8, thats a huge surprise ...thanks a lot
will play later when I'll be at home
  RaptoR | 14-Feb-2010
  burpman176 14-Feb-2010
I didn't really enjoy playing this track because it requires you to play it well to enjoy it. And I'm not a very good driver =(
  royale 14-Feb-2010
sorry man ! that finish made me very mad ... for me i think that the finish is most important and here on this track this finish is not good
  aenima 15-Feb-2010
Finish is ace, if you have the supposed speed. Gj once again
Maybe I try going for a better time the next days.
  RaptoR | 15-Feb-2010
haha well hunt me down nima im still trying to get a .7x cause i know its possible, but im always failing xD

@ fah, well i was planning this before you tested it, i just thought it would be funny if you tested a tribute dedicated to yourself oh and no this screen isnt made by myself, no i cant do such nice screens, that snowiis awesome work, somehow forgot to mention the screenmaker in the ac well it didnt actually take me too long to make the mt, suddenly had all the ideas on my mind and it worked out perfectly, so that went pretty good, haha well your welcome for that, imo your very famous and also important to this community, cause i love your work and once again thx for that awesome award !!

EDIT: gotcha nima, 00.01
  aenima 23-Feb-2010
Heheh nice one! Im gonna get it back
  RaptoR | 23-Feb-2010
haha well i lost around -0.2 during that run, so there is still quite some potential
  B1ts 14-Apr-2010
a gay time tho
  KingMethod 20-Mar-2011
Damn lost like -10 on that stupid end
  B1ts 25-Mar-2011
still much more possible
  KingMethod 07-Apr-2011
Yes, i improved my time, but my end is fcked up again, put my run and your run in the Editor, and you will see i was in front of you all the time but in the end i failed
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User Awards
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User Award   ntx.Nowdy 12-Feb-2011
Confusing, but nice
User Award   wormi 12-Feb-2011
amazing track!

super smooth jumps and damn well calculated slides! this one gives me an urge to hunt but with limited time I got just 49 ^^

great work with the scenery (too), one of best speed-tech tracks ever I think!

User Award   Neon. 12-Feb-2011
sweet slides
User Award   UltraMagnus 12-Feb-2011
Awesome speed-tech!!!!!
User Award   meckarn 13-Feb-2011
Truly awesome
User Award   KingMethod 20-Mar-2011
Best map ive ever driven just wonderful!
User Award   nevermind 08-Apr-2011
User Award   ciciman THE 23-Nov-2011
Amazing Speedtech track!
User Award   fmvdav 04-Dec-2011
Yep, awosome flow !! One of the best speedtrack i never saw
User Award   Knut.wr 25-Dec-2011
awesome if a day you build a same track for me iam going in paradise
User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
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