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Name: Download C09 Race
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Nadeo
Version: 11-Apr-2008
TMX id: 2352
LB Rating: Nadeo Leaderboard Track 10,000
Track Details
Game: Unknown Version
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:41.81   Rollin+ 0:00.0010,000
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:41.87   raizo+ 0:00.069,913
0:41.94   riolu!+ 0:00.139,813
0:42.22   JaV+ 0:00.419,411
0:42.22   Maccron+ 0:00.419,411
0:42.25   ikdennisik+ 0:00.449,368
0:42.77   johalss+ 0:00.968,622
0:42.81   nsc.aLyen+ 0:01.008,565
0:43.06   Almighty Hefest+ 0:01.258,206
0:43.23   Panos+ 0:01.427,962
  The replay is no longer valid because the track has been updated. This replay can be beaten by any replay on the new track.
  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
LB The replay is contributing to the user's leaderboard standing.
Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

Nadeo's C09 Race

User Comments
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  Wave.Ðemon 24-Aug-2015
I Already contacted the moderators for this. The problem is however, they don't have a coder available to do this.
They only have 1 for TM2 tmx atm.
  MawiLe 24-Aug-2015
Such a shame though. Would be nice to see that feature incorporated.
  knts×Budd 25-Aug-2015
well, couldn't we honour team fwo by separating the uploads into one out of two ways that the map can be done:
DF- default way
FW - fastest way (only)

there's probably no need for complex coding, the uploader could simply check the box for which way the run was done.
and later on, a moderator could simply fix invalid entries, just by checking the replay
  Steingrim 25-Aug-2015
On the non-cut version every replay that qualifies on time should be verified by a moderator before it gets posted. That way angry cutters who can't get into the cut record table won't be able to spam the non-cut record table.
  Blick 25-Aug-2015
Same here that that is so. first each arc must be numbered if they start with the last and then randomly will not be taken into account repetition.

also in the ESWC tracks, ESL, tmt, TMM among others.

eye constructive criticism.
  Panos 05-Sep-2015
riolu's start is quite bad, my first cp is like -0.4 compared to his.
  riolu! 05-Sep-2015
yup its shit, but whenever i get a good landing i'm too fast for the pole bump
  JaV 05-Sep-2015
Yeh, I think you should release a bit if you get a nice landing. It's possible to do it fs, but hard.
  Rollin 06-Oct-2015
biggest fail yet or epic new strat wr?
  Edge.Fwo 06-Oct-2015
go ahead and show us ^^
  riolu! 06-Oct-2015
i thought noone is gonna try this anymore
  Lovva 07-Oct-2015
39 pos here
  riolu! 07-Oct-2015
what the flipping fuck
  Edge.Fwo 08-Oct-2015
41.39 yes
  Lovva 03-Aug-2019
i wanted prove 39.xx is possible here, but now after 4 year of trying double cp bug, i have to give up. its possible and someone sure will do it sooner or later.
  ViN <3 07-Sep-2019
go go lovvinho :3
  gugus 08-Sep-2019
Jeez, 39.xx has to be harder than I think... I hope someone will do it in the future.
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User Awards
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User Award   oys 20-May-2008
I like it
User Award   x-ROC /\xE 28-May-2008
Great one.. nice track!!
User Award   Taurus 14-Sep-2008
nice track ===>
User Award   Hr.Mann 08-Dec-2008
Best nadeo tech track!
User Award   i'm - RusFire 24-Feb-2009
very very good track
User Award   KarjeN 11-Apr-2009
one of the best nadeo tracks
User Award   MCon Klaas 05-Sep-2009
I really like this track still waiting for the .2x so karjen
User Award   »RtA«Blizz 20-Sep-2009
User Award   Storm!anon 20-Sep-2009
User Award   dignitas/Sabre 03-May-2010
cool track
User Award   YEHO 18-Jun-2011
Very Nice track
st/r yeho..
User Award   »RtA«NitrOs² 07-Aug-2011
User Award   wormi 21-Aug-2011
Fun one, deserves each award it has and a way more too. Just the corner after the loop... grrr!

User Award   |PT| CakeyFA 17-Jan-2013
kind of exciting, just disregard any and all cuts
User Award   Edge.Fwo 18-Aug-2015
award for best scenery on nadeo map
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