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Name: Download MiNiature
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DenSu | nGine
Version: 11-Jul-2008
Released: 11-Jul-2008
TMX id: 237189
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:27.38   Antis//šerif.CZE+ 0:00.06-
0:27.41   Sampi.Kappa+ 0:00.09-
0:27.42   link`+ 0:00.10-
0:27.42   teffz+ 0:00.10-
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Author Comments

MiNiature [11.07.08]

I am proud to present my first track to you !

Like the trackname already says,it`s a Mini with
natural speed..

It`s also very speedy with some great driftparts and a tricky
Firstly,i decided not to upload the track and i wanted only to
give it offline on my server,but after the request of HardDance
and some other good friends and mates,i changed my mind
and here we are !
I just made a Mini to get good as bad feedbacks for a better
knowlegde,what to do better and so on,and i hope,i get some...
So please try it and have fun bye hunting the rec,what could
be very funny at this track.

Some TrackDetails:
Style : Speed-(mini)Tech
Length : about 28-29 secs (27 possible)
AuthorTime : 27.83 secs
Jumps&Drops : Yes
Offroad : Yes
Flow : Natural (no boosters)
BlockMixing : Yes
Screen : made by me,btw it`s my first

Well,and now i want to thx some special persons,who helped me
and get me to upload that track:


Thx guys for ur support and especially to fish,who give me some
nice feedbacks and help in mixing one part.

Have Fun and Enjoy hunting the rec hehe


User Comments
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  DenSu | nGine 11-Jul-2008
Thx-list for `s :

01°|fishy and thx a lot for all ur support not only at this track bro
02°|HardDance wow,nice words mate,also a big thx to u
03°|DerIkeaElch Thx a lot for ur and replay
04°|Sebi | vacation Thx for ur nice ,that means a lot for me
05°|feeLit Great feeLit,u give me inspiration for more tracks hehe
06°|fime (afk) Hehe thx a lot mate for ur sweet award and replay
07°|Bubbleman Uhhh Bubble indahouse,thx a lot for this sweet m8
08°|XoGG` wow XoGG,my first track and such great words,thx a lot
09°|dmZ.basshunter Thx mate,and yes,a track by me
10°|Raphael Sneijder Thx for this sweet ^^

--->>>10 `s <<<---

11°|FaHoFF It´s an honour to get an and replay from u,thx
12°|Djsisi78 Thx a lot for ur m8,means a lot to me and very nt
13°|xela hehe xela,never excepted an from u,thx a lot^^
14°|one.Hitch Thx for this very nice and replay,very nice time
15°|simla simlaaa,welcome back and thx a looot.lets forget bra ok?
16°|T@kashi Hehe thx for .. but can u reach the 9th WR??
17°|Triple_shoot Thx for this sweet award ^^
18°|Tik-Tak@031 now u r on the list,gratz and a thx for the nice words
19°|necromaniac Thx a lot nercromaniac for this little but nice
20°|@WopZ Thx for the 2oth ,..and..i ll try to build more

--->>>20 `s <<<---

21°|DmZ.¬ Alba Thx m8 btw i just wanted to test u if u are active
22°|Focus,KwyK Coming back from holidays and seeing ur is xD
23°|Muck mucky on tmx,am i dreaming? thx a lot bro
24°|neo911 Thx a lot mate
25°|D4v1d Wow,a big thx to u for this soo nice words m8,i appreciate
26°|DutchLegend I am very glad that u like this track,thx for the
27°|Danish Thx mate for ur award,i appreciate that
28°|Jesse I am glad u awarded my track,thx a lot for it
29°|zulukos ..and one more thanks by me
30°|Zayl Thx Zayl for the sweet award

--->>>30 `s <<<---

31°|discodoom Thx a lot for this lovely award
32°|Tvitsj 1st of all fantastic time i appreciate ur attention
33°|Zhuckar Thx a lot for the award
34°|BanaaniHai Wow,nice words mate,i am really glad u like it
35°|Insensus And i think u deserve a thanks huh
36°|Sesambrot I really appreciate ur nice words mate
37°|Seadevil ~UT' Hey mate,nice to see an award from u,thx
38°|ziem0n.- Short but really nice award,big thx,i am honoured
39°|NoAir Wow,what a sentence,dont know what to say
40°|KarjeN Wow thx a lot m8,fantastic time

--->>>40 `s <<<---

41°|cReatiV.« The screen was my 1st try,i am glad u like it
42°|EkeeN Huge thx for ur invested time for my map,the time..
43°|Kwyks.Matty !mw Thx for the award
44°|Katagrama I appreciate your award,thx a ton
45°|Endymion~gF Thx again for ur attention for my track,thx
46°|minipeace ¥ tX Thx tx,i am glad you like my track
47°|homer Thx a lot for the detailed award,it`s always welcome
48°|~>[ZEX]-syian5<~ Thx man
49°|Firstchoice Ye,thats a challenge to get the right line,imo cool 4 hunts
50°|¬asf|amnesia Again such nice words,cya perhaps on ppo again

--->>>50 `s <<<---

51°|laguna I am glad you like the challenge,i am speechless,my 51st
  simla 15-Jul-2008
Nobody can forget it if they try it densu
And thx! I had such a niiiiiiiiiiiiice holiday! If you pay me to take another holiday I will consider forgetting brAAAAAA
  DenSu | nGine 15-Jul-2008
U r a blackmailer !!!!!!!

  Takashi (-> In United forever) 15-Jul-2008
Not 9th ... but 7th

It's also good for me , because you're an awesome driver man
  DenSu | nGine 15-Jul-2008
Hehe thx dude
And nt^^but 27.xx should be possible for u
  Takashi (-> In United forever) 15-Jul-2008
I will try it when i buy my new computer =)

count on it
  DenSu | nGine 15-Jul-2008
  ZayL 01-Nov-2008
nice sreenshot
  DenSu | nGine 03-Nov-2008
Hehe thx Zayl
  tvitsj 19-Nov-2008
hmm... i think it may be possible with .4x high
  DenSu | nGine 20-Nov-2008
Great times Karjen and Ekeen
  Chris <3 15-Feb-2009
can you upload miniutre 2 ? pls
  Sebi.nGine | off 17-Feb-2009
this is probably (together with looking in your eyes) the best mini for online racing
  DenSu | nGine 17-Feb-2009
Wow thx sebi
well musatava,i dont even know if i ll ever build a track again,thats
why u cant be sure to see a 2nd version of miniature.But lets see
  Sebi.nGine | off 17-Feb-2009
i guess he means the longer version on heaven's door, which is namend miniature 2
but that's only a guess
  Chris <3 19-Feb-2009
sebi is right
i think miniature "1" is a liitle bit to short
The heavens doors version is PERFEKT
  Takashi (-> In United forever) 01-May-2009
It was damn long , but I made a 27.83 online ... Dunno how , but I made a 27.xx
  DenSu | nGine 02-May-2009
hehe nice taka
  Lewis° 02-Apr-2017
Habba the One and Only!
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User Award' 11-Apr-2017
Nice map:)
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