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Name: Download MTC ¬ can't let go.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rewiind
Version: 05-Mar-2010
Released: 05-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2433829
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 15,923
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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1:02.99   Hitchy+ 0:00.0015,923
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1:03.33   Dutchy!+ 0:00.3415,407
1:04.44   vgr+ 0:01.4513,723
1:14.99   waldfee+ 0:12.000
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Author Comments

march 5th, twothousandandten ..

- - - - -

Just done with a new track. It isn’t just any track this time, it’s my entry for this month’s MTC. I found the theme to be really appealing, although much harder than I expected on forehand. But hey, it was fun puzzeling all the pieces together! If I’m proud of the result ? Will you guys like it ? On both questions, I think I can answer: yes, but do keep in mind the hard theme.

title: Can’t let go. Not only is this the title of an awesome d’n’b track, but it also has another meaning. I’ve been thinking about leaving quite a lot lately. It just isn’t as fun as it once was.. But it turned out, I just can’t let go !

- - - - -

M T C - March

(in order of appearence)

- Downwards faced checkpoint -
I think I did quite well on this one. I had this start in my personal beta map for a while, and thought this occasion was a good one to use it.

- Platform checkpoint -
Did pretty well here too. It flows well and I find it fun to take. The part right after this checkpoint is a bit hard, but nice to take once you get the hang of it.

- Blue carpet -
This was, quite unexpectedly, a pretty hard one to use. The entry to it is one you have to train quite a few times to get it right. Also, the part right after it is really tricky, and I do suggest watching the gps to know how to take it properly.

- Upwards faced Y-block -
I think the block itself is quite easy, but again, the part between this one and the blue carpet is hard, so the way to it might be tricky. Be warned!

- Quarterpipes -
Nothing too special here. A little jump into, and a slide out of it.

- Dented road piece -
As I said in the MTC topic before, I thought this one would be the hardest one to use. Now, my solution to it is quite easy, but the drop out of it is not 100 % succeeded. It can be quite bumpy wich a lot of you are not going to like. Ah well, you're going to have to live with it (:

- 2 finishes -
The road to here was quite hard to make. I had to add an engine kilelr in the path to avoid your car from lifting from the ground. This engine killer makes the last turn a bit weird to take, since you're probably used to driving with full engine on, but I think you'll manage.

- - - - -

Rest of the infoez:
- 2905 c (if you need a light version, please say so)
- About 1.02 minutes long
- Day mood with standard TM signs
- Full MT work, though nothing too special (gps time = pb = 1.03.12, though I messed up a lot of -.3's and -.4's. Gogo!)
- wallpaper.

- - - - -

- Now, I hope I followed all of the rules correctly. And I hope you'll have fun ofcourse!
- Showcase might be added later on.
- PeaCe.


User Comments
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  brenni 08-Mar-2010
  Dutchy! 12-Mar-2010
Where? ^^
  S P I D E R 14-Mar-2010
very close on fail on your blue ground part i guess but i hope i am wrong becouse this track is very nice.
  Dutchy! 02-Apr-2010
muuhuu no thankslist
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User Awards
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User Award   Guik'Z 07-Mar-2010
I love !
Because a MTC it's really difficulte ! Awesome job and originality
User Award   ZoggeR 07-Mar-2010
I think this is pretty much the best you can make out of this MTC without spending 24/7 trying to find something.
User Award   Snowii | back to business 08-Mar-2010
i really like the way u used the blocks that were hard to use in a good flowing track, like the jump in the one road part...u know which i mean i hope the screen rocks and the MT-Work looks cool!

Greetz Snowy
User Award   Pat 08-Mar-2010
User Award   qb»Flow 08-Mar-2010
congratz rewiind
I desperated with the third part -.-
but this is just awesome

greetz flo
User Award   JakeRay 10-Mar-2010
Wonderful one Realy good

User Award   «PasSion™ 10-Mar-2010
wohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fantastic
User Award   mr.hubby 10-Mar-2010
hey there mister (= as last act for today I want to give an award for a track which means a lot to me (;...well, what do I want to say with this? ehm...I really had a big will to build this month my first mtc entry ever...thats why I tried all different ways where the start would be useful...& it was the 5th march when I was sure that I found the best way..well, after driving your track I knew that this thought had been a huge fail...when I drove your track I saw your way how you connected these pieces & I was just found so damn great ideas to combine them that I was really unsure about my I went back in editor and gave my best..and I have to thank you much for pushing me that much over the next 3-4 days...because of your track I always had an example how to do it great/good & this "role model" let me really care about my blockselections...the track has had a length 1.13min & just had to go back to finish...I have been so happy that I asked some ppl to test it..but instead of great they said to me that the track feels to I changed a lot at the beginning & somehow I succeeded but this change caused my problem that I my old direct routes from part to part didnt work anymore..well, I gave up..and I hope I can try it next month x) ..but now to this track^^ I downloaded it about 5-10 & to be honest..the track got worse every time I've tried it but I have never forgotten that you had rules you have been bounded I just gotta say great work m8! especially for this theme & thanks for your indirect push + the inspiration you always give me (; || Hubby
User Award   Chris <3 12-Mar-2010
nice one
User Award   risk 12-Mar-2010
really nice
good flow
greetz risk
User Award   Midnight_Freak 22-Apr-2010
Dooh?! This one is great!
User Award   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb 22-Apr-2010
Dunno how I found this track as late as now >.> This is totally epic! Totally amazing how blocks are connected to each other... Great flow and perfect smoothness here. Very nice transitions

User Award   Zengo.xT 20-Jul-2014
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