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Name: Download Morning after Dark!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   .Dotchy «
Version: 22-Mar-2010
Released: 22-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2434445
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:39.11   KarjeN+ 0:00.00-
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0:39.28   B1ts+ 0:00.17-
0:39.36   »RtA«VoGter+ 0:00.25-
0:39.38   Jakub19+ 0:00.27-
0:39.45   Elite.Air+ 0:00.34-
0:39.47   shortz.esu+ 0:00.36-
0:39.50   fmvdav+ 0:00.39-
0:39.57   MD.Grimm+ 0:00.46-
0:39.62   Flyerr+ 0:00.51-
0:39.67   Tevtonac+ 0:00.56-
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Author Comments



First Thing:

Hello and welcome to the track informations. At first I want to tell you that I am not Dutchy. And I am not dutch, I am german. I like dutchs.. ^^.
And it would be good if you read this before playing the track. But if you are bored of my author comments, then just have fun. : P

Second thing:

I have built this track because I wanted to surprise some guys with a normal track, and a quite normal length. I mean, before this track, I have just built this (cool) series Dotchy´s Hunts! But For most of you I think this is a little bit booring so I did this one. At first I wanted to make a tribute to someone with this track, but then I thought, I should build a f*cking normal track. Tributes should come later I thought. And just as a tip, someone will get a tribute from me in the next month maybe :] But at first that.

The Intro:

Lol. If you see that long intro, you would think, 'what the F*ck, that guy says ever that he don´t likes to makes long intros and then this.' But I must tell you, this Intro is made for ca. 5 hours. I wanted to make this time a speciall one. With font effects, FX colours, replay, cam changes, and so on.. The replay of the Intro, and later you´ll read about ingame, is from Fastman. He did the amazing fast replay. Thank you man for that. :]

The In-game:

Aha, after long time I decited to make an ingame with a GPS. But no, not just one GPS. I made two. The one GPS is behind the start, and the other one is secret. I am sure you won´t find it. :] Just kidding..^^ It´s a joker GPS with fx colours, nothing speciall..The replay was evenso done by an very fast driver called "Fastman". He was evenso my betatester. Hmm.. Did I forgot something... o_O.. no I don´t think so... rest is quite normal. If I forgot, pls comment..

The Track:

This track is a Speed Tech track. It has in my opinion an amazing flow, and cool scenery. The length of the track is something about 40 seconds.. For pro´s it´s possible to make a time like 0:39.4x. And for tech noobs it´s not so hard to make a time from 45 seconds.. That´s only for that players who don´t have any Tech tasta.. But all in all this track is smooth, has nice slides, and nice scenery and a 2000 number of coppers.. xD

Replay Competition:

1st Place gets: 500cc (sponsored by Dave ( thx mate ))
2nd Place gets: A big showcase in my next track
3rd Place gots: A little showcase in my next track

Deadline is 29. march 2010

Thanks a lot to my Beta tester:

PanK Oo
knolle - inactive
Kappa o_O

Here you can see the ScreenCompo


User Comments
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  Cyber_Dragon 24-Mar-2010
2nd 39.xx Time
  .Dotchy « 24-Mar-2010

I have a much better replay, I just thought that the LB would be very high so I didn´t upload..

Big thanks for the awards :

~Ivica Thx for the longest award ever seen...
~pat Thx for nice words
~d!plO Thx for teaching me french And sweet award
~Buddha Thx for nice compliment..
~PanK Oo
~Kappa Hehe, thank you, maybe..
~Cyber_Dragon Thx for you longest award ever..xD
~»' DuTChy Sry, but I forgot that you don´t like these starts..
~Chris <3
~The4thDuke Sorry, I won´t build it again
~Jenox»LT Thx for rating
~armi111 Wow, thx, glad you had much fun at driving
~Answer Ok mate, will stop..
~amnesia Thx for nice words mate
~Infector Thx, you gave me my 300 award..
~190 downlaods
~B1ts Thx for your 150th award and this awesome time
~ANE.Emil Thx mate..
~pantseri <3 Thank you for this words mate
~Æ » ¥
~Karjen Omg... I can´´t believe it..
~ smok3y Thx mate, with your award track is BotM!
~Full noob
~Ornaiim.'s Thx for nice words..

Thank you very much for the awards... the list is too long but I really thank you if you think I deserve this awards
  B1ts 27-Mar-2010
  »Flo.F® 27-Mar-2010
  KarjeN 27-Mar-2010
  »RtA«VoGter 27-Mar-2010
-__- karjen....
  B1ts 28-Mar-2010
usually I'm half run in front of Karj, but that tricky jump ruins everything -_- not going to hunt it again, tho..
  .Dotchy « 28-Mar-2010
Nice time anyways. Thx for playing.

Best of the month! o_O
  Cyber_Dragon 06-Apr-2010
Sick man!
  Dutchy! 18-Apr-2010
and who would you like to thank now?
  .Dotchy « 18-Apr-2010
I´m not sure but I think that you think that I should think to thank you..

  Cyber_Dragon 28-May-2010
Gogo 100!
  .Dotchy « 28-May-2010
  MnM | Revii 03-Sep-2010
congratz to 101 awards
  .Dotchy « 03-Sep-2010
Hehe Thx
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User Award   shortz.esu 16-Aug-2013
better late than never,
really nice track man, I really liked to replay it after few years, thisone truly is a classic track in my eyes!
User Award   Alien* 21-Jul-2017
User Award   Blick 18-Feb-2018
User Award   Sky.esu 16-Jan-2020
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