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Name: Download E05 Endurance
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Nadeo
Version: 13-Apr-2008
TMX id: 2455
LB Rating: Nadeo Leaderboard Track 10,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
53:34.18   eSuba.tween+ 0:00.0010,000
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
53:41.62   Wave.Ðemon+ 0:07.449,861
54:03.50   JaviFlyer+ 0:29.329,452
54:11.98   Capuccino+ 0:37.809,294
54:13.35   Flyps+ 0:39.179,268
54:17.80   nsc.Sativa+ 0:43.629,185
54:23.63   RotakeR+ 0:49.459,077
54:23.79   gabriele25+ 0:49.619,074
54:24.44   »RtA«Blizz+ 0:50.269,061
54:31.61   JaV+ 0:57.438,928
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Author Comments

Nadeo's E05 Endurance

User Comments
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  |PT| CakeyFA 14-Nov-2015
waited for this
  dow|.Dave. 14-Nov-2015
omg this fight the sooo crazy..
  Aune khan 14-Nov-2015
Just a motivation .. If demon improves "just " 0.12secs in every lap against his pb,
He can beat tween .. Ok, so now it looks a bit easier .. Lol xD
  Flyps 16-Nov-2015
omg -.- a bug in lap 59 f*cked up a ~54:05.xx... pls tell me that it was just a dream
  Wave.Ðemon 17-Nov-2015
daaaamn, that's gotta hurt... Where did you get a bug? One of the jumps at the end?
  Flyps 17-Nov-2015
yeh, lost concentration at the 2nd last jump. one wheel landed on the blue surface, the car turned right and hit the wall... i'll try again.^^
  crankshaft 17-Nov-2015
yeah, you can do it. go 53.xx
  Capuccino 19-Nov-2015
The main problem to improve are the bugs.. I can't avoid big bumps, especially at the last drift of the lap..
  Wave.Ðemon 19-Nov-2015
Well, I can tell you some of the things I do to prevent bugs (not 100% solution, cause bugs can still happen of course )
So let's start with the end. There are 3 jumps that can cause a bug. The first big jump (after the cp) I try to airbrake in the jump, but not instantly. I think an airbrake at about 75% of the jump is fine. The big jump after that I try to to airbrake as soon as possible. The third jump is when you can get a bug if you land on the big blue line. So to prevent that don't land on it.

Hope this helps
  Flyps 19-Nov-2015
does this never happen to you?
  JaV 19-Nov-2015
Lol.. that's just bad luck flyps.
I've had the first one on e05 before but never the 2nd.

Don't give up! It will come
  Wave.Ðemon 19-Nov-2015
Ooooh yes, I had that blue line bug very often. You can't do much about that one. Second one is very rare.
  Capuccino 25-Nov-2015
Haha flyps i've got all bugs imaginable on this map. but overall on the few borders existing in the map.
Thanks Demon but landing bugs don't rly matter. That's just i can't get my car flat during last and first jump, I loose 0.2-0.3 very often, quite annoying to have a 53.6x to a .9x
  |PT| CakeyFA 02-Dec-2015
hans or karjen on this one plz
  Aune khan 04-Dec-2015
Also riolu! On this one
  Quantum» Lewis 09-Jan-2016
I think that you need to turn while the car is leaving the ground to keep the car flat (so don't release the steering before jumping), but not 100% sure
  Gravitr 04-Mar-2016
Incredible Tween! Fakt dobrý
  ArmNawaphatTH 07-Apr-2017
Very Good
  Sparco 24-Jun-2017
Official Nadeo's E06 Obstacle leaked !! Nah, seriously I just tried to imagine what could be a E06 Obstacle, check it out below
E06 Obstacle by   Sparco 2
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User Award   backlash 03-Nov-2014
User Award   TM Tube 06-Aug-2015
User Award   Lovva 07-Oct-2015
User Award   Aune khan 11-Nov-2015
User Award   Quantum» Lewis 01-Mar-2017
Haven't awarded this one yet?
A big goes to this map and to the one who thought about the idea of a long challenge in a very flow, harmonious and beautiful track like this
I remember myself about 6 years ago full of panic while driving this map and doing lots of mistakes... and now, after 6 years of Tm experience (without doing this track), it feels so much satisfactory to drive relaxed, gaining about 3 seconds each lap and without doing any major mistakes
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