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Name: Download TMX Community Dirt Track2
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 06-Apr-2010
TMX id: 2501034
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 28,024
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
1:03.39   ArcNova'Robin+ 0:00.0028,024
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:03.58   nair+ 0:00.1927,520
1:03.93   F! EVG+ 0:00.5426,591
1:05.00   wormi+ 0:01.6123,753
1:05.03   ColdCloud+ 0:01.6423,674
1:05.36   StormFire+ 0:01.9722,798
1:05.36   Lovva+ 0:01.9722,798
1:05.58   _maxi031+ 0:02.1922,215
1:05.61   X-RazOr.Qm+ 0:02.2222,135
1:05.67   Captain1507+ 0:02.2821,976
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Author Comments

Hello !

This is TMX Community Dirt Track 2

It's made by six drivers: Pantseri, EVG, maxi031,Worm, Electro & Robin.

We had much fun doing this track with each other! And we think result is great! We all made ~10 seconds like rules said and then shared scenery & mt: Pantseri built great scenery, then Robin drove gps replay. while Worm built GPS and outro, Pantseri used time with intro and screenshot. And after weeks of work, here it is!

About the track:
Intro: pantseri
GPS: worm & pantseri
Outro: worm
Big Screenie by pantseri
Mood: Evening
Coppers: 3726
Style: dirTech

Medal times:
AT: 1:03.40


User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  GreyCrow 07-Apr-2010
Looks great, even deserves more rewards for a dirt.

  F! EVG 07-Apr-2010
Hope you enjoy our track as much as we did making it :-)

thought i would get a time up to encourage others, not perfect but a time to aim for none the less
  DDR.Buddha 07-Apr-2010
first thought: looking on the graphic on the right side you can see, that kinetic|robins part begins a few blocks earlier than it is shown^^
second thought: great mt-work
third thought: scenery looks good in a few parts, but just ugly in other parts :/

more feedback later^^
  pantseri 07-Apr-2010
Yeah, this sure was fun project
Thx to all fellow builders and ofc all who drives it

@all - thanks for you nice comments, feedbacks & ofc awards

@Mr.Hubby - Thx from my behalf for your thorough feedback, m8.
I don't know about that success thingie, but it's quite nice if that's so

About the track itself:
Sure 1st 10sec could be more creative,
but i though that the 1st drop gives nice natural speed without using turbos.

... and yes now that road part irritates me
(where the h**l that came from )

@sol666 - Thanks for your very profound feedback. I guess we are learning to build, so any feedback is good feedback.

  DDR.Buddha 07-Apr-2010
actually i gotta say, that i dont like it, sorry...

there are 2 jumps, which are not good in my eyes: that big, first jump in evg's part and that jump in maxi's part... just don't like them, they destroy the flow a little bit... and honestly i think, that your parts don't harm, sorry...

but don't mind, the others seem to like it, so you shouldn't care about that^^
  wormi 07-Apr-2010
Finally it's here..

Yep it was fun! Thax to all guys building it & driving it And thx petey or someone for showcase

I've amazed for that Buddha never likes sceneries, but np
  ArcNova'Robin 07-Apr-2010
finally * happy man*
Worm my AT is 1.03.39 not .40^^
  DDR.Buddha 07-Apr-2010
of course i like sceneries, most parts of the scenery here are very nice... ^^
but there are just a few parts, which look quite bad
  wormi 07-Apr-2010
Petey or someone, could u fix that ^^.
  pantseri 08-Apr-2010
Thanks for the
1. Lefterakos
2. JaXeL
3. »' DuTChy
4. F2theG'-
5. Chad
6. Hayonaise
7. ..Habboi
8. CommanderCool93
9. Row!e.
10. Bajs
11. nair
12. Gnark
13. Mr.Hubby
14. monarchen
15. sol666
16. master94ga
17. asylum'rocket
18. Peteypablo7
19. fish_UT
20. lia * heartless
21. Frx ben75
23. Captain1507
24. FL7sh
25. -Rilez-
26. comedYstreet
  nair 08-Apr-2010
I'am really to frustrated atm to drive an Better time, becuase the end ruins the hole Track imo. Sorry...
  ArcNova'Robin 08-Apr-2010
Ty Nair
I like them a little techie u know
@ Hubby, my part start before the wall its shown to late in the map thingy^^ my part is actually the longest : o ^^
and Ty!
  DDR.Buddha 08-Apr-2010
Well, you know nairs track, so you should know, that he likes techdirt-tracks, too.

But you can be very proud to have a better time than him.
  ArcNova'Robin 09-Apr-2010
hehe, well its pretty common that i have a better time then him
but he often has a better time then me on other tracks^^
btw this goes 1.02.xx gogogo!
  _maxi031 09-Apr-2010
wow track is up, great hehe, already 18 awards wow, ill put mine here .
  F! EVG 20-Apr-2010
thanks to all comments,replays and awards
  pantseri 27-Apr-2010
@-Rilez- - thx for your very nice feedback about MT-work
  wormi 19-Jun-2010
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 27 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Frx ben75 12-Apr-2010
Nice dirt track!
User Award   LOCFILE 13-Apr-2010

track guys
User Award   Captain1507 14-Apr-2010
Nice work guys
User Award   FL7sh 15-Apr-2010
nice map! well done guys
User Award   Rilez | Gone 27-Apr-2010
Wow, I'd give you guys 10 awards just for the MT.......

MT: was simply amazing and stunning, one of the best intro's in the TMX community
Track: So smooth I loved (I'm not a huge fan of dirt) but WOW!
Aftertaste: left me feeling somewhat happy, and blown away by the MT!

User Award   comedY_xT. 12-Jun-2010
Never awarded a dirtmap before, I think, but this one is great
User Award   niZe 10-Apr-2013
Very nice trackflow
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