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Name: Download [RPG] Intronaut
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Tecfan
Version: 29-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2524614
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 16,588
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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10:05.77   Xerox.+ 0:00.0016,588
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10:25.17   deus.esu+ 0:19.4013,400
11:02.24   >Dawe+ 0:56.477,309
11:13.33   elgster+ 1:07.565,487
14:42.92   Tecfan+ 4:37.150
17:57.22   shortz.esu+ 7:51.450
21:30.68   nunni+ 11:24.910
25:06.09   Realized2+ 15:00.320
26:47.11   B1ts+ 16:41.340
28:20.34   occam+ 18:14.570
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Author Comments

Intronaut is an RPG track, which I started to build in 2009. I've encountered countless problems, including a very annoying bug that almost made me abandon the track. I could not open my track in ChallengeEdit (nor any other blockmixing program) anymore, and to get rid of the error, I had to delete clip upon clip from the MT until it magically worked again, so I have lost lots of MT work .

I got the name Intronaut from a very good post-metal band, and chose it because it sounds much like "astronaut", which is kinda the feeling you get from this track.

The track itself is very conventional, and features both open and closed atmospheres, a good amount of blockmixing (including water, dirt and variation16 mixes) and a custom mod. I have done a couple changes on the Eert 75 mod, including transparent roads, transparent fabric floor, custom stadium flags, custom start block, custom sculpts, load screen and more. There are no luck CP's (but you can still have bad luck) - there is a safe way to do every CP). I have done my best to avoid cuts and the abilities to take the wrong CP. There are also many condition triggers on the MT to prevent "drive-back" MT triggering. If you get a black wrong way/anti cut screen where you were not supposed to get one, drop a comment and I'll see if I can fix it!

So yes, this is by no means and extraordinary RPG track, but I hope to have included some special, new tricks, a cool atmosphere and a good first-time adventure experience . There should be good possibilities for hunting records, although CP4 and 5 might make you want to step on rabbits - they are the hardest CP's of the track.

You can play the track on PixelSport RPG.

Drive with PC3 high settings and wait for the mod, music, sounds and skins to load before you drive! (you might have to restart the game to apply transparency)

The story
You are a rebel who has been arrested by the airport police for trying to hi-hack a zeppelin. You start out in the provisional prison cell, and have to find a way out to freedom. More story elements are presented in the intro and in-game.

The facts
AT: 15:42.59 (I think around 11 is possible)
First-time run: between 50-100 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Blocks: somewhere between 8000 and 9000. I can't open the map in CE anymore (read above)
Coppers: 16771
Mod: Eert 75 Tecfan edition
Music: Genghis Tron - Ergot (Relief)
Intro: Story-intro made by Hardarm!
In-game MT: 50 clips of story MT, warp effects, cut&wrong way preventors, hints and ghosts
Replay MT: shortened version of the in-game MT
Screenshot: Simple screenshot - big version
Easter egg: If you can find it, take a screenshot and add it to the comments

Medal times:
: 16:40.00
: 20:52.00
: 50:34.00

Special thanks to: (I might have forgotten somebody, the beta test was last year)
*Hardarm (for beta testing and making an awesome intro and ingame MT)
*HawkGer (for beta testing and helping with the mod)
*Stromek (for making the Eert 75 mod)
*Voyager006 (for beta testing)
*realized2 (for beta testing)
*Scorpion (for beta testing)
*Kedy (for beta testing)
*occam (for beta testing)

Did you find the easter egg?

TMX has a stupid 4000-character limit

User Comments
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  Tecfan 29-Mar-2010
GPS video: Part 1 - Part 2
CP5/6 help:

Hardarm Thanks and thanks for the intro and the ghosts.

HawkGer Haha, not everybody was enjoying the music (Kryw), but I'm glad you liked it^^. Also, thanks for the help with the mod and everything else.

Kouba Thank you

realized2 Hihi, so two people like the song ^^.

[Promaxer] Thanks for the award.

Jurek Thanks for the award, glad you liked the track

Dawe Thanks

B1ts I think you are talking about CP28 - it's the only long CP I can think of ^^ - and I made it long on purpose, so people on good runs would get nervous ty for the award

occam MGR called CP4 and 5 for "noob filters" ^_^ I tried to not make them too long, there's only 2 or 3 tricks on each CP, and I agree.. finishing a hard track feels very good the first time

Roomie Thanks

kopstoot Thank you for the kind words ^^

moi57 Thanks moi :>

Katødik Thank you for the award Katødik

Igntul Ty for the award, I'm glad you drove with PC3 ^^

DisGo Thank you!

niceone Thanks ;>

Snicker thanks ^_^

Golo Big thanks for the comment

CommanderCool93 thanks

fish Thank you!

Beep Thanks

rtv thanks =)

Stromek Thank you Stromek!

Zulu Thanks

NomNom Thank you.

Simon thank you :>
  eie 29-Mar-2010
What finally a track from Tecfan
  B1ts 29-Mar-2010
wow tecfan's track oO I'm going to play that RIGHT NOW !
  Tecfan 29-Mar-2010
It's my first real RPG and my first track with blockmixing so I don't think it's a superb RPG, but hopefully hard and fun
  Kryw 29-Mar-2010
This town is ugly, poor people they do not even have flying cars to travel they should jump all over the walls to go to the supermarket

  Hardarm 29-Mar-2010
[quote="b1ts"]]nice MT work also ! [/quote]
ok, i am not the only doing MT on this map, the principal story + warp effect it's from tec... then the extra ones..
  B1ts 30-Mar-2010
hehe I should've read your award well done you too good work really..
  Igntul 30-Mar-2010 =D
  Tecfan 30-Mar-2010
yey easter egg =D
  Lambda 30-Mar-2010
eh ...
  Tecfan 31-Mar-2010
I wonder what you wrote that you had to "spam" away
  .Kouba. 31-Mar-2010
  Golo 31-Mar-2010
sorry, I cant do cp6.
Looked so easy in your video, but it isnt. I gave up after ... dunno how many respawns...
  Tecfan 31-Mar-2010
I've seen many people struggling with the way to the hard part on CP5 as well.. The jump to the right.. You have to hold left while you crash in the wall to avoid turtling there
  Golo 01-Apr-2010
thx for help, Ill try again


Ah, you mean the jump before the ring cp?
I already knew how to drive that but I couldnt do the last drop.
But now I finally made it anyway. All in all I really liked it alot.
In the beginning I was just frustrated, but it felt good when I finally made that one cp.
All other cps are easier then, there was just one really hard imo, where it says "you are spotted by the guards or sth. similar".
Its quite an innovative piece an I also loved the athmosphere which I didnt thought at the beginning... I kinda liked the mod and especially your updates with the transparent blocks. Also the variation between long and short cps was cool imo (and not too frustrating because there wasnt any really hard stunt at that one really long cp ). Good mt-work, too bad that you lost some clips. But I actually prefer some realistic sounds which match to the theme than any kind of usual rock/metal songs or whatever.
Ah, and I looove the huuge jump at the end.

Edit: Woe, I just watched your GPS. these mt-effects look awesome, unfortunately I didnt see them, though I played with PC3.
  Faxter 04-Apr-2010
Hey, I didn't drive that map yet.
But I had that same loading Error in ChallengeEdit some time ago.

It occured because of a not-alphanumeric symbol in the trackname.
In my track it was an 'ä'. (same as ö or ü btw)

Maybe you had such a nonalphanumeric symbol in your trackname or something
  deus.esu 15-Aug-2011
cp 5 noobfilter
  vsp.Maxou 28-Jun-2013
  Xerox. 08-Nov-2018
GPS: 10:05.77 by Xerox.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   beep 05-Apr-2010
Very nice RPg Tecfan
Big works
User Award   rtv_televizija 07-Apr-2010
nice and heavy rpg ^^
User Award   stromek 24-Apr-2010
good job tecfan,
i have to agree the cp 6-7 is hell and cp instead of ring cp would help many drivers
the track is not easy but fun to drive and the farther you get the more you want to finish
nice mod update too
User Award   zulu 22-May-2010
better late than never for an
User Award   deus.esu 23-May-2010
this track is a piece of art
great new tricks with nice using of mt
also lovely mod-edit
User Award   bw.Simon 23-May-2010
very nice map Tecfan ;D
awsome atmosphere, nice way and nice mixes [especially the invisible parts ;)]
keep on building...
User Award   .grenade' 14-May-2011
Nice and long RPG
User Award   shortz.esu 31-Oct-2012
this track is still in my top3 of RPG tracks, just lovely how you made the track
User Award   BigKingg 16-Feb-2013
awesome map
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
awesome memories here and great track
User Award   Xerox. 14-Feb-2018
Good stuff
User Award   TheWestend 30-May-2018
Feels like a complete map. Good atmosphere and original build. Some parts feel a bit kacky, but it's definitely worth the drive.
User Award   popgun 23-Feb-2019
Very good track. Really enjoyed it.
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