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Name: Download Mucho Macho
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 26-Apr-2010
Released: 26-Apr-2010
TMX id: 2639488
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 47,269
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:34.34   mimee_+ 0:00.0047,269
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0:34.75   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.4143,883
0:34.76   Wingthor+ 0:00.4243,800
0:34.85   AR »2slow4you+ 0:00.5143,057
0:34.96   AR »Down.+ 0:00.6242,148
0:34.96   AR /wind+ 0:00.6242,148
0:34.98   tobiair+ 0:00.6441,983
0:35.04   Wunderz+ 0:00.7041,488
0:35.05   Mattnac.+ 0:00.7141,405
0:35.07   deislerx3+ 0:00.7341,240
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Author Comments

Mucho Macho!

A short FS track with big cojones. Easy to finish, hard to master. And ofcourse error-tolerant for online fun!

Cya on the tracks!

Track info:
-Style: Full Speed
-Author time: 35:57
-Coppers: 4054
-Mood: Day
-Building time: +/- 50 hours over 3 months

Thanks betatesters:
Tib.Kit Cut
OTMB TopTrog
OTMB Ripbox
Ganja Mitch
And everyone else who joined my test server

Screenie: 1280x800

Here's a track by a mapper who's already built many tracks for United but only just released his first track for Nations. So please give him a warm welcome by trying out his track. You won't regret it.

Flash! by   CROMassa

Bonus track:
Along with Mucho Macho I made another track that's just for fun. You might wanna check it out.
Triple Bounce Back Breaker by   GR.

Muchos gracias for awards:
Gracias! Empy Thanks for the fast award!
Gracias! n0xx Nah I should smoke less lol.
Gracias! Dave Great award thanks.
Gracias! aenima
Gracias! Gobcio
Gracias! Bl@derunner
Gracias! Ekehtopa
Gracias! fytrim I disagree but glad you like it.
Gracias! vgr`
Gracias! Lainen
Gracias! hoheb Nice words thanks! Next time I'll bring more sun.
Gracias! Junavara Yay an award from Juna!
Gracias! Acura Thanks m8.
Gracias! Massa Cheers and enjoy your showcase.
Gracias! Quat
Gracias! Geeerardo
Gracias! Revilo
Gracias! FaHoFF Nice compliment.
Gracias! laguna
Gracias! Mkay
Gracias! KeV!n
Gracias! Dany
Gracias! BluEjAck You're welcome!
Gracias! Januy Cheers! Yes the cork into cork is the main hunting area.
Gracias! Cyber_Dragon
Gracias! Park Very well said m8.
Gracias! sumo1
Gracias! dejavu
Gracias! Kakashi
Gracias! div
Gracias! Der Dude
Gracias! Down
Gracias! Emil Yup it's all about flow.
Gracias! deislerx3 Look for fs servers and you'll find me.
Gracias! pepe`
Gracias! Pilot
Gracias! ben Everyone has talent, just different styles.
Gracias! sol666
Gracias! aimy
Gracias! exctaSIe
Gracias! dark»puddle'
Gracias! coolmcm
Gracias! armi111
Gracias! CommanderCool93
Gracias! tka`Hr.Mann
Gracias! .raiN.
Gracias! Pix Nice time too.
Gracias! .Qwerty
Gracias! Benbe
Gracias! malao
Gracias! EiiT
Gracias! tobiair Nice time!!
Gracias! ORA Merci m8!
Gracias! nap303~ Cheers m8!
Gracias! Kang Cheers!
Gracias! Mattnac
Gracias! 2slow4you
Gracias! Solaris

User Comments
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  GR. 26-Apr-2010
Nice time Dave
I really thought I had a good time here but I guess I will never have the wr on my own tracks.

EDIT: crazy time eckmeck Still not the wr from united though.
  dow|.Dave. 26-Apr-2010
But actually there is a looot more possible.
Btw: There's a little starttrick. You have to break on the startblock already before you jump. Then you'll land earlier and you're a bit faster. But I guess there are much more little tricks included.
Let's see what some pros can do.
  SweSebbe 26-Apr-2010
it's ok but not my kind of fullspeed style, You have done better tracks, Still it is a nice track for online play
  GR. 26-Apr-2010
Thanks non the less Sebbe
  comedY_xT. 27-Apr-2010
Quote ...
it's ok but not my kind of fullspeed style, You have done better tracks, Still it is a nice track for online play

  GR. 27-Apr-2010
No problem co. Tastes are different.
  CROMassa 27-Apr-2010
thx for showcase
  AR »Down. 28-Apr-2010
Well i dont like your oldschool-tracks very much cause i hate loopbugs ( sry for saying this )
But this track is really fast and cool
Hope i will see some more tracks like this one very soon
Keep it up Mr.Ganja
P.s : Hope my time is good enough

  GR. 28-Apr-2010
You're welcome Massa! Hopefully it will draw some attention to your track.

Sick time Down!
  HardDance 28-Apr-2010
lol, that screen is awesome GR!!

Dropped my pc for a week ago, so cant test it atm :/
  GR. 28-Apr-2010
Cheers HD. Hope you get your pc fixed soon.
  Frx ben75 29-Apr-2010
Originally posted by GanjaRider ...
Everyone has talent, just different styles.

I love your style of track!
  Hr.Mann 30-Apr-2010
nt down, it'll be hard to beat!
what a really like about this fs track is that its is speeddrift-free.
edit: getting betta
  AR »Down. 30-Apr-2010
But i think i could get a .0x if i had some time to train it
  Pix' ->maybe back 01-May-2010
.0x with perfect turn a 34.9x could be maybe possible...

but don´t know...
  AR »Down. 01-May-2010
Nt Pix...
Now try to beat mine
I think .9x is possible for sure.
But i was a little bit lucky at the start
  tobiair 03-May-2010

34.9x definitely possible I think with some luck 34.93

  fab'm PT <3 07-Aug-2010
cool but not my taste still funny intro
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User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
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