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Name: Download Sn(e)aking Around
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   peteypablo7
Version: 04-May-2010
Released: 04-May-2010
TMX id: 2673111
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:48.96   Dule+ 0:00.20-
0:48.97   Metal_Snake+ 0:00.21-
0:49.00   cranberries+ 0:00.24-
0:49.03   aiden.KraL'+ 0:00.27-
0:49.04   off.wilson+ 0:00.28-
0:49.18   Captain Jack Sparrow+ 0:00.42-
0:49.34   Bajs+ 0:00.58-
0:49.48   bo.Punk | mp+ 0:00.72-
0:49.48   Sparco+ 0:00.72-
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Author Comments

04/05/2010, CET

It feels strange in some way ...
Making a tribute to a known and famous guys is not a big deal. Though, when the time comes closer before releasing it, I did felt stressed a lot. Now the time has come to ...

~ ~ Sn(e)aking Around ~ ~

For now, I don't think I should even explain who's the lucky guys to get this tribute. It's a french guy, mastering a huge amount of PS-techniques resulting in stunning screens and wallpapers all the time. His tracks are wonderful, either he makes tech, FS or even PF ...

I couldn't let it go and started this track really a while ago. It should be somewhere in march 2009, though I couldn't released it sooner. The lack of inspiration, no motivation or too much work for school caused that. Untill now ...

Based on a track like Eden, I did made an own interpetation of it. Although it might not reach his building level, I'm sure it does has something nice somewhere inside. When Metal_Snake tried this track (yeah really, he did tested himself without knowing it'll be for him) he said that it does looks quite promising.

With the wonderful help from my friend Cranberries (at least now he's my friend) who finetuned some parts and improved my scenery a lot I was able to get this.
Neither I should forget the amazing job from ZopUH who took care of the MT with a great intro. Keep an eye on it when you try this track.
Last, but not least I'd like to thank Brenni for this wonderful screen he made for me. Although I did made the angle myself, he did the full editing from it. Check the big screen

~ Beta's ~
Snowii, answer, ZopUH, cranberries, ... (more that I can't remember)

The track can be done in less than 50 seconds for sure (but the AT is really bad). I was just too excited to release this one that I couldn't focus on driving it.
It's speedtech-styled and contains some smooth (the one more than the other) drops and a bunch of cool slides.
Pay attention for some parts since it's not always as easy as you think it'll be.
Sorry about the fact that there isn't a GPS anyway.

Well, I'll stop here because I'd like you to test it out. Would be nice to have some feedback on it also.

Have fun and see you later

User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  peteypablo7 04-May-2010
Thanks list
- Triple_Shoot: thanks a lot for your nice award and cool time.
- Flo: thanks for awarding and replay
- P10P: thanks for the award
- F2theG': thanks for the award
- vgr': glad you liked this track, means a lot to me getting an award from you. hope to see a better replay soon
- Torress: thanks a lot for your award
- Hairy Bear: thanks for awarding
- fredleshaman: thanks for awarding and replay
- Zipperke: glad you liked this track man. It comes from my own sills XD
- Bikerbruun: thanks a lot for awarding and your replay
- pantseri: thanks for the award
- Metal_Snake: omg, great award dude, thanks a lot. was a pleasure to make this track for you. and yeah, I knew about those memories from real life (if they are the ones you sometimes talked about). thanks for your very nice replay also
- Fosco: thanks for awarding and the awesome replay
- answer: really glad you like this one man, thanks for the award
- Roomie: didn't expected one from ya, but I'm so happy with your award man
- Kakashi: wow, another award that means a lot for me, thanks so much
- Real Dave: thanks for awarding
- Ornaiim: glad you liked this one bro, thanks for the cool award
- habboi777: thanks for the nice award
- nospor: thanks for you award
- Snowii: thanks for betatesting and awarding man. looking forward to your replay, you should beat me
- chuckn0rris: thanks for the replay and nice award
- thanks for awarding
  brenni 04-May-2010
youp that's mine
  »P10P« 04-May-2010

  Dutchy! 04-May-2010
Night mood
  cranberries 04-May-2010
wow O_o can't believe my eyes ^^ I gotta play a good time here =S
  Metal_Snake 05-May-2010
Oh my...What an amazing surprise...
Thanks a bunch in advance mate, gonna try the track now
  .Ornaiim 05-May-2010
Well deserved !
  »Flo.F® 05-May-2010
just perfect track
+2klb with my replay
  peteypablo7 05-May-2010
@ Dutchy: sorry about that XD but seems that it didn't mattered for others anyway
@ Cran: another thank you man I know you can make a stunning time
@ M_S: no prob
@ Ornaiim: thanks
@ Flo: thank you for that
  cranberries 05-May-2010
I'll play a better replay later I just didn't had enough time to play today
  Metal_Snake 06-May-2010
yeah, let's go 48 cran', nice LB already here !
  Chris <3 08-May-2010
soory pete ...
just not my style -.-
next time dude
  peteypablo7 08-May-2010
kk, no problem
thanks for trying
  Captain Jack Sparrow 10-May-2010
This end sucks hard -_- I screwed up there as hell. But anyway good track mate ^_^
  brenni 11-May-2010
lol, nice lb guys
  iMap // gone OFF4EVER 11-May-2010
finally gold medal, but a time to post could take a while
  vgr 14-May-2010
Finally a better replay, but it didn't do anything to the LB
  peteypablo7 15-May-2010
if some of the low LB-users can be pushed out, there's a chance to increase the LB
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User Awards
Showing 36 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Snowii | back to business 06-May-2010
Well, again a really cool hunter by you But the best on it is that it's for the maybe most creative guy here on
i'm too bad atm to drive a good replay...maybe later

Greetz Snowy
User Award   chuckn0rris 08-May-2010
I really love this track. It's especially pretty nice for hunting and these smooth drops are awesome. In my opinion the atmosphere is just excellent here. Keep it up, mate.

User Award   comedY_xT. 08-May-2010
Wonderfull beauty
User Award   iMap // gone OFF4EVER 09-May-2010
Lots of fun in here for me! Its well buildt and a style that makes me interested in tech. Still cant reach gold medal - but this the first techie i'm going for . The slides are comeing so automatic to me, never feeled this on other tech tracks - where i can find more of this style?

User Award   off.wilson 10-May-2010
nice track
User Award   Bucky 10-May-2010
Great track!

I don't think you achieved the flow and the speed of Eden, but that's a helluva track to compete with. You definitely made a great track. I don't see myself hunting it, as the really fast tech takes a lot more work on my part. But this track still has flow, smoothness, and a good overall fun factor. Job well done

User Award   Captain Jack Sparrow 10-May-2010
lovely slides mate, I generally like tech-speeds but unfortunatley I can't play them well ;/
One thing that really drives me crazy is the worst finish ever -_- But the rest of track is great so
for u ;]
User Award   der-bozz.esu 11-May-2010
Those Drops
Cool Huntingmap for online racing
I like this style

User Award   W!cked 11-May-2010
wonderful track, man
i really like these drifts mixed with the awesome smooth drops and so on...
it's really worth to be a tribute to M_S
great MT btw.

... so you receive my 400th given award
User Award 14-May-2010
Great Track
User Award   Morais10 19-Aug-2010
Beautiful track
User Award   threading 29-Oct-2010
nice work
User Award   Sparco 22-Jun-2011
User Award   aiden.KraL' 23-Apr-2015
Super nice track
User Award   waldfee 10-Jan-2016
User Award   Dule 19-Jan-2016
Hard and awesome!
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