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Name: Download Helping Hands
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   jstc
Version: 03-Jun-2010
Released: 03-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2793090
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 46,007
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:44.72   brenni+ 0:00.0046,007
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:44.81   GSA/Joker+ 0:00.0945,451
0:44.83   MaC « psycho+ 0:00.1145,328
0:44.99   JakeRay+ 0:00.2744,340
0:45.13   the'end.+ 0:00.4143,476
0:45.18   Impuls+ 0:00.4643,167
0:45.22   jstc+ 0:00.5042,920
0:45.25   TheGhozt+ 0:00.5342,735
0:45.26   Eliphas`+ 0:00.5442,673
0:45.41   Mastermind+ 0:00.6941,748
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Author Comments

! Helping Hands !

Finally its out. Its The First official Tribute by myself.
Its not as usuall to one guy. its dedicated to 3 ! But why
did you build a Tribute to 3 guys? Quite easy Question.
Just to say 'Thank You' wasnt good enough. So i decided to
build a Fullspeed Tribute Map for my 3 best friends in TMNF.
Now i Present you the 3 guys.

Nadrael !

He is my favourite TM-m8. He's amazing.
he tought me almost everything about mapping.
he told me not to place booster everywhere.
its important to find the place to put them.
SO thats how i got it to this level.
love you man <3


Oh My God, what can i say about him.
He's just amazing. he inspired me in very special ways.
some ideas from Scenery are from him. his creativ.
nice to other players. and absolutely underrated.
Lets get him to the Best Mappers !!
Thank you for supporting me


Very Special Guy. Great Mapper. Also friendly to others.
He helped me alot with the mapping thing. he gave me very often
productive feedback to improve my map. But we gotta say. His not
just an awesome mapper. He is able to to great screens either.
he made screens for my atm most awarded map Ain't My Fault
and i really appreciate your work! Thx Mate!

The Details

Name : Helping Hands.

Style : Fullspeed.

Length : 44 - 45 seconds.

Author - Time : 45.38

Coppers Used : 5692

Booster : five - in numbers 5 (xD)

Walls : three - in numbers 3

Loops : one - in numbers 1

Stickys : also just one

Jumps : 2

Smoothness : Yes!

FunFactor : i hope so

Transitions : Of Course

Video : Helping Hands made by Roxiie*1337

Special Thanks

This Time The Special Thanks go to very very much people.
At First to Roxiie. For that amazing video. really thank you mate <3.

Next we got Psymax. He made this amazing screen. and also beta tested
this map. God Your work is great! Klick For Bigger Screen

Last but not least. to all of my BetaTester. Its a quite looong list this time.
i had about 25-30 Beta-Tester. But with about 5-7 Beta Version. Possible (;
so now guys. ! Thank you for testing

Sturm ~µb
indy_air | tib
Nex' | 15o'
¤Zippin'¤ -
P.H.C« brenni
VAPOR Mastermind
Nadrael | inactiv
TMV Pascal..
TMV aimy
Tmv. RainzO.or ~
Un!verse | DreamDancer



He made an amazing transitional underrated Speedmap.
so Guys, have a look at his Sophisticated Map.

Sophisticated. by   eSU.shox


god, mate. i think this is the first map which has RPG
and FS. Amazing Work mate. Keep it up!

Priorities by   GSA|dynamYte

Now Guys. Happy Hunting (:

User Comments
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  jstc 09-Jun-2010
ok thats how you do it.
but why is it bad to have em // this much

i think its usefull.
like having as much feedback as you can to make your track perfect.
  acura_rsx 10-Jun-2010
the main point is that the beta-area today is just for getting more awards..
most of all "feedbacks" are : "great" "cool" "fun" and such a crap..
beta-area should be for critics in tracks for making them better and there should be a maximum for testers like about 5 or so this is more then enough in my eyes.
Thats no offense to you justi just my point of view
  germanprodriver 10-Jun-2010
Sorry , but no award this time , the track didnt have enough "freedom".
"Freedom" is an essential part on fullspeed tracks , IN MY OPINION.
  Snowii | back to business 10-Jan-2012
finally updated my award
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User Awards
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User Award   MaC « psycho 06-Jun-2010
Uppppps Forgot to awards this Amazing One !
So ihere´is my Special and a long award u will see !
Okay, the track :
Greatfull start with and cool Gps-Text
2 Nice transitions with a following Wallride =O
After those fast waLlride a Long jump with a short transition next to a plattform.
Now another Wallride, with an great Transition to Plattform and back. to a Looping. !
Than u´ve build a Dirt-part, looks really B!g !
After a little plattform is a jump into a Wallride !
I totally Like u´re Style. !
The rest u have to see..

grtz psycho_devil aka MaC
User Award   Sharkoooon 06-Jun-2010
absolutly great work
User Award   RX Pascal 06-Jun-2010
hm forgot to award it too..
but here is it
very nice one

User Award   n0xx 07-Jun-2010

User Award   RaµL 07-Jun-2010
wop nice track ^^
User Award   armi111 07-Jun-2010
nice work!!
good speed and amazing look..

User Award   [SF]Peter 07-Jun-2010
I'm in love man
User Award   the'end. 07-Jun-2010
Forgot to award... Sorry
User Award   pascow.esu 08-Jun-2010
nice map, mate
User Award   InfernO.F® || Mnh 09-Jun-2010
OMFG !!! very nice track justiZZe
i deserved my
User Award   I GOT BUGED? 09-Jun-2010
hey mate, awesome map you've made here!
You really gotta learn me how to make such intro's!

User Award   Baston 09-Jun-2010
Well Just.

It's a very good track indeed, so flawless and with a perfect line for hunting and online racing.

Really enjoyed it, it has a nice atmosphere and a good looking scenery (though not everywhere )

It all feels very smooth and the speed is great.

The MT is very nice indeed, I just found the intro a bit boring, all based on effects and not always on content, which results in some boring cams

Anyway it's all very nice and the screen is also good.

Keep it up,

User Award   ranger- 09-Jun-2010
woow jus
nice track
User Award   .dreamy 09-Jun-2010
Amazing One.! o.O
Big -><- for you.! c;

User Award   JakeRay 10-Jun-2010
This is one of the most awesome fullspeed tracks evar

User Award   Ekehtopa 29-Jun-2010
very nice work
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