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Name: Download RPG - N0obishnesS
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   peteypablo7
Version: 07-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2806132
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 42,184
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
5:27.02   Nuutzy+ 0:00.0042,184
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
5:29.06   oiram456+ 0:02.0440,605
5:36.46   Realized2+ 0:09.4434,877
6:02.19   german761(RazoR)+ 0:35.1714,963
6:27.07   HouseKeepR+ 1:00.050
6:36.30   peteypablo7+ 1:09.280
6:53.16   Sharky^+ 1:26.140
7:03.27   cranberries+ 1:36.250
8:05.94   .nixx+ 2:38.920
8:46.42   JakeRay+ 3:19.400
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Author Comments

Hi there

This is my first try for an RPG-track. I know that there are a lot of RPG-tracks around these days, though this one should be made for almost everyone. I tried to keep it quite easy, but not too simple at all. Another thing that makes this one different from a lot of other RPG's is that I didn't used a single mixed part. Everything is done in the editor itself, nothing outside.

The name comes from the fact that I was an RPG-noob myself some time ago. Though, I started to have fun on them and I do search for tracks that are not too lunatic to finish Because of that, I decided to make one myself also ...

And yes, here is the result from my works
I'm quite proud on it myself and I hope you guys will like it also

The coppercount isn't that high (-8000cc) and the author time is 7.12.11
I'm sure people will beat that, I just hope that there aren't any obvious cuts

I bet you already saw that wonderfull screen?
It's made by Chuckn0rris

Ah well, I'm going to stop talking now, giving you the chance to try this one.
Good luck and have fun at all

User Comments
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  peteypablo7 06-Jun-2010
Award List:

Nixxy: thanks a lot for your award. Hopefully you could try again and set a nice time.
Zippin: you're making me curious about what CP you've missed ... Thanks for the award anyway
TimeBreaker: glad you had some fun on it and perhaps I might plan to make an even easier RPG with a way too clear road XD
occam: thanks a lot for this very big award. it's probably one of the longest ones I ever received so far ...
ShortzZ: glad to get an award from you man
Zipperke: thanks so much for this award. looking forward to your duo-RPG
eie: thanks for the cool award man
CommanderCool93: thanks for awarding
nbk|>Brutal'': thanks for the very nice award and cool words
Cranberries: man, that's a really awesome and great award from you. It indeed is my first RPG I've builded, but I did get some experience by trying a lot of other RPG's lately ... Anyway, I might plan more of those tracks in the future
  .nixx 06-Jun-2010
i not enought good for a nice replay sry. my best is like 13min.^^
  peteypablo7 06-Jun-2010
that doesn't matter for me Nixxy, I'm already glad that replays are posted, no matter what time

track updated
  occam 06-Jun-2010
an excerpt of the chatlog^^

[06/06,20:19:17] (tecfan) well no mod loading, that's not a good start..
[06/06,20:19:36] (tecfan) no mod..
[06/06,20:19:57] (occam) i got mod
[06/06,20:20:01] (tecfan) cache ;
[06/06,20:20:15] (occam) probably^^
[06/06,20:20:28] (hawk_ger) yeah no url in gbx file

[06/06,20:20:36] (moi57) i have mod
[06/06,20:20:40] (tecfan) cache
[06/06,20:20:45] (hawk_ger)

[06/06,20:21:01] (tecfan) can't drive without mod ^^
[06/06,20:21:05] (tecfan) and can't add without mod

[06/06,20:21:12] (hawk_ger) you can just rename GMU
[06/06,20:21:16] (hawk_ger) in your local folder
[06/06,20:21:24] (tecfan) rename what
[06/06,20:21:26] (hawk_ger) duplicate and then rename
[06/06,20:21:32] (hawk_ger)

[06/06,20:21:36] (occam) write petey a PM (don't write an official comment^^ it is his first RPG...he will appreciate your criticism^^) --> "guess i will have to delete this line later to make any sense" =:- )

[06/06,20:21:48] (hawk_ger) you don't have any gmu locally?

[06/06,20:23:06] (tecfan) but no scenery, no mod and basic tricks
[06/06,20:23:22] (tecfan) well a little scenery outside
[06/06,20:24:21] (tecfan) and a ring room

[06/06,20:26:38] (tecfan) omg.. i can't drive these uber long balance part :[06/06,20:26:45] (tecfan) cp27
[06/06,20:26:54] (igntul) bad promising

[06/06,20:27:05] (tecfan) it's like montezumas * 2 ^^
[06/06,20:27:14] (tecfan) wallborder straight forward
[06/06,20:27:20] (igntul) yeye
[06/06,20:27:25] (igntul) i love them

[06/06,20:27:43] (hawk_ger) this jump is nice ^^

[06/06,20:29:58] (moi57) shit missed cp
[06/06,20:30:30] (moi57) there many cp for nothing
[06/06,20:31:18] (hawk_ger) epic border ^^

[06/06,21:14:37] (igntul) i think i will try building an occam-rpg
[06/06,21:14:51] (hawk_ger) petey updated and still no loc..
[06/06,21:14:56] (igntul) just for fun not for the contest ^^
[06/06,21:15:01] (occam) cool ign :->>

[06/06,21:15:43] (tecfan) i think a white/green rpg will be really cool
[06/06,21:15:47] (tecfan) if it is pixelsport friendly
[06/06,21:15:55] (tecfan) in length and rpg definition

[06/06,21:16:27] (tecfan)
[06/06,21:16:39] (tecfan) bb, see you tomorrow? ^^

[06/06,21:16:40] (occam) what it lacks in difficulty it should make up in atomsphere...custom sounds, pics signs...fancy MT...outro^^

[06/06,21:17:43] (hardarm) what's the login of this server
[06/06,21:17:53] (occam) rpgmania

[06/06,21:20:12] (hardarm) petey is currently online in MSN
[06/06,21:20:32] (occam) tell him to visit^^ :->

[06/06,21:21:31] (occam) you have an idea where i might have missed a CP

[06/06,21:21:58] (hawk_ger) no..I missed two cp's myself ^^

[06/06,21:37:53] (occam) omg...this time i missed even more CPs^^

[06/06,21:44:41] (hawk_ger) that's because this track is basically trial..

[06/06,21:45:06] (hawk_ger) there are no adventerous elements included
[06/06,21:45:11] (hawk_ger) except the mod

[06/06,21:45:42] (sami___ines) miss 1cp

[06/06,21:46:08] (occam) missed one cp on first run on second run i missed 2 cps^^
[06/06,21:46:13] (sami___ines) lol

[06/06,21:47:54] [Local DB] player ptistarsky finished with 385220 and took the 1. LR place!
[06/06,21:47:54] [Dedimania] player ptistarsky finished with 385220 and took the 1. WR place!

[06/06,22:05:41] (moi57) all players miss 1 cp onthis maps

[06/06,22:05:57] (censored) wait
[06/06,22:06:14] (censored) hihihi
[06/06,22:07:13] (censored) who is speccing me ?
  TimeBreaker 06-Jun-2010
Cool, I got all CPs in first try, I'm better than the RPG elite
  occam 06-Jun-2010
well ^^ as for me i am so slow...time freezes around me...and i need ages to learn the route^^ more CPs on my second run^^ hmm...and as for hawk...he is so fast...a wonder he does not travel in time^^ ...a wonder Hawk can catch any CPs at all ... roaming around beyond the speed of light^^ and that on first runs^^

...but congrats to you TB...always fun to finish on first try, on many RPGs a first ascent or rather a virgin run is still the most fun :->
  Igntul 07-Jun-2010
sorry petey but imho this map is not good enough for an award... yes the flow is awesome and it's fun to play, but thousands of cp's are unusefully hidden, and the tricks arent that innovative, and as i said before, no scenery at all that leads to a storyless map wich i would call trial
these are some tips for your future building from someone who played many many tracks...
said that, good luck i cant wait to see your next map!
  brenni 07-Jun-2010
so you're too old i guess, occam

gonna upload my replay when i'm at home (still at school atm)
oh and you'll recieve an award :
  peteypablo7 07-Jun-2010
nice comment occam XD
anyway, I'll update the track in some minutes so the loc-file will work
thanks to hawkger for helping me with that

I respect your opinion Igntul
I'm open for any feedback and I might try a second RPG
dunno if it'll be with or without BM

but I'll try to integrate a story with it, can't promise anything though

EDIT: sorry for another update
the track should now have the loc-file
  brenni 07-Jun-2010
thanks bud, now my beta replay isn't validate anymore ^^
  peteypablo7 07-Jun-2010
sorry mate
but the update was necessary for online playing
  brenni 07-Jun-2010
no prob
  peteypablo7 07-Jun-2010
more will come ... if I have time enough
anyway, I'm thinking about making another one, though much longer than this one and perhaps even with less tricky parts (but still with a difficulty offcourse)
dunno if it'll be RPG or trial than XD
  Ongrid.xT 06-Aug-2010
Sorry for upload this very bad replay, it's my first attempt in rpg drive!
  .nixx 31-Dec-2012
as promise i upload a replay better late than never^^ it's just my 2nd finish but too lazy to do better
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User Award   Pilot 01-Nov-2012
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
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