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Name: Download Kudos
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eXtracT
Version: 21-Jun-2010
Released: 18-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2849168
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 71,173
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:39.71   KarjeN+ 0:00.0071,173
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:40.03   SPN'«+ 0:00.3267,731
0:40.19   JakeRay+ 0:00.4866,011
0:40.25   eXtracT+ 0:00.5465,365
0:40.30   nevermind+ 0:00.5964,828
0:40.40   Cocktail.afc+ 0:00.6963,753
0:40.46   Sky.esu+ 0:00.7563,107
0:40.49   Bajs+ 0:00.7862,785
0:40.84   Joost»LT+ 0:01.1359,021
0:41.31   Cw*FaHoFF.xT+ 0:01.6053,966
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments


watup my ians? (: here is my 11th track, probably my last one for a while actually. Why? - well, i'm finding it hard to build anything in editor i'm happy with nowadays and this track imo is the pinnacle of my building skill, i don't think i can get much better than this. I have put a MASSIVE amount of effort into this track, so i hope you enjoy it (: it involves pretty much a fat platform tech lol, with 4 re-uses i think, maybe even more. Btw Saph, i finally made a track fully compact throughout, haha proud of me?

*NOTE: Watch the GPS reply so you have an idea of the track layout and how to drive it (: Otherwise you could find yourself driving anywhere ...

- D e t a i l s -

Style: FullSpeed - Tech - Platform - SpeedTech - Dirt - Offroad
Length: 36 - 38 - 40 - 42 - 44
Mood: Morning - MidDay - SunSet - MidNight
Signs: Default - Custom
Author Time: 40.25
Coppers: 2400 c

M-T Work: produced by yours truly
. . . . Intro: my best work to date, lots and lots of cars haha
. .In-game: massive amount of work put into this section (prevent cuts ect.)
. . . Outro: haha simple cam angle and a nice lil ending shot (:

* I have successfully prevented up to 4 cut route that i know of by ring CP's and MT use, but please let me know if you discover any more (:

- S c r e e n y -

The masterful TimeBreaker produced this stunner of a screenshot for my track, thanks a million buddy (: The shot is just wonderous with neat effects and a wonderful car shot. No-ones better imo (:

> > WallPaper < <

- Video -

omg, check this video out! ! ! This absolutely amazing promotional video was made by Zhuckar:, his skills are friggin insane! i cant thank him enough for it, your a true legend brother (:

Vid on YouTube
Vid on TMTube

- Specail Thanks -

sj@tmn: for some really appreciated assistance with testing the track including some MT assistance and crtique for the tracsk layout

TimeBreaker: for absolutely amazing screenshote, Mt help with the outro and preventing cuts. and slo for his beta-testing, thanks man (:


User Comments
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  eXtracT 18-Jun-2010
go go go beat the GPS time: > 39.83 < Imo a time like 39.4x is possible

thx list - thankyou all who went to the effort to award this track:

01.|»d!plO« - thanks for such a quick award buddy, glad you enjoyed (:
02.| tim3found - thanks buddy for no.2, glad you found it ... nice, lol
03.|»Flo.F® - so glad to hear a compliment on my MT, thanks buddy (:
04.|SapphiroN - haha thanks bro for this a-a-amazing haha love it
05.| vgr - wow man thanks for such knid words in you glad you like
06.| .F2theG -haha thanks man, exacly the reaction i want, lol thx
07.|sj@tmn - thanks my friend for this award, glad you liked the tech!
08.|DarkNoob»uT' - wow thanks dark, lovely to receive an from you
09.| spn o.0 ~uT - hahaa gald you felt it deserved an award anyway (:
10.|TimeBreaker - thanks TB for all ya help, glad you liked the final (:
11.|maesterR - haha you build great tracks bud, thanks for this
12.|.Wesc - woweee, absolutely amazing , thanks a million bro
13.|Bajs - haha thanks man, i'm glad i got your approval - well made (:
14.|Mr.Hubby - haha thanks bro for this alchoholic lol thx (:
15.|Hardy -haha hubby's award x2 (: thanks bro, gald you enjoyed it
16.|Zhuckar - wow thanks for the brother, cant wait for the video!
17.|Nex' - haha yer it can get a bit confusing aye, thanks for the man
18.|artiql - thanks man for your nice words in the thanks again
19.|Quat - hey man, thanks for your awesome pleasure to receive (:
20.| ReaL Dave - hey bro thanks for trying out my map, glad you liked
21.|royall - sorry that drop idn't work for you ): thanks for the nice tho
22.|W!cked' - wow such a pleasure to receive your award man, thanks (:
23.|PagH - woah you are the best mate, thanks so much for this legend!
24.|X-DREAM CREATOR - haha thanks bro for a flippin awesome thx (:
25.|FaHoFF - wow what an indepth thanks so much brother (: legend
26.|KarjeN - thanks for such a flipping fast replay (: and also for the (:
27.|»BasTon.F® - ehy man thanks for you kind words, glad you enjoyed
28.|Tige® - awesome here mate, glad you enjoyed the whole package
  diplo|mp 18-Jun-2010
  SapphiroN 18-Jun-2010
  diplo|mp 18-Jun-2010
i work on better replay
  eXtracT 18-Jun-2010
thanks bud ^^ that'll be awesome, watch out tho, you will most probably become addicted haha
  SapphiroN 18-Jun-2010
Gimme a minute to express my feelings..
  eXtracT 18-Jun-2010
haha now i'm curious ^^
  Tige® 18-Jun-2010
wut new track
gonna test it asap
  sj@tmn 18-Jun-2010
Mind the replays in the intro, your track gets quite big with them
  cranberries 21-Jun-2010
  eXtracT 21-Jun-2010
haha nice cut bro, i did have that covered with the in-game MT but for that stupid GPS trigger haha, i'll get to work fixing it ASAP

edit: track updated, cut fixed by adding another CP prevention, go go go and upload ya replays, and hopefully there are no more cuts
  JakeRay 24-Jun-2010
I must say, this is the longest awards I've seen on a track
And it realy deserves it
  eXtracT 09-Jul-2010
its great aye ^^ this is how tmx used to be, not just short awards everywhere! thanks a million everyone for your awards
  ben3847 16-Jul-2014
mt cut block -.-
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 39 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   royale 20-Jun-2010
First of all i have to say that i don't have replay and that's because i tried more then 40 times to get a nice replay but the reason that i quit is because i failed many times on first drop and i was very mad for this.Anyway...i had a plan to build something like you but you were more faster.
The track is really competitive because it has many drifts and slides and i like that.Great work with all also with scenery ( but next time try another type of scenery....i mean that in this track you can see the right way.

"We still climbin' higher"
User Award   W!cked 20-Jun-2010
woah dude. This one actually is one of the best platform tech tracks i have seen until now. Mainly because it's full of awesome ideas and tight parts, that also allow mistakes. For well skilled drivers (so not for me ^^) it seems to be great for record hunting and such stuff. I like everything at this track... i didn't see anything i disliked tough my time isn't worth to get uploaded here. I like every drift and transition it has, the scenery is a masterpiece again, and the mt work is stunning, too... especially the cams. I have nothing to complain... great work.

against those "nice track " awards

User Award   PagH .xT 20-Jun-2010
Woooaah! Those re-uses O.o Absolutely amazing! How...? That first re-use, you know, at 0.11 (When you drive through a hole in the platform and later drive in the angled platform) was splendid, so innovative. I mean, I never seen that. The platform was both used as scenery and regularly driving-platfrom - amazing! I think you're right about the fact that this really shows what you're capable of o;. It was thoroughly amazing. All along an amazing track. Well done again, again! Same goes to the work besides the track, you know, the scenery and MT! Well done! <3
User Award   XDC 21-Jun-2010
One of the most well designed Fast Tech Tracks my wheels have been on,
If ther is such a thing as a 'Pro-Level' build ?
then this one is bang is on the money
High End Tech map in every respect ...
User Award   Cw*FaHoFF.xT 21-Jun-2010
I'm not a fan of block mixing, not even of "confused" alike tracks. Here I like (and this is also the reason for awarding it) the fact that every block makes a lot of sense! More you play it, more logical it becomes. At the end I realized also that you used mixing just for scenery and that made me to like this track even more. I.M.O., even if I wouldn't like it, I would confess that this is one good example of track that is produced with knowledge and heart. Hands up m8, award is yours!

User Award   KarjeN 21-Jun-2010
nice and tricky platform track =)
User Award   Baston 21-Jun-2010
Heeeey eX

Long time haven't seen you here, and what a nice track you've made here

Really you come back with something we haven't seen for a long time, agree with Sapp this kind of tracks is really awesome and addicting to race. Tracks like these from Arild, or Awake by Sapp...

So again all the wonderful ideas from you, great flow and slides, and your typical awesome scenery. As always also a solid and nice looking MT work

It was then very fun to race this one, it's not hard and pretty instinctive, I liked it

So keep it up,

User Award   Tige® 21-Jun-2010
wohooo, i tested the track but somehow i forgot to award it. absolutely amazingly well made platform speed tech (huh^^), the layout is sooo perfectly done zomg, have no words xD (have to say that first time i tried it i though its made by sapph, not by you =D). lovely mediatracker, the intro totally blowed my mind =') scenery is very nice tho! lovely screen by tb, mmmmfff i think the only bad thing is, that i've lost in the track xD yea i havent finished it (yet.. )xd (but i think thats because of my lame driving =D) anyway you built pure masterpiece!!!

so you and this track deserves hell big award, like this one -> (xD)
keep buildin' masterpieces!!!
your enimel
User Award   Nynx. 22-Jun-2010
Great tech style !!
Never drove it before
But rly awesome drifts,challenging... !!
User Award   fOoliSH 25-Jun-2010
My first thought was: Is Djsisi back?
And that's a kudo

User Award   dadm 28-Jun-2010
Mhhhh ... Delicious !! *_* What a track you made here. It's simply one of my favourit one ... Everything is perfect. The track is really well constructed, there are also nice ideas, and the scenery is Epic. This mt work is damn ... Awesome. (; Here is your well deserved award ( not very long because of my english, but i hope you'll enjoy it as much as other ) for making an amazing work

User Award   «!.pepe`oO!? 28-Jun-2010

I can finaly award it!
Very nice plateform tech track man.
(Replay will come soon )
User Award   GONE4COD 22-Jul-2010
Again an epic track you built here Extract! There are not that much Platform Techies, with a flow, as you can find in this one! This one is just hardcorer :> It's so much fun to play and just to look in cam7 on the awesome scenery =) Very well done! To bad that the awards stoped at around 30! This one deserves 50+ 's .

User Award   ConceNtrate 06-Aug-2010

User Award   nevermind 15-Jul-2011
one hell of a track man
so damn nice flow
so damn nice atmosphere
so damn nice turns
so damn nice job
User Award   Dule 03-Mar-2013
Almost 3 years later, and it's still awesome!
User Award   Sky.esu 26-Sep-2013
User Award   Joost»LT 30-May-2014
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant...
I love platform tech tracks, they're just so different from normal road based tech. Feels like you almost use different skills for them..
Either way, this one is def. a masterpiece

+ time
User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
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