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Name: Download iShiVu.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   dadm
Version: 27-Jun-2010
Released: 27-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2885129
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 66,580
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:35.41   dominik!+ 0:00.0066,580
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:35.51   Krow+ 0:00.1065,452
0:35.72   dadm+ 0:00.3163,083
0:35.75   shortz.esu+ 0:00.3462,744
0:35.86   Soil+ 0:00.4561,503
0:36.21   eckmeck+ 0:00.8057,555
0:36.25   mr.hubby+ 0:00.8457,103
0:36.27   JakeRay+ 0:00.8656,877
0:36.28   Bajs+ 0:00.8756,765
0:36.33   Fransje+ 0:00.9256,201
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Author Comments

» 27.o6.1o________________________________________________

Heya ! Today i'm proudly to present you my new creation ... I built something I never made before, a platform tech (: I worked during a long time on it, so I hope you will like it ;D I spent much time to make this scenery, I think it give a nice atmosphere to the track. When you discover the map, it is maybe a bit difficult ( gps recommeded ), but when you tested it several times it's a child game x) I think it's also a nice hunter for skilled tech drivers ...

~ I N F O ~

Track name - iShiVu
Style - Platform tech
Lenght - ~35 sec
Coppers - 2732
Difficulty - Intermediate
Mood : Sunset
Author time - 35.72

~ M T W O R K ~

Made by - Myself ^^
Intro - Done
Gps - Done
Outro - Done

~ S C R E E N ~

Here is the Screen Compo - Ö
The winner is .dejavu who made this awesome job, great angle, font and editing. Thanks a lot mate :] Thanks to other participants too (: Here is the bigger version : !!

~ B E T A T E S T E R S ~

They helped me throughout the construction Here is the list.

¤Zippin'¤ -
Snicker | Waka
ßruTaL "o.O
IntoX «

~ S H O W C A S E S ~

1st of the screen compo, dejavu. Try this track that i personaly love.

»SpeedPhobia by   .dejavu

2nd, peteypablo.
RPG - N0obishnesS by   peteypablo7

3rd, ßruTaL "o.O
"[RPG] Abydòs by   Erizel (brutal)"

Well, now you can try the track, good luck and have fun =D


User Comments
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  dadm 27-Jun-2010
Thanks for award

1* ßruTaL "o.O - Lovely words, thx.
2* Miirco'Tracks - Ty =J
3* dog.street - Hehe omg, great award for me <3
4* ¤Zippin'¤ - - Glad you like it (-:
5* »Flo.F® - Thanks Flo, cool award 8P
6* IntoX « - Nice words ... Thank you mate (;
7* W!cked' - Glad you have nothing to complai C:
8* Pat - Wow ... Thanks ! <3
9* DADOUS.beta - Ty for this award (:
10* makonen - Haha mako ! xD It's always a great pleasure to receive a crazy award from you. Ty.
11* JakeRay - Amazing award !! Thanks (;
12* lt_forever - Haha ^^' imo the scenery fits well with a platform tech. anyway nice award O=
13* .nixxy'O.v - Wonderful award ;D It rocks too (:
14* maesterR - Nice words '.'
15* Hitchy - Glad you like this one ... ;o)
16* asylum'amnesia - Wow, Thanks for this nice award.
17* .c0ve - Thanks for this pretty award dude ! :^)
18* armi111 - Joyful you like it ... Wow, It's an awesome award, thx :>
19* Mr Chili - Awesome award ^^ Thank you.
20* «!.pepe` - Thx for this great award pepe (;
21* Soil - Cool award, ty (:
22* k0en - Thank you o:
23* royall - Wow, Really nice award ... thanks (r:
24* quad2k..Thx (;
25* Rockz0r.power - Really appreciated award from you mate ! Thanks.
26* henk93 - Hehe Thank you for this Great award (8
27* winter - Thank you (^:
28* R4a Didi - ^^ Thx for this nice word (;
29* »Revilo.o' - Glad you like it (:
30* comedYstreet - Thx (:
31* »d!plO« - Thanks for this cool award mate.
32* Ongrid - Lovely words ! Thank you :J
33* Sharky^ - Cool award, ty (-:
34* asylum'Overlord - Wow, great award ... Thank you (;
35* .dejavu? - Thx for award bro', but don't criticize my title >< xD
36* vgr - Wow, nice award ! Ty (:
37* eXtracT - Glad to received such an award from a really great track-builder ... Thx C:
38* domin - Thanks for this cool award (;
39* Krow - Wowow !! This is the longer award i get for this track, thanks a lot for this amazing award, and very nice time =J
40* spn o.0 ~uT|'P.H.C« Glad to receive such a nice award from you (: Thanks you mate (;
41* Mr.Hubby - Thanks for your award and your replay ( not that bad (o: ) Mr.Hubby.
42* .F2TheG - Hehe np, thanks mate for your award (;
  notaname 27-Jun-2010
hehe ive edit my award 3 times (:
only 4 you (:
  dadm 27-Jun-2010
lol, cool award (;
  notaname 27-Jun-2010
thank you (:
glad you like my award (:

  makonen.nwt 28-Jun-2010
Why everybody write in Italic here?...
  notaname 28-Jun-2010
i write ever in italic i think it looks better
and new: ^^ i never make smilies like ""
just (: its cool, too and dont destroyed it
nice award comment imo (: you dont think
so mako mate ? (: every 2nd comment here
is mine (: hehe
  dadm 28-Jun-2010
I like these smileys too ^^
  notaname 28-Jun-2010
yeah this smieles "(:" for the win (: hehe ^^
  .nixx 28-Jun-2010
can't support this new end in my time

EDIT : dog. street . you copy me in all point : Italic, back side smiley (: .... i love to do exactly the samething online.. d: grrr^^
  notaname 28-Jun-2010
hehe (:
  dadm 28-Jun-2010
Erf sry nixxy go 35.xx (:
  .nixx 28-Jun-2010
ah ok
  notaname 28-Jun-2010
  Krow 26-Jul-2010
it took me a while, but i got the record!!
  dadm 27-Jul-2010
Omg nice time !
  Krow 27-Jul-2010
thanks! im going to do a little movie with some recs i got, this one goes in for sure!
  dadm 27-Jul-2010
Haha nice (o: and thanks for your award
  Krow 31-Jul-2010
  dadm 06-Aug-2010
Hehe nice movie Krow
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User Awards
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User Award   mr.hubby 12-Aug-2010
nice platformtechie I forgot to award. its fun & all slides work well though I dislike the bump in the first one & the long straight distance at the 2nd one. Scenery, screen & mt work are also good. I know the screen aint made by yourself! Sorry for this only half-good replay but I messed up during the last slide.

User Award   F2.'P.H.C« 12-Aug-2010
How is it possible.
User Award   dominik! 31-Oct-2011
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