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Name: Download RPG : Abou Simbel²
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   boubisis
Version: 29-Jun-2010
Released: 29-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2892567
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 4,248
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day
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24:34.33   >Dawe+ 0:00.004,248
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
25:19.29   mt17+ 0:44.963,470
29:48.45   ziza+ 5:14.120
32:08.09   Xerox.+ 7:33.760
33:12.00   Drunk Racer+ 8:37.670
43:46.93   thom+ 19:12.600
49:24.35   Realized2+ 24:50.020
58:58.92   igntuL+ 34:24.590
77:33.25   nunni+ 52:58.920
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Author Comments

Après avoir réussi à déjouer les pièges et résoudre les énigmes de Abou Simbel, un nouveau défi s'offre à vous : Abou Simbel². Plus riche, plus intense, plus immersif, vous allez devoir traverser les salles réalisées par les architectes Egyptiens établies en l'honneur de Isis !

After getting past the traps and solve puzzles Abou Simbel, a new challenge awaits you : Abou Simbel ². More Large, more intense, more immersive, you'll have to cross the room made by Egyptian architects established in honor of Isis !

User Comments
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  boubisis 29-Jun-2010
Special thx to Bougetonq and Hawk
  Kryw 30-Jun-2010
et moi connard ? xD
  ©h®is 30-Jun-2010
Trop Trop Trop ... dur, Kevin va te faire ta fête ce weekend à l'ESWC ! J'suis aller jusqu'au CP22 !!! en 2h30 ^_^
  BouGeTonQ 30-Jun-2010
Hole in one and the Hamster wheel, two tricks already legendary!!!
  Tecfan 30-Jun-2010
add RPG in the TMX name
  eie 30-Jun-2010
ok, I din't try this, but I went through the track in cam7, and It all looked awesome =) but I'm not gonna award since it's just too hard for me (Or maybe one day I decide to make a try, then perhaps^^) all the stunts here are so great(tho some of them weren't ) really great inspiration, which I defintively needed =)
  deus.esu 30-Jun-2010
i finished it replay is too big for uploading it^^ (almost 2h30min)
i made a cut to the 2nd last cp.. and drove to the last so i had tod rive the last 3cps in one rush^^ also i needed soo long for the jump with the 2 loops and jumpin over the border x.x
but i like it much more than abou simbel
greater stunts and tricks here.. just epic

edit: pls change the difficulty to 'lunatic'
some parts r just too hard for experts xD (btw 4pipe jumps ain't that difficult oO)
  666moi57 01-Jul-2010
lu, jai une kestion , si les mec disent dan leurs commentaires kil zon fini la maps ; prk ne voit on po les record online ??
  bpk428 01-Jul-2010
Wow, you really outdid yourself. I will award as soon as I've driven it, but for now, all i did was watch drunk racer's replay. This track is crazy! Cp 11 is once again diaboloical, and yet I dont think it was even the hardest one. The Hampster Wheel was cool, but the following cp, Sand Mountain, was just plain evil!! Great Job! You may have reclaimed the title of HARDEST RPG EVER back from Igntul, but I can't say for sure till I've driven it!
  BouGeTonQ 01-Jul-2010
Pour répondre à moi, j'ai fini la map mais mon replay est trop volumineux pour être importé sur le site. Il ne doit pas dépasser les 2 Mo et le mien fait 3.5 Mo!! (jsuis trop nul^^)

@ Nomnom : first time, i did the same mistake and i finished in one rush too!!
  boubisis 10-Jul-2010
thx for your comments and i'm happy that you like that !

P.S : I add "RPG" on tmx title too
  666moi57 20-Aug-2010

look this pic its ' VNT very noob time ^^ '
  ©h®is 20-Aug-2010
Finish today, cant' upload my replay 3.05Mo !!!

PS: Maudit CP11, on dirait Abou 1...

  bpk428 24-Aug-2010
As much as I wanted to award this one, I simply cant. It's epic, yes, but 2 of the cps are simply unfair. Cp 84 (driving on Blimp) and cp 90 (tripple jump inside boosters) were so infuriating because they required spot-luck to pass them. If there is some kind of trick to pass the blimp, I'd love to hear/see it. As for 90, The ledge seems easy, but for some reason, you cannot get through that opening at the end. 90% of the time, the car hits the wall, pulls left, and falls off. As much as I enjoyed the other 93 cps, (though you did spam the rings a bit) these two were so infuriating that I cannot award this track.
  boubisis 29-Aug-2010
Hum ... sorry but these 2 parts are not a problem for me. I don't see where the cp 84 is really difficult ... drive on blimp same than cp 2. The start of cp 90 is a little luck-spot but you can try it many times in one minutes ... but i understand for that. Yet, the triple jump inside boosters aren't lucky anymore
  bpk428 30-Aug-2010
I take back everything i complained about in my last comment (except ring spam). I figured out how to do cp 84 consistently, and Brainmaster showed me a trick to getting the cp 90 ledge nearly every time!
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User Awards
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User Award   HawkGer 30-Jun-2010
Abou Simbel 1 was considered one of the most, if not the most difficult RPG for a very long time. This sequel definitely sets an even higher standard. And it even introduces a lot of fresh new tricks and challenges by doing so. I loved driving this, very well done
User Award   BouGeTonQ 30-Jun-2010

New track, news tricks, always so much fun!!
User Award   deus.esu 30-Jun-2010
crazy sh*t!
this is insane! really hard to drive but every cp is a stunning adventure
great track!! so many new ideas and tricks
im waitin for abou simbel³

sadly its really easy to miss/cut cps maybe u should add some mt
User Award   Drunk Racer 01-Jul-2010
Nice track, big and hard.
For some spots need luck, anyway nice
Award for u
User Award   .Promaxer 09-Jul-2010
Xtreme Track, omg i think you can make a 3rd Abou Simbel now, cause you can make a perfect Egiptian temple atmosphere!
Here's a for you, you really diserve it!
User Award   igntuL 15-Jul-2010
oh i forgot to award it, sorry ^^
one of the biggest challenges of the whole TM. sometimes the cps are ,lucky or confusing, yes but it's aboubisis style =D

P.S.: Abou Simbhell ^^
User Award   McBain 28-Aug-2010
omg 245min, and so long no RPG for me its damn great even if it has some places which are quite lucky
User Award   bpk428 30-Aug-2010
Epic. Long, extremely hard, and yet enjoyable once you figure out the tricks for completing each cp sucessfully. Great Track!
User Award   brainmaster 25-Sep-2010
Best RPG ever!

\o/ \o/
User Award   Realized2 24-Oct-2010
The track that stays true to Abou Simbel crazy-super-hard style. Great Work
User Award   >Dawe 13-Dec-2010
Lovely crazy map , plz continue with AS3 for sure
User Award   Olymptor 26-Oct-2012
Awesome !!!!
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   Xerox. 01-Feb-2017
Very challenging map, great one nonetheless
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