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Name: Download [RPG] Mahâdevî's Gardens
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   nunni
Version: 30-Jun-2010
Released: 30-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2896831
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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10:29.63   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.00-
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10:55.76   HylleZ+ 0:26.13-
11:36.39   berk1n+ 1:06.76-
11:50.56   Xerox.+ 1:20.93-
11:56.12   >Dawe+ 1:26.49-
12:01.54   mt17+ 1:31.91-
12:17.05   SkandeaR+ 1:47.42-
12:36.51   Realized2+ 2:06.88-
13:08.99   chris91195+ 2:39.36-
13:30.05   nunni+ 3:00.42-
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Author Comments


Here is my second RPG track. I've been working on it a long time... I hope you'll like it... Its name is Mahâdevî's Gardens

Author Time : 15:29:59
Gold Medal : 16:26:00
Silver Medal : 18:36:00
Bronze Medal : 23:15:00

Mod used : Terra India, originally made by HawkGER.
Mood : Day.
Music : "Morning", from Sine.
Intro : A little introduction...
Screenshot : well, it's not really a screenshot, let's say it is an illustration for the map, which summarizes well the spirit of it.
Coppers : 10773.
Notes : author time is not that good... I think 12.xx.xx is possible, or even under, I don't really know actually
This track participates for the RPG track building contest #2. That's why you'll have to drive backwards sometimes
There are 4 main ways, you can race them in the order you want. Then, reach the altar

Thank you very much to all my beta-testers who have given me some of their time to help me :
¤Zippin'¤ -

Have a good time playing my track
Awards, replays and comments appreciated
Thanklist in comments

User Comments
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  nunni 30-Jun-2010
no more place, thx to evby !
  Pechic 01-Jul-2010
Time about 11 mins is impossible.
Very nice track.
  hathanz 03-Jul-2010
Great track, except this totally lucky spot 'Respawn and keep forwards' !
I need endless tries and it don't works !
I managed all other challenges and can't finish because of this section !
  nunni 03-Jul-2010
Why are you blocked here ???
Just press forwards, then respawn, then keep forwards and go straight

I'll try to put a video on YouTube but I don't know how to do
  hathanz 05-Jul-2010
The two routes on the right side and the first challenge on the left are pure pleasure to drive and i them!
Your track would my favorite rpg-track without this one spot on the other challenge on the left side!
I drove the first 3 routes in under 20 minutes.
And than came this area - that i really hate - and destroy my time.
I need more than 15 minutes only for the jump through the ring because almost every try was different.
Either the try ends on the 'engine-killer-field' or the landing on the 'booster' was uncontrollable.
It was too much luck that i accomplished the jump!
  luukbongers13 05-Jul-2010
4 routes, genius
Backwards driving, beautiful
This trackhave it hale
Great done nun

Where can i find my replay because i wanna set him into the list?
  nunni 05-Jul-2010
hathanz I think you're doing it wrong, it's for sure complicated if you're not doing it by pressing forwards... I don't know how to put a video on YouTube to show you
  hathanz 05-Jul-2010
What do you mean?
Press forwards = Press gas or press gas plus arrow key?
  nunni 05-Jul-2010
Press gas, hold gas, then respawn and you still hold gas... go forwards don't touch anything else than gas... should work, it works for everybody else
  hathanz 05-Jul-2010
I did it !!!
Thank you that you have patience with a noob like me !

Award comes later !
  nunni 05-Jul-2010
This trick is nonsense, I won't create something like that anymore sorry people don't understand
  occam 08-Jul-2010
A hot summer day in Mahâdevî's Gardens :- )
  Realized2 09-Jul-2010
12:XX is pretty much possible with a clean run and no major slowdowns. Haven't discovered any cuts so dunno about 11:XX
  trunks_11 28-Aug-2010
Ok good track, rememberted me a little bit at arcardia with the roads and the cp in the middle.

So here´s my cutlist:
1. The 2nd route left jump direct to platform and don´t go with speed through the street.
2. At the PF you can take the ring, respawn and then directly jump in the cp/ try to land so after the ring, that you can directly jump in the cp.
3. On the 1st left there is the part where you must balance on a fabric block with 2 wheels, you can jump down and then jump up.
4. .... There is a maybe one at the 2nd road right, before the jump to the backward part you can maybe made a wallbang and go from the high in the cp.

  lain64 23-May-2012
gps :
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Nyco (off) 19-May-2012
Easy + Beautiful =
User Award   lain64 23-May-2012
User Award   rastaman 01-Jul-2012
Nice track
User Award   Olymptor 13-Jul-2012
Simple and good, nice job !
User Award   jordanr 22-Aug-2012
Sweet map dude
User Award   wojoradi 15-Sep-2012
User Award   Poly! 25-Nov-2013
One of my favourite tracks and i dont have award....

Awesome track

User Award   Krist-Off 08-Feb-2014
Absolutely Beautiful
User Award   charn 02-Jan-2015
This is a great map... it holds up after the years and is still very playable and good fun
User Award   knoxville_nico 11-Jan-2015
awesome map!!
User Award   Xerox. 19-Oct-2015
Pretty cool map to hunt
User Award   Loe 19-Oct-2015
User Award   TheWestend 22-Sep-2018
Absolute classic, very memorable atmosphere.
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