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Name: Download GaMMa.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eXtracT
Version: 09-Jul-2010
Released: 09-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2928837
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 27,514
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:43.57   Jakub19+ 0:00.0027,514
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:43.77   eXtracT+ 0:00.2026,756
0:43.80   Hitchy+ 0:00.2326,642
0:44.22   vgr+ 0:00.6525,051
0:44.44   F2.'P.H.C«+ 0:00.8724,217
0:44.93   waldfee+ 0:01.3622,361
0:45.09   mygkiller+ 0:01.5221,755
0:45.85   Quat+ 0:02.2818,875
0:46.81   mp.Zver+ 0:03.2415,238
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Author Comments


... it was weird actually, in the last few weeks i’ve suddenly has inspiration to produce more tracks, so here is one of them (two more will eventually be on the way). This track is some goold ol’ speed-tech driven under the floodlights of the stadium at night. The scenery this time is a monster, i went overload and i think it kinda creates a cool atmosphere (: the track has some re-uses, and some fun transitions and drifts, hope ya’ll enjoy it!

- D e t a i l s -

FullSpeed - Tech - Platform - SpeedTech - Dirt - Offroad
36sec - 38sec - 40sec - 42sec - 44sec
Morning - MidDay - SunSet - MidNight
Default Signs - Custom Signs

Author Time: 43.77
Coppers: 3705 c

M-T Work: produced by yours truly
. . . . Intro: some nice editing and ofc some epileptic camera shots
. .In-game: just some simple words and a ghost GPS, quite fast ...
. . . Outro: simple fx effects, who needs more on a speed-tech map (;

- S c r e e n y -

A screen competition was produced for this track, and i was very surprised and grateful with the responses i got (: all of the screens were amazing and it was very hard to pick the winner. Howver, one screen did stand out imo, produced by the one and only Wesc. His well deserved showcase is below

Lost Echelon by   .wesc

- B e t a ‘ s

A big thankyou to all my beta-testers, it took alot of playing around to produce a track im happy with and it couldn’t have been achieved without their help ...

t00bstAr, DarkNoob»uT', sj@tmn, spn o.0 ~uT, Mr.Hubby, Pat, .Wesc, .F2theG, » Mono, Fytrim, dadaMl., ziE|'P.H.C, maesterR, Hitchy, :Kn!ght., P.H.C« brenni, Uetzer|R4a, pepsimax.


User Comments
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  eXtracT 09-Jul-2010
go go go beat the AT: > 43.77 < Imo a time like 43.4x is possible

thx list - thankyou all who went to the effort to award this track:

01.|:Kn!ght. - haha thx bro, looking forward to the longer one (: thx for
02.|dadaMl. - woah so honoured to hear such words form you brother, thx
03.|Jakub19 - insane time bro, and thanks for the awesome aswell (:
04.|Dule.On F!re~ - haha wow bro what a lovely thanks alot my friend
05.|»Flo.F® - haha woah dude never get bored of your awards (: thanks
06.|SapphiroN - thought you'd like the scenery! thanks for the amazing
07.|Pat - hey thanks bro for such nice words, glad you liked my creation!
08.|>GranDe" - haha glad you liked my scenic monster (: thanks for the
09.| timefound - wow what an awesome award, thanks for this buddy
10.|Tige® - haha maybe i should! thanks or your wicked brother
11.|sj@tmn - you always write honest awards and i love that, thx man
12.|broilerz - hey man thanks or this great award, i appreciate it ...
13.| ziE - woah holy crap man, what a nice im speechless ... thx
14.|vgr - hey man glad you likd this creation of mine, and thanks alot!
15.|»JiiX'iK« -haha glad you thought the track was good bro, thanks (:
16.|maesterR - hey my buddy ... thanks for this awesome aye (:
17.|pepsimax. - i absolutely love you award thingi brother (: thanks bro
18.|spn o.0 ~uT - np brother, im just glad you love the track, thankyou (:
19.|.F2theG - haha thankyou for a truthful award, i loved reading it bro
20.|wantedboii - hey man, thankyou for this nice you have given
21.|W!cked' - wow thankyou for such an amazing fella! (: (:
22.|pantseri - haha woah what a lovely reading it was awesome i tell ya
23.|comedYstreet - haha il ove your awards buddy, thanks for giving one
24.|.quad2k´ - theirs not even ten replays lol, but thx for the awesome
25.|Roomie¬ - hey bro thanks for the glad you had a joyous time (:
26.|Mr Chili - haha indeed i will brother, ill keep makin some (: thx for
27.|Uetzer|R4a - omg its so great to hear words like that, thx so much (:
  Hitchy 09-Jul-2010
nice AT, you beat my pb, i'll try your at later
  eXtracT 09-Jul-2010
yer i noticed you fast time in the beta, go go beat mine
  F2.'P.H.C« 09-Jul-2010
Check later, wrong PC and have to go now.

PS: this is more tech then speedtech imo
  eXtracT 09-Jul-2010
thats true ^^ has been updated
  SapphiroN 09-Jul-2010

Wtf eX, Kudos was supposed to be your last one. XD
  eXtracT 09-Jul-2010
haha i had a burst of inspiration i actually have some more maps coming too i want to try and cover most building styles ... all styles of speed-tech/tech/FS/ dirt ect. haha, maybe ...

. . .damn Jakub19 what a nice time
  GranDe | InactiVe 09-Jul-2010
Wow Dule, what a noob
The track was uploaded 10 mins ago, has 6 awards and you call it underrated? Lol
  Hitchy 09-Jul-2010
hmm... I'm not sure, but if you're lucky you can jump to the fake finish after the last checkpoint.
  eXtracT 09-Jul-2010
haha geez hitchy, now everyone will be trying that
  Fytrim. 10-Jul-2010
too bad you also used BM. Else I would've given you your award
  eXtracT 11-Jul-2010
haha how can you tell? i thought i covered my tracks well ...
  mr.hubby 11-Jul-2010
exxy dirt is comin?
  eXtracT 11-Jul-2010
haha yep im gonna give it a go ^^
  tG.MeisterJäger 11-Jul-2010
Sorry man, thats really not my taste! >_> But lovely scenery =]
  pepsimax« 12-Jul-2010
gratz on best of the week
  eXtracT 12-Jul-2010
thx bro, now if only i can get to the top haha
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User Awards
Showing 35 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   W!cked 11-Jul-2010
woah... first: sorry that i forgot to award this masterpiece straight after trying it the first time, but i was kinda stressed ... but now i do.
well... like i already told you, it's a masterpiece... the track is smooth and addictive, and the scenery is just eyecatching and superb.
yeah, every slide and transition works perfectly... for example the few transitions at the start... great ideas btw. the reuse is cool, too, though i disliked that jump a bit, 'cause it isn't smooth and you have to know the track because you won't get the landing right if you don't. but who cares about one 'bad' point in a track that is so awesome? it's not too hard, smooth and a great hunter for well skilled drivers (that have good computers ^^) and that are the main reasons why i give you this award. oh... and by the way: the intro is great, too and the screenie is a bomb in my eyes!
... well done, dude meh wantz to build such epic tracks, too
User Award   pantseri 11-Jul-2010
O M F G!!!!

This is the TRACK of all tracks. This beauty is filled with fresh ideas. Damn good looking scenery and absolutely phenomenal flow. This track gave me the goosebumps... and it's over +30C here, so thanks for this cool track bro.

User Award   comedY_xT. 11-Jul-2010
User Award 11-Jul-2010
Wow very nice track extract
I love it if somebody do a nice and big scenery on a track .. But thats not the only reason for this award. I like the ideas the slides and the great flow
It makes much fun to drive it but I cant get a nice time for the top ten sry^^
Grz quad2k
User Award   Roomie¬ 11-Jul-2010
great one.

User Award   .Chili« 11-Jul-2010
Great track!

I love it!

Keep goin!

- Chili
User Award   uetzer|R4a 11-Jul-2010

This track is sooo damn genious mate
its a long time ago since I drove a map which has such a great feeling in it!
Starts with a great MT work here!
Every slide is well executed and different to the one before!
It looks like its been planed more than 10 trilliarden years
But the marked of this track is the scenery for sure! :-|
it blows me everytime away if I saw a track from you!
You're the real master of scenery!

So dude...what to say?

Awesome work and for sure!

User Award   -tuner- | Secret Project :) 14-Jul-2010
what a materpiece!
very great flow
User Award   ConceNtrate 18-Jul-2010
where to start this track is awesome and is the pinical of all your tracks i must say. scenery is a total overload which makes the track a beauty thanks for giving this track to tmx user. where would we be without eXtracT

User Award   PagH .xT 19-Jul-2010
seriously, this is no joke. With your latest tracks your tracks have turned into perfection. I mean, they are so much more innovative - so creative. It's so action filled. The blockmixing is awesome too and the scenery just fulfill the masterpiece. Well done legend! ^^

User Award   GONE4COD 19-Jul-2010
The first, what i've done after downloading this masterpiece, I pressed cam 7 and fell into death...This scenery is just superb and looks fantastic! There is probably no more place, to add some scenery blocks! I spent the first 10 minutes just with driving through this one and watching at this amazing Scenery! Then i tried the map and then it was really over for me! Those transitions worked just perfectly and the flow was just awesome! All drifts were perfectly placed, and I enjoyed it really to drive! A very big award for this masterpiece, from me to the best TechMapBuilder here on tmX!
User Award   GSA|dynamYte 22-Jul-2010
Finally I test a track from you and I have to say this one was freakin' awesome mate Such a wonderful flow, such a creativity, such a perfection, whata great atmosphere you created! And the most important thing, it was so enjoyable and funny at once, awesome job you did!

User Award   eQuiNoXx 30-Aug-2010
well i dont no how to describe this, i must say best work so far, mate you are amazing the track is definently a crowd pleaser

User Award   Guess Who ´ 26-Nov-2010
One word: Masterpiece.
User Award   waldfee 12-Mar-2014
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