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Name: Download Mysterious Box -RPG-
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   brainmaster
Version: 18-Jul-2010
Released: 09-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2931070
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 3,732
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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10:02.96   wojoradi+ 0:00.003,732
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11:52.79   DisGo.esu+ 1:49.830
17:04.38   Xerox.+ 7:01.420
17:40.94   Realized2+ 7:37.980
18:45.72   brainmaster+ 8:42.76-
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Author Comments

Okey so here is my first ever RPG
It is entered in "RPG Mapping Contest 2"

Here is some facts about it...

Story: You're out walking with your dog. All of a sudden, you see a shooting star above you. You close your eyes, and make a wish. Then just a few meters away from you, something crashes in the ground. You realize it was the shooting star. In the middle of the crater lies a little grey box. There is a button on it and it says "Do Not Press". Out of curiosity you press the button, and suddenly, in a flash of light you are transported to a scary place, where a creepy voice speaks to you...
(award for the brilliant story x)

CP's: 15

Difficulty: Hard i guess

Length: Author time is 18:xx.xx. but i have done 12:xx.xx and i guess someone can do somewhere around 07:xx.xx

Blocks: 3232

Coppers: 5855

MediaTracking: Some ingame but no intro T_T

BM: Both BlockMixing and BrainMastering ^^

Easter-egg: Yes 1 (igntul forced me x)

Scenery: Very little I'm afraid

Mod: Broken Hull

Thx to my betatesters: Vklf, Luffy, Zulu and Igntul

Few notes about the map:
-The story is inspired of portal.
-To all those who claim that cp1-2 is a lucky bounce....: I agree xD
-The maze is there because one of my betatesters ment it was too empty in first floor.
-For People looking for tips and techniques, feel free to look at my replay wich i will upload here.

Some other things to point out:
-I don't have senery or intro because i went ut of time...
-I went out of time because I'm leaving for vacation...
-Because of that i can't vote i the contest T_T

But anyway: ENJOY THE MAP
And don't bother awarding if you don't like it


This map didn't have an auto-downloadable mod. But Hawkger was kind enough to fix that for me so all i had to do was upload the new file he gave me ^^ (thanks to that my map wasn't disqualified from the contest \o/ )

There will be more updates later (MT and Music atleast

User Comments
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  mariobro123 09-Jul-2010
What is the easter egg and where? I will give you a B I G A W A R D if you tell me!!!!
  666moi57 09-Jul-2010
, lolollololol >> (igntul forced me) << lololololololol
  igntuL 10-Jul-2010
The easter egg is an egg you have in easter
in trackmania it is just an image to find and it is hidden in the track. the non-lazy united players often five a prize in coppers if you take a screenshot of Your CAR and it

Now you must award this map
  rtv_televizija 10-Jul-2010
u put auto downloadable mod?
  zulu 10-Jul-2010
hahaha i know what is block mixing
but what is brain mastering?
  brainmaster 11-Jul-2010
the e-egg lies under cp 11, but is really hard and tricky to get to

And to Igntul IT WAS MENT AS A JOKE!!! lol can't believe you took it seriously xD
  unclefunkel 11-Jul-2010
  igntuL 02-Apr-2011
i cant belive you took seriously the fact that I took it seriously
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   igntuL 10-Jul-2010
I didnt force you to do anything! you were free to choose from use it or die and that is not forcing
btww this map is nice but doesnt deserve an award.

Oops i'm writing in the award section :/

Serious part of this stupid award: awesome map, seriously i lime it, i like sadist maps even more than 100+ mins maps
luck ? Whocares just do it \o/ (driving-gods may disappoint my thought ^^)
and either not that heavy luck CPS
dont really like the backwards CPS thro

and thx for using the same difficulty same lenght of CPS and same very high level of stupidity of the story of my map \o/

\ /
User Award   zulu 10-Jul-2010
even though i am not a fan of hard stunts RPG
when i first saw that map i realised that it is something different
and i like new styles even if they are hard
User Award   Realized2 16-Oct-2010
Fun track! many tricky spots.
User Award   nenikos 01-Jun-2011
Really nice track!Good Job!
User Award   Olymptor 04-Aug-2012
Amazing !
User Award   Xerox. 27-Sep-2017
Tough one, but I enjoyed it
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