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Name: Download Online Shocker.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   mr.hubby
Version: 11-Jul-2010
Released: 11-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2937827
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 64,787
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:32.84   SpH|Dark.+ 0:00.0064,787
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0:32.84   ppmaster+ 0:00.0064,787
0:32.86   - ziE @ RIP TM <3+ 0:00.0264,550
0:32.99   Triple.shoot+ 0:00.1563,011
0:33.02   cranberries+ 0:00.1862,656
0:33.17   ZoggeR+ 0:00.3360,880
0:33.19   mr.hubby+ 0:00.3560,644
0:33.25   >TBR< Alex+ 0:00.4159,934
0:33.26   Sundive+ 0:00.4259,815
0:33.31   vgr+ 0:00.4759,223
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Author Comments

# | 11th July . 2010 · N E W . M I N I . T R A C K | #

Heyoh Fellas,
Im back with a new mini. In the early stages of my track building career almost all of my tracks had been minis but during my 'growing up' I started to like full tracks more and thats why i havent released many minis over a year now. I actually wanted to release a mini which even had my old style but Im still not satisfied with it. Well, lets talk about this track. In my opinion its a perfect onlice racer. Its easy & finishable on your first run, however, this track is very demanding if you want to reach perfection. Furthermore was it my aim to create some time bubbles. 'Time blubbles' means there are some places/tricks which help you gain quite some time but they arent that obvious, at least for me^^. In addition to that becomes the track pretty tight with your ( probably ) increasing speedlevel though its never unfairly short. The u-slide is probably the most improtant in this track because you need to exit it with speed to get the following drop smooth. Nevertheless is it rather easy to get that drop smooth. I really watched for bugs & I just found the landing bug in the end when you jump on the sideline near the wall. Despite of that I havent found a single one =o. After all these things about the route itself I'll continue with the decoration. The scenery is rather light, however, I tried to make it good filled because I hate to see grass. When you see grass during your ride, trust me you'll see one ;D, its just there because I wanted it there! Due to my nonexistent mt-skillz I just made a simple 'back-for-gps'. I havent asked someone for an intro because I mini ,which is supposed to be played online, doesnt need a intro...Last but not least I have to thank makonen for his effort. He made 2 cool screens & 1 unbelieveable great screen ( 1-2-3 ). Also thanks to my betatesters chuckn0rris, Triple_shoot & ziEm0n. So Im coming to and end now, I wish you a nice ride and I suggest you to lena lean back, relax and enjoy my track. Aside from that is every replay, constructive comment or award highly appreciated.

ps; this lena joke is just for # | Mr.Zogger & spn | # xd
pps; this header is stolen from   brenni

rnR.|-| aka Mr.Hubby

User Comments
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  SpH|Dark. 14-Jul-2010
  mr.hubby 14-Jul-2010
thanks to

o- 3opuh thanks m8 (:
o- Om|Dark. i expect a better time : D
o- psymax thanks much max =)
o- vgr =O you just pwned me =( ... ahahaha np ;D I really appreciate your last words ;-)
o- ziE|'P.H.C« .. Huntin' : D its always a pleasure...blah...blah...blah xd
o- makonen thanks :-)
o- Mr.Zogger|'P.H.C« yabbadabbadu m8 ß-)
o- nap303~
o- cranberries =O just loved the name ^^ aint a real shocker ;D
o- F2theG a wonderful award should kind lots of kind words.CHECK: its an awesome one xD
o- Triple_shoot¬nXi i think you find mor bugs in a dozen tracks than I find in all tracks I've ever driven D;
o- acura_rsx thanks dude! I just recieved my 900th award cuz of you!
o- ppmaster thanks // danke xd
o- Roomie¬
o- tm-cyber wow, $:
o- Griff. well, could be true...

  - ziE @ RIP TM <3 14-Jul-2010
duh, for the moment, you've won
  brenni 14-Jul-2010
what the.. never knew ziemon is such a good driver
  cranberries 15-Jul-2010
what's with the continuation? can't you bring the entire list on this page?
  - ziE @ RIP TM <3 15-Jul-2010
brenni - neither did I

E:/ Well really, I agree with TS - there are bugs in the U-turn, but that just makes it really interesting
  ppmaster 27-Jul-2010
na super hab auch ne .84
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User Awards
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User Award   ZopUH[in TMN] 11-Jul-2010
very very nice and fun m!n!

User Award   SpH|Dark. 11-Jul-2010
Nice Track Hubby !
User Award   Psymax 11-Jul-2010
awesome hunting track m8!

User Award   vgr 12-Jul-2010
Lol, beat your AT on second run. Mwahahahah! Nice track man, fantastic slides, cool re-uses and nice scenery! =D You set out to make a perfect online racer, and I'd say you did succeed!

User Award   - ziE @ RIP TM <3 12-Jul-2010
Uff. Loveable & really addictive track, sweet cornering even though I can hate on it for such reasons as losing time towards the enemy. I really enjoyed these sort of time bubbles, especially the one 180 degree turn where the time bubble is not to lose grip on the S-curve I guess, and that's really challenging and fun. Great job man.
User Award   makonen.nwt 12-Jul-2010
Great job Mister ! Everything is smooth / fun & addictive
Very well deserved

User Award   ZoggeR 12-Jul-2010
Nice track, good hunting potential with all those turns which you are eager on taking as close as possible and pray that you don't hit the wall or crash at the next one
And great Scenery (I spotted one unconnected pole though )
User Award   nap303~ 14-Jul-2010
Nice tech map with cool screenie
great re-run ideas.
User Award   cranberries 15-Jul-2010

actually, it's not a shocker to me ^^ I didn't doubt it for a second that it would be a great track ... a nice mini tech with simple layout and cool tech challenges, what more can we ask for !? =) ... I'll try a better replay laterish -,-


User Award   F2.'P.H.C« 15-Jul-2010
Aaaah, awesome hunter^^. This track contains all the aspects from how a hunter should be. First of all the track needs to have some challanging, tricky parts in the track. Check (e.g first slide, finish). The track should have a cool light scenery. Check: nice one again. And the flow has to be delicious. CHECK. This is again, a very fun and challanging track, so well done mate. Will add a hunted time later on.

User Award   Triple.shoot 15-Jul-2010
Well,it took me some time to do 32,maybe 50 minutes and I wont do it more due to the u-turn bugs,anyway I find the track pretty interesting,really great for hunting and the ideas were great,take my
User Award   acura_rsx 18-Jul-2010
User Award   ppmaster 27-Jul-2010
sehr schöne strecke, exzellenter flow, auf jeden fall nen award wert
User Award   Roomie¬ 30-Jul-2010
Oh yeah,rly awesome one !

User Award   Cyber. (: 05-Aug-2010
very easy but BEST MAP EVER. for lan-partys just ...... incredible
User Award   Griff. (giz) 23-Dec-2010
Great track but not for online (at least ta anyway (; )
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