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Name: Download [RPG] Ming´s Biosphere
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Golo
Version: 15-Jul-2010
Released: 15-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2952115
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 6,267
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
8:47.58   HylleZ+ 0:00.006,267
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
8:58.36   wojoradi+ 0:10.785,498
9:15.19   Kilburn+ 0:27.614,299
10:01.07   mons+ 1:13.491,029
10:09.40   Xerox.+ 1:21.82435
10:45.71   mt17+ 1:58.130
11:53.13   Realized2+ 3:05.550
13:14.96   >Dawe+ 4:27.380
19:36.01   Igntul+ 10:48.430
20:52.71   HawkGer+ 12:05.130
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Author Comments


heres my entry for the RPG Track contest 2!!

informations are here :)
I had no time for betatest and tomorrow I´m away for 4 weeks, so
I hope all locators work (I´m not sure though and maybe someone could just tell still today...)
Well, what to say... I tried to find some new tricks and to create a thrilling athmosphere-
Mod: Broken Hull
Lenght: at: over 20 min... first run might be over an hour. realized2 time: 13 minutes!
Coppers: Over 17000
Difficulty: Expert - Easier but also hard parts in there
MT: short intro, I used signs and also custom music... so turn on volume
Hope it´s not that confusing...

There is one easter egg... the first who posts a pic with the easter egg and car in front of it can receive 1000 coppers
(...has to wait though, like I said I´m on vacation tomorrow)

Restart TM after mod has loaded

Have fun!!!

User Comments
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  fish 15-Jul-2010
downloaded : mod + musik and pictures work, i don't have time to see more
  Golo 15-Jul-2010
Edit: Big thx fish for checking
  666moi57 19-Jul-2010
nice maps but there 2 or 3 big cut ;((
  Igntul 31-Jan-2011
oh there's a prize? i didnt know
  wojoradi 07-Jan-2018
unlucky with the 8.51.70 during red time wave tho :/ still satisfied with my time c:
  Xerox. 17-Feb-2018
GPS: 9:15.19 by Kilburn.
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User Awards
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User Award   HawkGer 16-Jul-2010
I haven't played the full track yet, after some time my PC unfortunately crashed. But from what I saw so far it's a wonderful rpg. The atmosphere is very original and thrilling...combining Sci-Fi and an underwater atmosphere...looks amazing. It feels like being inside a sunken spaceship. The design is great too and I think your best so far. Great work
User Award   Igntul 18-Jul-2010
this map deserves more than 30 awards...
i just love it, all is so fresh, new, perfect... cant find a bad point on this map
you just created the pefection of what a RPG should be, probably my favourite map!
every trick, every cp, every room, every detail, all is in the way i like the best!
fun to hunt and more fun for th first try, hard at the right point, long at the right point... omg i cant describe it
some cps where if you fail the first time you have to take a longer or slower way, those wonderfull reuses
just awesome!
User Award   zulu 18-Jul-2010
great job golo
User Award   Tecfan 22-Jul-2010
Original track, nice tricks and nice skill level. too bad the mod is too transparent
User Award   Jurek 22-Jul-2010
Fantastic track, great mod, wonderfull tricks & atmosfere ...
My favorite
User Award   >Dawe 23-Jul-2010
Cool tricks and atmosphere
User Award   Realized2 27-Jul-2010
Pretty nice track , very challenging (especially that pipe mount ^^). Tho i bugged like crazy while hunting it.
User Award   stromek 31-Jul-2010
i like your style, very well made
especialy the beginning of the track is very creative
Great job
User Award   »Acid 18-Nov-2010
Awesomeness, really tuff to figure out where to go, had to watch Realizeds Replay on 2 spots to see where to go, other than that that, it's such a great design, level of difficultie is pretty much perfect, the backwards part were especially tuff for me, f.ex the big jump backwards near the end.

great work, first try through took me 57 Minutes


User Award   pLexT 31-May-2011
Incredible track. Fresh and innovative from start to finish... not a dull moment here. Fiendishly inventive pathfinding, yet has really nice flow, once you know the way . Simply awesome.
User Award   Clith 15-Oct-2011
Another masterpiece from you
the chained forwards and backwards jump part is just awesome. Nice pathfinding from you as always, and nice inventive tricks.
User Award   Pulse.Ziza 07-Apr-2012

User Award   xaerondk 08-Apr-2012
Hi Golo

First time today i try and finish your track

The tricks, the pathfinding, the design.. incredible
Only one bad thing for me, the pole at cp2, but its so close to start that its ok ^^

BIG and very deserved
User Award   rastaman 01-Jul-2012
Amazing track, it was great to to drive this masterpiece
User Award   wojoradi 16-Aug-2012
Nice, but hard my 1st run 71min.
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   Loe 07-Jan-2018
User Award   szentvik 07-Jan-2018
Awesome creation
Feels like a botanical research facility on a moon of Saturn...which I think you aimed for
User Award   SoCal 03-Mar-2018
Great track, great atmosphere and original stunts
User Award   TheWestend 28-Oct-2018
Awesome map! Nice atmosphere and nice attention to detail. Awesome use of the mod! You actually made the backward-parts of the map fun to drive! It's unfortunate that the first two CP's are easy to miss, but that's the only thing that bugged me on this map.
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