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Name: Download Lutenx [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   igntuL
Version: 18-Jul-2010
Released: 18-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2962160
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 5,894
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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4:57.87   berk1n+ 0:00.005,894
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5:00.26   Xerox.+ 0:02.395,610
5:16.22   elgster+ 0:18.353,715
5:33.00   JereM.+ 0:35.131,723
5:34.60   Tortugo+ 0:36.731,533
5:51.99   moritz__mobo+ 0:54.120
5:52.28   DeathCookies+ 0:54.410
6:21.76   Knights Ragle+ 1:23.890
6:37.22   trunks_11+ 1:39.350
6:38.52   Realized2+ 1:40.650
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Author Comments


As usual i made another [RPG] track through the flying buildings of the 25th century's technology.
The name Lutenx is a fantasy name

Screenshot in higher quality

Some screenshots from the map

This map is another entry of the RPG Mapping Contest 2

Story: 2489, you are a spy sent in the spacial base of Lutenx to take info's on a secret new material founded on a planet near it. This material has been the discovery of the new technology for those people being very flexible, resistant, very light and transparent. You will see this blueish substance in the whole base, giving to it the property to fly without limits.
Good Luck there!


Lenght: Author time 10:17.99. "What? maybe you mean 100?" No, it's 10 and not really good too . After ages again i give you a "normal" RPG map ^^. With 0 res u should get around 6:30 minutes.
23 cps, every cp is not farfrom the other and that makes the map a easier. 2 rings, they are in the way, you won't miss them . Just be carefull about following always the most logic path, and never thingk of strange things because you may take some wrong cps, since te map is very open.

Difficulty: This map is easy-intermediate. "What? an easy map from you? I can't belive it thank you god for making igntul a sane mapper \o/"
Well it's easy, but you might still have some troubles somewhere if you have few experience as RPG player. I can't say it's the easyest map, just easy . What was the aim of this map is to take back a bit of ammiration from the novices ^^. The pathfinding is sometimes forwarded, sometimes hard, but still not very enigmatique... if you are an expert player you won't have truubles for the way finding.... All is calculated to avoid possible wrong ways, or to make them "weird", that you will understand you are wrong, but concentration and you will miss nothing .

Coppers: 6971

Blocks: 3508

Blockmix: sure

Mod: Broken Hull S by HawkGer edited by fish. Dowload it here

Media Tracker:

Intro: none

In game: just a rainbow effect at the wallride and the backwards spot clips

Outro: none

Extra mission: none, sorry but i was running out of time for the contest

Important: Let the mod load and than rejoin the server\map because if you dont do, some textures won't be shown and the atmosphere will loose beauty

Thx to my betatesters:
Trunks 11

Now i can only wish you Good Luck and Have Fun!

User Comments
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  Tabasco 18-Jul-2010
Very nice map.

Funny to drive it.

Nice Moves and so on.............

  vneck 23-Jul-2010
baad track
  igntuL 01-Aug-2010
thx for your award:
big al :-)
  bpk428 15-Aug-2010
Great Track! Very fun to drive, and for once, it doesnt kill you. Riishuu found 2 major shortcuts. One at cp 19, and another at 22. He found a way to completely skip the backwards driving part.
  trunks_11 16-Aug-2010
Why don´t you call it cutenx???? I´m so stupid, i had 6:20 at the last little border ramp and i jumped 6:40 because i had problemes with controle
  igntuL 18-Aug-2010
dont cry, update of this map for the 4f event is coming soon
  Edge.Fwo 19-Jul-2012
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   >Dawe 23-Jul-2010
Huh currently no award? very nice and fun to drive map Ign
User Award   dope! 25-Jul-2010
man, this one is sooo underrated just 1 award so far:O
i really enjoyed to hunt this one, although there are a few luckspots.
all in all another nice rpg from you igntul
User Award   ©h®is 31-Jul-2010
nice ign
User Award   Big Al.xT 01-Aug-2010

Very nice to drive, nice jumps, easy to drive, even for beginners. A ggod track to play online. I will add it for sure on both Kacklappen RPG´s.
Good work, nice mod
User Award   Realized2 11-Aug-2010
Some great ideas here , but damn i lucked and unlucked during the hunt..
User Award   deus.esu 18-Aug-2010
strange rating..
just 6 awards but 3rd place at the mapping contest
anyways.. ncie map with some great ideas
User Award   sogard7 23-Aug-2010
Ign you disappoint me, i think this is the worst rpg by you sorry but by me
User Award   Dexx025 03-Sep-2010
You are the best
User Award   rtv_televizija 04-Sep-2010
hmmm...i will not call this rpg,more trial.. sry for award now,i forget to award on competition ^^ anyway good track!nice pathfinding,not easy and not too hard
User Award   HouseKeepR 14-Dec-2010
Nice Map !
User Award   HylleZ 02-Feb-2011
Nice ign
User Award   Tortugo 03-Jan-2012
Not too bad how people said

Just not huntable
User Award   JereM. 27-Jun-2013
Nice one Iggy
User Award   lapoueze 28-Jul-2013
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
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