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Name: Download MakO's mini dirt III
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   makonen.nwt
Version: 09-Aug-2010
Released: 09-Aug-2010
TMX id: 3040970
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 29,280
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:35.79   Fire !+ 0:00.0029,280
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0:36.85   makonen.nwt+ 0:01.0624,076
0:36.94   alexdu65+ 0:01.1523,635
0:39.25   'nwt' ®ocket+ 0:03.4612,296
0:39.26   Pecorenzo+ 0:03.4712,247
0:39.29   Benj IX+ 0:03.5012,099
0:39.36   peteypablo7+ 0:03.5711,756
0:39.85   .nixx+ 0:04.069,351
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Author Comments

-------------------------------Author comment :-------------------------------

Hey Hey

The third Mini for you ! SOo not a lot of things to say here...Still no MT...just a little GPS, but nothing big^^. Normally on the next mini's, i'll work on it . SOo have fun guys & cya next week ^^

Just a little description of the track : evening feeling with compact scenery and some little tech turns !


---------------------------------Environnement :--------------------------------

Ambiance : Evening / No Mod !
Coppers : 2744
Screenshot : Big^^

---------------------------------------Style :---------------------------------------

35 secs / mini / tech !

---------------------------------Beta TesTers :----------------------------------

- Norrock
- Alexdu65

----------------------------------Signalization :----------------------------------

made in

-----------------------------------Autor Time :-----------------------------------


----------------------------------Showcases ! :-----------------------------------

If you want to try other nice mini's :

My first one :

MakO's mini dirt I by   makonen.nwt

The second one :
MakO's mini dirt II by   makonen.nwt

User Comments
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  makonen.nwt 09-Aug-2010

Thanks list :

- jedreqq Thanks
- alexdu65 Eheh, "too much" time sometimes . Thanks mate^^
- birarri thank you my duaaal^^
- »DadaMl. I'll try to do my best for next tracks
- master94ga thank you
- Mastermind Thanks mate, next one will have an intro, huhu
- Æ » f|° lol, dirt is really so hard?
- eheh thanks my "graphic student"
- Peteypablo7 An award from you is always "special", so thanks my neighbour
- 'NwT' NorRocK Huhu, thanks mate



  .nixx 09-Aug-2010
try tomorrow
  makonen.nwt 09-Aug-2010
Ok misteer
  .wesc 10-Aug-2010
nice screens everywhere cant test maps now though
  .nixx 10-Aug-2010
waoo am your graphic student^^ lurn me more
  makonen.nwt 10-Aug-2010
huhu, when you have a question, don't hesitate
& if you appreciate a screen, you can still ask me the .psd . I don't keep it all the time, just to say it (but you already knew it )

& Thanks Wesc
  IntoX«OFF 10-Aug-2010
It's no doubt the worst screen I've ever seen from you Mako seriously, I'm pretty surprised not to like one of your screen, it gotta be one of the first time ^^
I'm testing the track btw
  makonen.nwt 11-Aug-2010
oh, lol . Well it's a surprise to read that, but ok ok, "Art" is a feeling can dislike, i will not spank you . Well, i keep your feedback in my mind..., for next screen, i'll be more carefull ^^
& Thanks for testing the track^^ . You can dislike it too ^^
  IntoX«OFF 13-Aug-2010
Hm sorry for late feedback Well I gotta say it's really a hard dirt map. It's much less accessible to inexperiment dirt drivers, as I am, than the latest dirt track I may have tested from you. There are many corners / drops ... I couldn't have handled correctly, and I also hadn't been able to drive a correct time. That why I didn't enjoy your tracks, not because it's a bad track - in contrary - but because it's too much hard and frustrating for the terrible driver I am. ^^ I hope your next dirt will be easier and enjoyable for all.
  makonen.nwt 13-Aug-2010
Well, first, thanks for this feedback, always interesting from somebody "outside the dirt communauty"^^. Well, i knew the difficulty of the track could kill many ppl's, and i promise it, the next one will be 10x easier....until a really hard clever's not an obligation to take it . So normally, more ppl's will have fun on it ...I can already say you the "Mako's mini dirt V" will be epic... . The track is finished...and i'm waiting a LOT the monday in 2 weeks for showing that xD

Well, i will release another "hard" dirt track too monday, not a mini...the track looks like "Lightning Norrock" with ONE hard transition...., so normally, you will like this one too

  IntoX«OFF 14-Aug-2010
Haha nice to hear I'm looking forwards to it.
  makonen.nwt 14-Aug-2010

Well, if you're curious, i have a track in beta, perhaps not enough easy, but i think you could appreciate
"Mystic MOuntain ! by   makonen.nwt"

Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   ~jedreqq~ 09-Aug-2010
User Award   alexdu65 09-Aug-2010
well it isn't my prefered of your minis but it's a really good work when we know the time you spend on your tracks to make them close to the perfection
so here is your
i'm looking foward the next ones
User Award   birarri 09-Aug-2010
User Award   dadm 10-Aug-2010
Hehe Mako (: You've build a really cool dirt track here... I like the start and it's really fun to play (; I also think it's nice for hunt ( sorry i can't get a good time because of my... hum, awesome level in dirt (: ). I only dislike the scenery and screen's color, sorry (x Anyway, here is your well deserved award mate [ Next time make it less difficult and add more smoothness (; just my opinion (o: ]

User Award   master94ga 10-Aug-2010
Nice track!

User Award   Mastermind 10-Aug-2010
Such a nice dirttrack
Very tricky and hard to reach a good time
But why no Intro?
Nice track so my award is deserved
User Award   qb»Flow 10-Aug-2010
nice one ... cuz it's a dirt were I got the finish
User Award   .nixx 10-Aug-2010
User Award   peteypablo7 15-Aug-2010
nice mini dirt track you got in here mako very enjoyable
though there are some quite difficult parts for non-dirt players like me it's still nice to drive in general good ideas and nice mixing
User Award   'NwT' NorRocK 21-Aug-2010
A great mini challange. The future of dirt mini's looks good.
User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 01-Sep-2010
Nice one,
much hardest than other seri track !
User Award   n0xx 01-Sep-2010
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