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Name: Download Loss of Innocence
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Griff. (giz)
Version: 21-Aug-2010
Released: 21-Aug-2010
TMX id: 3085547
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:52.71   Griff. (giz)+ 0:01.25-
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Author Comments

Loss of Innocence__________________________________21-08-10

Heyas, I'm here today to present my new track, and first dirt track for around 10 months. I have always really enjoyed working with dirt, and find it one of the most rewarding elements of the editor to work with.

The track contains 3 smooth drops, 2 offroad sections and 4 short road sections. Personally i believe this is a better dirt track than the other two i have made it the past and has a greater hunting potential as well as more fun to hunt, due to the fact it includes more places to lose and gain time, and in the period of time in between building dirt tracks i have grown as a dirt driver, allowing myself to correctly judge the track when there are harder corners in it. There are also a couple of guys who inspired certain aspects of they track, they are nair, mr.hubby, the4thduke and pantseri.

The scenery for this track contains more variation than what you would see on a standard track from me, and i believe for that reason it is one of my best. This is due to, for me, dirt tracks provide the chance to use a nice variation of blocks without ruining the look of the track and blocks looking out of place. The scenery is medium built, filling in the spaces so you dont see off into the horizon without ruining the driving line and without causing lag. The Mt is relatively simple, with a typical intro you would be used to from me, as well as just a simple gps to show the route.

Track Information:
Style: Dirt/offroad
Tracklength: ~53 seconds
Author Time: 52.87
Coppers: 3010
Mood: Day
Intro: 19 seconds
gps: 53.16

I would like to thank the guys who took the time to test the track while i was still in the process of building it.
  master94ga|On MX

The beutiful and theme fitting theme was designed by   bimse. Thankyou you heaps, and thanks to the other participants who also made great screens.

A Secret´s Disclosure by   bimse

User Comments
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  Griff. (giz) 21-Aug-2010
Thanks for Awards:
o1 de.point:
thanks, and yeah Bimse did an awesome job.
o2 makonen: oh noes, my poor AT destroyed ): Im glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your "big" award. Hopefully i have some more offerings sooner rather than later (or sooner than 10 months) ^^
o3 Flo: thanks
o4 franomik: thankyou, its always good to see a track online, cause you can see what the pros can muster and usually a nice hunt can develop.
o5 ZopUH: thanks for your cool award
o6 Mr.Zogger: im glad you enjoyed it
o7 nair: yeah,shining dirt was a bit on an influence on the scenery. and yeah im working on another one atm, but its taking alot longer than this one to get right so hopefully i can finish at least that one as well. and awesome time
o8 morteN: thanks for testing
o9 comedYstreet: im glad my choice of screen is approved ^^ the others were quite nice as well, all offerong something different
1o master94ga: thanks for your awesome award

29 D/L's

11 pepsimax: gogo and learn it. its not really as hard as people think
12 Pat: im gald you enjoyed it mate
13 pantseri: im happy to see people agree this is my best. hopefully i can continue to make some more this standard
14 Typhoon: i cant wait to see what time you can muster
15 iMap: cool to here. i know how much it can suck when a track annoys the hell outta you
16 maesterR: seems to be a common theme
17 PasS!on: thanks man. im glad you liked it
18 xxxbot: thanks for award
19 Qwerty: haha. cool you still like it
2o amnesia: thanks man

72 D/L's

21 Revilo.o': thanks for your cool award
22 Brødhue: thanks, but i cant say i know exactly what you are talking about.. because if it is what im thinking of theres two of them..
23 gswe81: im glad you enjoyed hutning it. and absolutely amazing time (:
24 Snap: its cool you percevered even if it wasnt the easiest for you (which it wasnt intended to be)
25 .F2theG! : im glad you enjoyed it
26 d!plO: thanks for award and replay
27 Bajs: thankyou for your award and replay (:
28 asylum'Overlord thanks for your award
  makonen.nwt 21-Aug-2010
in few min, your Autor time will be destroyed
huhuhu, let's go for Hunting !!
I'll write my "big" award after it
  Griff. (giz) 24-Aug-2010
gogo some more mako
  pantseri 02-Sep-2010
Better replay later when my fingers feel better
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   MnM | Revii 26-Aug-2010
Cool dirt track
User Award   brødhue|velv 26-Aug-2010
A really nice dirt-track. Just the up-ways left-turn thing I don't like.. Feels wrong to be there for me..

Anyways, good track!
User Award   gswe81 28-Aug-2010
Fast and fun hunting map, good job
User Award   Snap 29-Aug-2010
Nice map, not so easy to drive but very well done . Good job !
User Award   F2.'P.H.C« 31-Aug-2010
Extremely enjoyable dirt, my friend.
User Award   diplo|mp 01-Sep-2010
awesome dirt track
User Award   Bajs 01-Sep-2010
Sweet dirt track.
User Award   Overlord 03-Sep-2010

Nice Dirt Mate
User Award   Geeerardo 12-Sep-2010
Stunning dirt map
One of the best dirt maps I've ever played.

User Award   nbt 26-Sep-2010
User Award   Cyber_Dragon 26-Sep-2010
User Award   GONE4COD 26-Sep-2010

User Award   cranberries 15-Oct-2010
very good dirt track

I just played it on PPO server, that's the reason my replay is so lame ^^ but the track is very good, nice combination of dirt, road, off-road, jumps and more, it's got everything a track needs

... keep building forever !

User Award   Bl@derunner 06-Nov-2010
i dont liek dirt but this track is good
User Award   darkpuddle 06-Nov-2010
User Award   Spiky 18-Nov-2010
User Award   Rilez | Gone 22-Nov-2010
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