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Name: Download Good Morning Hunt #1
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   MnM | Revii
Version: 28-Aug-2010
Released: 28-Aug-2010
TMX id: 3094753
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:23.75   dignitas/DVD+ 0:00.10-
0:23.78   TnT4blast+ 0:00.13-
0:23.79   Bubble+ 0:00.14-
0:23.82   Sandder.Jr+ 0:00.17-
0:23.86   Le_Baron+ 0:00.21-
0:23.87   the.Sakura(icebox)+ 0:00.22-
0:23.94   ChillerSide.+ 0:00.29-
0:23.96   ch1mp+ 0:00.31-
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Author Comments




I will present a little Tech-Hunter over ~25 seconds.
The track has some slow driftcurves and only a low scenry.
Also Intro and outro are missing.
But i think the Mt issn't the most important thing on a track
I hope you will like this kind of track and i hope you enjoy your ride



~over 25 seconds
~some cp's

At: 24.24


Coppers: 1206






by myself



Kinetics« by   Jenox

Bomb' On by   Joyeux.«



1. Dream i| Dancer.'
2. »d!plO«
3. »sp!ky«
4. Uetzer|R4a
5. R4a Didi
6. JakeRay.xT
7. Wicked


1st: 500cc
2nd: 250cc
3rd: 100cc
4th: 50cc
5th: 25cc

Competition finish after 1 week!
And start at release!


So now have fun and enjoy your ride

Greetz Revilo

User Comments
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  Cyber_Dragon 28-Aug-2010
sry for bad time!
Will hunt for a better one later.
  F2.'P.H.C« 28-Aug-2010
Originally posted by sf. Rainz0r ~ ...
My award for you baby

  MnM | Revii 28-Aug-2010

and no problem cd, go for 23 (:
  GONE4COD 31-Aug-2010
No award here from me, Why? : Cause the first slide is just annoying. I got it right in 1/10 tries and then in half of those tries, which i got right, the corner bugged me out and i had to restart. All in all, i had so many bugs here, that it wasn't fun to hunt the track for me. Without this annoying first courve and all those bugs, i think it would be a very cool morining hunter (: But like this? Naah, not my taste. Sry.

  MnM | Revii 31-Aug-2010
a track without any transition should bug???
wtf..if you have a bug here then you drive the corner wrong and in the near of the band. Thats a normal tm bug and in all tracks i know...and i don't know..the first curve issn't easy to slide..but thats a hunt track so shouldn't the track only simple curves in it.
Next time pls give a appreciative feedback. Or say nothing
  GONE4COD 31-Aug-2010
lölz, i said that this kind of slide isn't my taste. I didn't wanted to offense you -.- And i said that the track is hot, without that first slide. -.-'
  MnM | Revii 31-Aug-2010
Quote ...
Naah, not my taste. Sry.

Where you said that the first slide issn't your taste?, you said the track issn't your taste.
  GONE4COD 31-Aug-2010
I ment, like this : with the first slide it isn't my taste
  MnM | Revii 31-Aug-2010
dann sag das doch auch so xD
  GONE4COD 31-Aug-2010
Maan ey Kann ich ja nich riechen, dass du es falsch verstehst xP
  Kakashi 02-Sep-2010
Thats a 15 minutes track ...
  MnM | Revii 02-Sep-2010
a 4 hours track.
  GONE4COD 02-Sep-2010
4 hours for this one? xP
  MnM | Revii 02-Sep-2010
Yes, and??, just because the track issn't long, it doesn't mean that the track was bulit very quickly..-.-
  GONE4COD 02-Sep-2010
xP was a joke xD
  MnM | Revii 02-Sep-2010
  ZopUH[in TMN] 03-Sep-2010
mmmmm screene
  Kakashi 04-Sep-2010
i mean, with more work it could be a wonder
  xxwernerxx 11-Oct-2010
Very nice track !!
  Joyeux.« 18-Dec-2010
lol, I did even not see you showcased me
Thanks a lot mate!
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User Awards
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User Award   bcbeyhan 26-Nov-2010

+ added to B.C Mini Server
User Award   Sandder.Jr 26-Jan-2011
asewome track continu guys
User Award   SPA»Panchito 18-Mar-2011
Very nice one!
User Award   Anonyme 05-Jan-2012
User Award   Vönnl 10-Dec-2013
sweet as a picture
User Award   waldfee 10-May-2015
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