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Name: Download Lumière Bleue
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Metal_Snake
Version: 01-Sep-2010
Released: 31-Aug-2010
TMX id: 3126061
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 70,822
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:36.23   elconn+ 0:00.0070,822
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0:36.88   Shark™+ 0:00.6563,198
0:38.43   Skipper CZ+ 0:02.2045,019
0:38.99   SkandeaR+ 0:02.7638,451
0:39.73   trinitymot+ 0:03.5029,771
0:41.28   Logico+ 0:05.0511,592
0:41.38   Krow+ 0:05.1510,419
0:41.48   Bajs+ 0:05.259,246
0:41.49   Metal_Snake+ 0:05.269,128
0:41.56   711.Rick+ 0:05.338,308
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Author Comments

Hey folks !
I'm glad to present you a new track, long time uh ?
Well, i'm not an active builder anymore, but from time to time i have fun to go back in the editor and try something. And today, i had some inspiration ! So this track is nothing special, just a funny tech one built in a couple of hours, with a crappy MT ^^
But well, i guess this one can be pretty good for online, the scenery isn't heavy ( around 1800 cc ), and i think there is a pretty good competitive flavour.
Well, nothing more to say i think, just try this track and have fun with hunting it !
I hope you'll enjoy

User Comments
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  diplo|mp 31-Aug-2010
lol lumiere bleu ^^
petite pensée a frenchy? ^^
  Metal_Snake 31-Aug-2010
Ha ha oui, pensée au vieux trip qu'on a eu ^^
  venóM 31-Aug-2010
dunno whether that's a cut. Maybe you can get better with perfect driving.
  Bajs 31-Aug-2010

I found two cuts. So it sure is possible venom.
  de.point / off 31-Aug-2010
need more time for a good replay to upload ^^
im a techi noob
  IntoX«OFF 31-Aug-2010
Oh I can see that MS doesn't check his PM. ^^ I though it was only mine he didn't open on purpose, haha I'm a bit paranoid sometimes...
  Metal_Snake 31-Aug-2010
Lol yeah, i'm sorry for that i usualy forget to go and read my pm's since i'm only coming quickly on tmx. I'll have a pm's reading session this evening lol ^^
Thx for the very nic ecomments already =)
  avarice 31-Aug-2010
Frankly I can't see how that wouldn't be a cut venoM, regardless of whether or not you can do better with perfect driving, which you definitely can. I can't play TM today, my head is all hazy so my time is far from good.

Guess it doesn't matter considering there's gonna be an update?
  Metal_Snake 31-Aug-2010

Sorry for the replays already uploaded...
And thanks Bajs for warning me about the cut
  vgr 01-Sep-2010
Sorry dude, didn't really enjoy this one =|
  Acer|wells 02-Sep-2010
Omagad, new one from the coolest guy out there
  Benbe.xT 02-Sep-2010
Oh my god o:
new MS
gonna try INSTANTLY
  ZoggeR 05-Sep-2010
Sorry for sounding rude, but for me this track is boring with an insanely bad Scenery ^^. Only the re-use made it feel a bit more enjoyable
  Fytrim. 06-Sep-2010
Its weird that I can't stand awful mtwork and scenery at all. but with MS it just doesn't matter ^^
  Metal_Snake 06-Sep-2010
Thanks for all these great awards, i'm honoured

And yeah, i know i totaly suck with MT and scenery..One day i'll spend some time it in, i promise Glad you enjoy the track in itself anyways
  peteypablo7 28-Oct-2010
not bad, but I can't get myself awarding this one sorry mate. you did builded better ones already
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Fytrim. 06-Sep-2010
awful mtwork. awful scenery. Amazing flow and layout.

that names it all. good job again MS
User Award   .wesc 07-Sep-2010
As I think I understood in your AC, it´s not a "big" production. First time I downloaded my thoughts were like... well, nice one, nothing special. I added to my server and was playing it with some friends... and wow! Still nothing special but the fun factor is so high and I had a relly good time. Definetly this deserves my award, slides are clean, well placed and easy to learn. Scenery.. well I don´t think it´s ugly, it´s quite different and creative.
And MT..yeh kinda ugly
User Award   W!cked 07-Sep-2010
woooow mister. that one is amazing

in my opinion every slide is pretty well calculated and flowy, and every transition (jumps/drops) is smooth. but the most amazing thing is that reuse imo.
but the scenery & mt is nice, too, so everything is nice ... well done, m8.

and the screen is just awesome btw
User Award   threading 08-Sep-2010
Cool Track
User Award   mX.Hayabusa 21-Sep-2010
great track mate, nice to see you back to the editor !
User Award   Sparco (links in bio) 26-Sep-2010
User Award   exceed 21-Oct-2010
great track dude!

User Award   Krow 07-Nov-2010
like the track! but hate some parts aswell, the strange curve at 25 is stupid and random and the last one is a noslide-lover!! still, nice ride!
User Award   Quat 08-Jul-2012
well done. i like the re-use even if it´s a bit tricky cause of the highspeed you have there
User Award   Etidu 04-Aug-2014
Great track !
User Award   Sky.esu 29-Sep-2014
nice layout
User Award   waldfee 12-Oct-2014
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