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Name: Download [RPG] Connector
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sebik1992
Version: 23-Feb-2012
Released: 03-Sep-2010
TMX id: 3136677
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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13:12.72   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.00-
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14:52.12   HylleZ+ 1:39.40-
15:42.98   elgster+ 2:30.26-
16:08.29   ALF.esu+ 2:55.57-
16:08.60   >Dawe+ 2:55.88-
16:27.77   german761(RazoR)+ 3:15.05-
17:13.76   »RtA«wally+ 4:01.04-
18:25.97   roman_4r+ 5:13.25-
20:24.87   nunni+ 7:12.15-
20:43.11   »Prow+ 7:30.39-
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Author Comments

Welcome back

- General info -
23-02-12 Fixed broken link to mod. No changes in track.
05-09-10 Improved version with cut in chamber 5 removed!

This track is my next RPG. This time based on Portal game theme. Because making portals in TrackMania is almost (if not wholly) impossible I have decided to replace them with concept of bridges which can be created and collapsed by you, the player.
I also tried to add a new element to the classic type of RPG - puzzles! All the test chambers are one big logic challenge. It means you have to discover which order you need to collect the tokens (or markers) to pass the challenge.
After the release of Four Powers people advised me to add a plot. Well, now it has been done. Now we not only play, but also participate in a story.

- Technical issues -
RPG size is approximetely 11300c. It's quite high,
even for an RPG. The map may lag on very old PCs.
Generally it will launch on any configuration.
However, at least PC2 Shader Quality is required.
PC2 enables you to see the glassy elements properly.

- Thanks List -
I would like to thank some important people
for their assistance during this project:
Eyebo - proofreading,
Mundi - converting 3D models to TM,
HawkGer - mod creator and hoster,
Jenox - screenshoot,
Ziomalus - music,
and for all testers!

- Extras -
If you download it from TMX download also MediaPack - unzip it in My Documents/TrackMania/ directory: Fileden RapidShare
This same track atTMX United
Bigger screenie (1600x1200)!
Portal Mod (and a lot of others!)
Some screens: 1 2 3 4 5
Walkthrough: [ch. 02] [ch. 03] [ch. 04] [ch. 05] [ch. 06] [ch. 07] [ch. 08]

User Comments
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  »RtA«wally 23-Mar-2013
well i think it's wr without '' cheating ''
  XdaC 23-Nov-2013
i cant download a mediapack for this one.. is it possible to give me a link where i can download it pls?
  rastaman 23-Jul-2014
MediaPack locators aren't working anymore, so here it is:


Extract to Trackmania folder and restart tm.

  german761(RazoR) 23-Jul-2014
nice drove tmx wr without media paket it but its way more better with !
  fab'm PT <3 06-Oct-2014
thanks rasta you'r'da man
  Polar 24-Aug-2015
I'm having trouble when loading the Media of this track. Could anyone please make a video? That'd be AWESOME!
  fab'm PT <3 17-May-2016
6 years later and no one mentioned the chamber 23 easter egg ?
"we apologize for failing to kill you" classic portal humor and a neat easter egg, it shows how much care sebik made this track and why is one of the best if not THE best RPG of tmnf
  ben3847 21-Jun-2016
  eyebo.wp 18-Jul-2016
Thanks for the MediaPack rastaman! Without it I wouldn't have been able to do the following....

So, here's a video of my very slow run on the track recently. I'm generally not playing RPGs at all these days, so I had to really blow the cobwebs out of my brain to bring back a few of the old skills . My motivation for making the video was not to showcase my driving, but to have a video record of one of the most creative TM tracks ever created.

And I've also uploaded the MediaPack to my dropbox, in case rastaman's link should ever die:
By the way, the MediaPack also includes the mod. So everything you need is in there.
  rastaman 27-Aug-2016
You're welcome eyebo
  Wirtual #mot 20-Dec-2016
Been getting some criticism for my time/cuts on this map from other RPG players, so this is my take on the situation:

The way I see it, If the author wants a player to drive his map a certain way, that's the authors responsibility. Obviously people want to drive as fast as possible, so he should try to make sure that the way he intended the player to drive is the fastest one. Blackscreens/MT are a terrible way of enforcing that. Hiding something behind a wall doesn't make it disappear, it's still there. And the same goes for this route on Connector, hiding it behind mediatracker/blackscreen doesn't make it disappear, it just makes it a lot harder to execute. Sure, it's pretty lame, you're not playing in accordance with the story of the map, or following the rules. But the author failed to force you to follow them.

It's not cheating. You don't alter any physics or do/use any glitches or bugs in the game. What I did in this run is technically possible without spectating yourself. The driving itself is completely legit, it's just that you cannot see the actions you are performing (or with 1sec delay when spectating). Maybe some people don't have a second monitor, or a second account. But that doesn't mean it isn't possible. The objective in this game is to go as fast as possible, and if my method allows me to do that, why shouldn't I use it?

Funnily enough, HylleZ used 4 blind cuts in his run, and that is considered a legit run, yet me using 8 (more efficient and harder) cuts is "cheating/exploiting" the game. So where do you set the line? They are both just variations of exploiting mistakes sebik1992 made when making the map.

Some people might lose respect for me over this, and I have no idea why. Cutting as always been my thing, and i'm not sure how blind cuts are any different. I will just keep doing what I do, and let people get how mad or salty they want about it, as always
  HylleZ 20-Dec-2016
Hey Wirt.

The main difference between your run and my run is how you set up another Trackmania-account in "spectate" for you to be able to execute your short-cuts. My run was 100% legit (no use of cheats/hacks of any sort, and I believe I did it while live-streaming), and the run was in line with how the game is supposed to be played.

As for how you are claiming I used four blind cuts, you are probably talking about one and two-secound blind spots, which is easily doable with just driving normally. The one "blind-cut" I do admit doing is a cut that involves pressing Forward only for 10 secounds which had been already done on the track (earlier replays are proof), again, easily doable.

You on the other hand set up another account in SPECTATE YOURSELF TO SKIP THE BLACKSCREEN on one of your other monitors/a laptop and did things you are never able to recreate without cheating like you did. Balancing on borders 5 secounds after getting your vision removed by a black-screen is something one would never be able to pull off. As I watched your run you also had the typical "1-2 sec" delay which comes with spectating your self. As said the spectate-exploit has been known for years, but nobody has exploited it since everyone agrees that it's incredibly lame, on the actual edge of cheating (some would call it cheating, some would only call it an exploit).

What the community all agrees on is that it is something we should not do.

Just skipping past black-screens is not something I have looked upon as something serious when it comes to driving, since we all are humans and are not capable of driving large or complex stretches with our eyes shut. I do not like driving blind, but as a hunter myself I do drive short stretches with black-screen once in a while to keep up with my competitors if they has already implemented that in their run. When it comes to you, Wirtual, I have been surprised of your skill concerning driving with black-screen on tracks like Ex Gehenna 2. To be honest that kind of killed my motivation to hunt the track, but I had no actual proof of you cheating yet. With your replay on Connector I found out how you were able to pull out those moves. Multi-accounting, which also makes me doubt your earlier play(s).

Personally I think made a huge mistake with cheating, and it looks like another desperate move in order for you to get your beloved "Classics". Destroying maps seems to be your interest, and you have done so successfully without cheating for a long time. Why start cheating now? I simply don't understand how you would destroy your reputation of a good driver with something as stupid as this case.

Regards, HylleZ
  tmb_999 26-Feb-2017
OK, finally did this track.

This track is so awesome, I see Sebik's work into MT. I think nobody can expect this, because this track is so challenging, it looks like other games. The story in this track is also great, the the "surprise", the "charging levels", and the "auto-destruction"... great. But this track was a pain for me. Renember such a way is quite hard, it took me more than 3 weeks to renember most of the ways of this track. I decided to hunt this track for me, as I love this track, and for the others who had never hunted this track.

video by me : (sorry for the low quality)
  Xerox. 14-Feb-2018
You can download this map's mediapack by using this link:

Put this .zip in Documents/Trackmania and just unzip it there and then restart Trackmania. That's all you need to do.
  Nixion 24-Dec-2018
edit: to not start any further arguments, i'll just say what i think regarding self-speccing:
I don't consider it cheating. Using external programs to assist u in the game, or altering files is. Self-speccing can be done by everyone using only the game and it's features (making new accounts and spectating an account from the same computer/IP adress, even if it was not intended by Nadeo. We can still use it to our advantage, just like we can use bugs to our advantage which weren't intended by the game creators.
You may think it's unfair, but thats just ur opinion. People also consider cutting unfair on classic and nadeo maps.
  *_wakeR 26-Apr-2020
I upload Media pack to my dropbox !
this link will die if i die

so here it is
Enjoy your race !!
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User Award   sokko 26-Aug-2016
fucking insane what the fuck
User Award   Wirtual #mot 26-Aug-2016
Soooo goood
User Award   Lapelero 20-May-2017
Damn best Mediatracker ever made !!!!
Masterpiece !!!!
User Award   TheWestend 29-Jan-2019
Any other map I've played so far doesn't even come close to the mindblowing quality of this map. I have no words.
User Award   Szymii 31-Mar-2020
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