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Name: Download Cold Waters
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   makonen.nwt
Version: 20-Sep-2010
Released: 20-Sep-2010
TMX id: 3183944
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 46,540
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:52.68   Logico+ 0:00.0046,540
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0:52.96   ANE Ervis!+ 0:00.2845,055
0:53.05   ChillerSide.+ 0:00.3744,578
0:53.42   Bajs+ 0:00.7442,617
0:53.86   .wesc+ 0:01.1840,285
0:53.89   alexdu65+ 0:01.2140,126
0:54.04   c0ve+ 0:01.3639,331
0:54.22   makonen.nwt+ 0:01.5438,377
0:54.40   waldfee+ 0:01.7237,423
0:54.45   Quat+ 0:01.7737,158
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Author Comments

-------------------------------Author comment :-------------------------------

Hey Hey

A long time happened since my last road track...Now the time is finished & i'm back on the road with this Cold Waters ! I have, this time, worked a lot with my beta testers, and their feedbacks were more than usefull, for getting a smooth line, an addictive line, and a good hunting feeling. Soo "normally", this track is a good job for that^^. Btw, this is my first "serious" long tech-track. I'll probably go back on mini's after this one (easier to work on mini's & faster^^). If you really want other long tracks, say me it, and i'll try to do my best as soon as possible^^ ;-P^^.

Just a little description of the track : nothing very hard, one jump transition, some drifts, big hunting capacity^^


---------------------------------Environnement :--------------------------------

Ambiance : Morning / No Mod !
Coppers : 2787
Scenery : Made By^Chillerside
Screenshot : 1680x1056
Music : Rob Zombie - What

---------------------------------------Style :---------------------------------------

1 min & tech !

---------------------------------------MT :-----------------------------------------

Intro : Made By Mastermind
GPS : Made By Mastermind
Outro : Made By Mastermind

---------------------------------Beta TesTers :----------------------------------

- rocket| in beta
- Chris <3
- ^Chillerside
- alexdu65
- Awesome
- »rafffi.
- Griff.
- Row!e.
- .Wesc
- Mastermind

----------------------------------Signalization :----------------------------------

made in

-----------------------------------Autor Time :-----------------------------------


----------------------------------Showcases ! :-----------------------------------

For Chiller :

Around The World. by   ChillerSide.

For Mastermind :
Eye of the Devil *updated* by   Mastermind

User Comments
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  makonen.nwt 20-Sep-2010

Thanks ALL

- Chillerside
- Bajs
- Triple_shoot¬nXi
- .Wesc
- Vompatti
- Hitchy.xT
- rocket| in beta
- Roomie¬ is gone.
- Revilo.o'
- \/.neck«

<<=== 10 ===>>

- Mastermind
- W!cked'.xT
- »JiiX'iK«
- Benbe.xT
- »rafffi.
- Dj_Dino
- Mr.Zogger|'P.H.C«
- master94ga
- Fytrim.
- morteN

<<=== 20 ===>>

- pantseri
- Haxxie .xT
- alexdu65
- .c0ve
- CHiiLL
- NoSkillNoLuck
- maesterR
- Elonger

Thanks ALL

  Hitchy 20-Sep-2010
Either the tmx name is wrong or the text on the screen is wrong will try it tomorrow!!
  makonen.nwt 20-Sep-2010
oups sorry xD ^^
Corrected ^^
  ChillerSide. 20-Sep-2010
52middel is possible but not now for me have other problems NICE WORK !
  makonen.nwt 20-Sep-2010
omg...53.05 !
Crazy crazy....I CANT DO THAT...^^
  vneck 20-Sep-2010
haha warm waters - cold water
will try tomorrow mate
  makonen.nwt 20-Sep-2010
Eheh, yeah i thought Warm Waters needed a little brother xD^^
I'll try "Atlantic Ocean" after
  .nixx 21-Sep-2010
insane screen try later
  Geeerardo 21-Sep-2010
Will try it later today
  Vompatti 21-Sep-2010
dude your 'Author Comments' in 'Enviroment' part 'coppers' and 'scenery' are wrong i think..?
  makonen.nwt 21-Sep-2010
ahahah're right xD
I change that right now^^

...And just to say to everybody, i'm very happy about those awards, but plz, don't forget to drive a pb

  Geeerardo 21-Sep-2010
I doubted pretty long whether to award it or not, So I'm gonna be honest with you and I decided not to, overall the track is really great, but some parts just ruin all my runs, I dunno if that's because i'm not the most fantastic tech driver, prolly it is. There are actually 2 points what really annoys me on the track, those are the drop, which I barely get right, or I can just get it, and that pole after the drop, I usually can't take it on the right side, and if I take the other side, I usually don't get the platform ramps nice. So imo it's a really nice track, but some parts just ruin my fun. But like I said, probably I'm just not good enough at tech ^^
  makonen.nwt 21-Sep-2010
Yoo sir,

honestly, i think with a good level on tech, it's not so hard . Some guys already talked about this transition, but i always answer : "if i can do it, you can do it xD". . Btw, i understand your feeling and i have already promised on PPO to make an "easier" one for next time . And thanks for your feedback ! Always interesting to read an honest feedback
  Geeerardo 22-Sep-2010

Looking forward to your next techy, since you definitely got talent for making tech tracks ^^
  'nwt' ®ocket 22-Sep-2010
+1 geerardo
  makonen.nwt 22-Sep-2010
eheh thanks guys, i really appreciate
& thanks Pantseri for this award, my master^^ xD
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User Awards
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User Award   pantseri 22-Sep-2010
Goddammit almost kicked myself to head when i drived this one at first time on PPO. Felt stupid, lonely and angry. Then i sweared that i wouldn't drive this one again. But suddenly i found myself downloading this same nuisance to my pc and started my endless path to nowhere. My dirt filled brains got confused on every turn and every transition... then i saw the light. One single clean run without any crashes... it felt fantastic. Then my inner child woke up and told me to give you this .::.

User Award   Haxxie .xT 22-Sep-2010
What can i say... You know what a good track is.
User Award   alexdu65 23-Sep-2010
What a Map mako !!!!! it's your best for sure, flow is awesome, a lot of tricky and tech turns with smart transitions
great work mako you deserve many and many awards
here's mine for you
User Award   c0ve 26-Sep-2010
awesoem techie mako (:
you combined all kinds of drifts to an really enjoyable track
so fun driving this one
User Award   GONE4COD 26-Sep-2010
Damnation! This track would really deserve it to be on ToP of botw! Every slide and every transition feels so..just amazing... ;D It was a pleasure to drive it. Didn't excepted such an track from a dirtmapper like you! Mindblowing ideas. gOgO! This track deserves so much more awards than 25 (: I'll showcase this one for sure on my next tracks! For this amazing work you'll get my BiG award! --

User Award   NSNL 28-Sep-2010
User Award   RaµL 08-Oct-2010
User Award   elonger 28-Dec-2010
very nice track dude
love this
User Award   waldfee 25-Apr-2016
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