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Name: Download TMX Community Fullspeed 1
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 22-Oct-2010
Released: 13-Oct-2010
TMX id: 3283169
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 68,785
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:45.25   AR »Down.+ 0:00.0068,785
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0:45.33   iMap // gone O...+ 0:00.0868,055
0:45.37   brenni+ 0:00.1267,690
0:45.58   Mattnac.+ 0:00.3365,775
0:45.59   CwG<3 | lupY+ 0:00.3465,684
0:45.59   shortz.esu+ 0:00.3465,684
0:45.60   MaC « psycho+ 0:00.3565,593
0:45.80   WDD | Leslaw+ 0:00.5563,769
0:45.91   robble+ 0:00.6662,765
0:46.13   'nwt' ®ocket+ 0:00.8860,759
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Author Comments

__ 10/123/2010
___ TmX Community Fullspeed I

After a pretty long time of working on it, here you go with Community Fullspeedmap I ! From 25. January up till now, the 13th October, five builders were building this map under the eyes of two captains, Brenni for ¾ of the time and Justize till the end:

_ Mr.Zogger [ 1 - 11 secs ]
_ Rasque [ 11 - 21 secs ]
_ Abzocker [ 21 - 31 secs ]
_ comedYstreet [ 31 - 38 secs ]
_ Mono [ 38 - 45 secs ]

But there were also other jobs to do, arrangements to make and thing to perfectionize:

_ Scenery: Mr.Zogger
_ MT: Justize
_ Screen: makonen - Special thanks to you, for helping us !
_ AT: 45:36
_ AC: comedYstreet

Well, there’s not that much to say about the map itself, we tried to build an easy to finish and still smooth and enjoyable Fullspeeder and we hope we succeded (: So just drive, have fun and leave some feedback !

__ Regards, FS-team I !

User Comments
Showing 40 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Raring.Weeeee 20-Oct-2010
@ Awards 5: I guess he first liked the track,then it came cuts,and he didnt like it
  jstc 20-Oct-2010
the cuts have already been there, as he posted his award xD
  ZoggeR 20-Oct-2010
btw, about the Intro, why am I the only one who is doing some random senseless stuff? xD
  jstc 21-Oct-2010
huh ? XD i dont know what you want to say xD
  ZoggeR 21-Oct-2010
in the Intro, where you show the names, you are showing a car driving a wallride, a loop or something
what does the car do when my name is shown? driving donuts on a rooftop xD
  Rasque 22-Oct-2010
so what?^^
  AR »Down. 22-Oct-2010
Zoggers car should drift around an unconnected pole imo
  jstc 22-Oct-2010
lol down :DDDD
  peteypablo7 22-Oct-2010
Track has been updated
  n0xx 22-Oct-2010
fullspeed 1? .. hell it was 4th last time.. xD or im blind
  Mattnac. 22-Oct-2010
nice track mates <3

  ZoggeR 22-Oct-2010
lol Down
I couldn't do that

well it was the Community FS which was started first
  Mattnac. 22-Oct-2010
Down, is 44.xx possible? coz i have to play the whole night then
  AR »Down. 22-Oct-2010
Dont know, maybe for the pro´s or cutters
  MnM | Revii 22-Oct-2010
Quote ...
Dont know, maybe for the pro´s or cutters

haha down
  Mattnac. 22-Oct-2010
Down, if you cant get a 44.xx no one will get it!
  AR »Down. 22-Oct-2010
I´m 100% sure that guys like Lindor,Dynamite or Flexi can do 44.xx...
  Mattnac. 22-Oct-2010
KK, i ask Lindor after he trained for our next sps match
  iMap // gone OFF4EVER 23-Oct-2010
when i'm big.. i'll be a pro too, and down had to load my replays

The transitions upwards to that tilted platform gets rly lucky imo if your fast...
  brenni 24-Oct-2010
.0 is possible
.9x with luck
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User Awards
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User Award   W!cked 17-Oct-2010
yep, the end is quite bad. also, i dislike the backward booster in front of the ramp transitions.
but all in all this track is just cool. dunno what to say about this track since you guys already know everything ^^
great transitions, flowy turns, great scenery and mt. great work - that's it!

User Award   eXtracT 17-Oct-2010
well done boys, you should be proud of this work, a well designed track here, worth some definite smooth transitions and full of flow (:

User Award   Robbys22 18-Oct-2010
good track
User Award   kaynBock 18-Oct-2010
omg what a shitty track :/ u cant count this award. i woulrd really like to delete it but i dont know how to do it. a map with that many cuts isnt worth an award
User Award   MuHcOw 20-Oct-2010
I must somewhat agree with "Knusper."...

IMHO this is not a very good track.. Difficult to see where you are going, difficult to see where you HAVE to go.
I like it plain and simple - Not full of unimportant details (even if they are pretty to look at).

I'm sure it took a lot of time to build this track - Too bad it's time wasted..
User Award   Pat 20-Oct-2010
well, ´not bad at all, some parts aren´t that good, but all in all it´s a smooth track and makes fun to drive. good work.
User Award   kacamuk 20-Oct-2010
Beautiful track, but plz fix cut
User Award   .dejavu 20-Oct-2010
good job "comunity"
I like it, nice flow and transitions.
I expected something better for the scenery but i don't care xD
The transition before mono's part, if you don't take it straight could be "buggy" i often crashed there.
But all in all, nice full speeder!
User Award   JooR 20-Oct-2010
Awesome track u guys, u did a great job!
The parts fit really natural to each other, but are special on its own though. I like the flow, it's really awesome! The MT work was really stunning, good job man! The transitions were just sweeeet, really cool! The loops & walls were great, really like the flow! Hope this one will get some awards!

User Award   Mattnac. 22-Oct-2010
Yo guys, after you fixed the track, i can award your 10months work masterpiece

Awesome track and i hope you guys will work together on another track again!

One Award for everyone of you:

My mate Co :

Best regards, esu|Mattnac.
User Award   AR »Down. 22-Oct-2010
Great track guys. Really good for hunting
User Award   Didi|R4a 22-Oct-2010
User Award   iMap // gone OFF4EVER 23-Oct-2010

Finally... its a nice community worked track!

User Award   NitroGuy! 24-Oct-2010
quite a nice fullspeed map
only a couple parts I don't like, but they're minor, so I won't mention them
overall I love the difficulty (compared to most fs maps these days) and the fun factor!
User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 24-Oct-2010
Awesom Community Work here
really smooth, not hard
& adictiv
enjoy to play on it !!!
User Award   C4 Freak 08-May-2011
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