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Name: Download Natural Fusion
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   HawkGer
Version: 16-Aug-2008
Released: 16-Aug-2008
TMX id: 329627
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:42.77   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:44.25   HylleZ+ 0:01.48-
0:46.09   Rxt+ 0:03.32-
0:46.25   dignitas/Carl Jr.+ 0:03.48-
0:46.28   Sandder+ 0:03.51-
0:46.29   Gizmo.+ 0:03.52-
0:46.77   Kluhtu#RUS+ 0:04.00-
0:46.78   enf+ 0:04.01-
0:46.95   Dust+ 0:04.18-
0:47.02   KracK+ 0:04.25-
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Author Comments

Natural Fusion

Here it is, my new track With weeks of building, testing and polishing that have gone into this track, I'm really proud to finally present this track to the community. The main aspect this track centers on is the use of Blockmixing and thus the possibility to enhance the driving
experience with new forms of blockcombinations. I put a lot of work into making the mixes as special as possible while still keeping a "natural" feeling; a feeling that the mixes are actually part of the editor, not implemented later.
With all this mixing, I still tried to build a challenging and actionloaded speedtech-track with a compact layout and lots of (small) reuses. That was kind of a challenge itself that I accepted there, especially as it's very hard to build compact and implement reuses when dealing with something new as blockmixing. The more I'm pleased that I archieved all these goals in the end from my point of view. But let's see it for yourself...


Coppers: 2552
Platformsparts: 3
Dirtparts: 9
Tunnelparts: 1
Reuses: 5
Mixed Blocks: Too many

- Intro: better don't skip that one
- In-Game: GPS
- Outro: yes

- Author: 0'46"88
- Gold: 0'50"00
- Silver: 0'57"00
- Bronze: 1'11"00

TM Tube
HQ Download

Bigger Screenie:

Special thanks to
- X-MASTER, for creating that amazing video!!
- o3.CraxX, for giving me such great advice while testing all the various betatestversions!!

The Copper Competition is finally over. Congrats to these three finalists:
1. Sandder - 5000cc
2. Kluhtu#RUS - 3000cc
3. n!enf - 2000cc

User Comments
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  TimeBreaker 19-Aug-2008
yep craxx, i think the same

it could be longer,barta
  HawkGer 19-Aug-2008
well surprise me guys, I'm sure you can sqeeze a little more time out
And yeah TB's award is the longest I ever got, amazing! I will write the thx-list when I have a little free time btw.

- Watch the video to the track made by X-MASTER: click!
- A password-free version of the track can be downloaded here: click!

For all the people who want to know how I made the cars freeze in the intro just download the track given above and see it for yourself.
Otherwise here's the explanation: 1.Record a driving car 2.Record a 2nd car for some seconds, which is standing completely still at some point where the moving car is driving through. If you want to make the car stop in the air just add some blocks in the air and record the replay then.
3. First show the 1st car driving. If it's on the location you want to make it stop just end the timeline of the 1st car and make the 2nd car appear by adding it's timeline when the other timeline stops. Tada, the car is freezing in the air Making it drive again is fairly simple then...

Edit: 26. Aug. 2008
I've extended the Deadline for the Copper Competition for 2 days now due to the downtime of TMX. After the 28th Aug. I will be in holidays so I can't extend the deadline any longer. Hope some new replays will come in anyway
  Hitchy 26-Aug-2008
O.M.G Sandder
  Sandder 26-Aug-2008
lost 0.2 in last turn though ^^
  craxx <3 27-Aug-2008
  HawkGer 28-Aug-2008
I will drive into holidays in the next minutes so the CopperCompetition is officially over now Congrats to the following three finalists:

Sandder - with an unrivaled time of 46:28
Kluhtu#RUS - coming in second place with 46:77
n!enf - coming in third place just 1 millisecond behind Kluhtu!

Thanks to everyone who participated by submitting a replay
I will hand out the coppers to the finalists as soon as possible.
  Metal_Snake 06-Sep-2008
Ooh big thx for your tip about that intro, really well explained, and this effect is totaly amazing
  Joost»LT 14-Sep-2008
Ah I see you explained already how that 'stop in mid-air' effect works, I figured it out aswell, but without this clear explanation
I've also used it in my newest track, and actually it's quite an simple effect, if you think of it
EDIT: I used an different method though Oo
  «PasSion™ 21-Feb-2010
WOW What a screen.
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User Awards
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User Award   ZayL 31-Dec-2008
User Award   Elite.Air 01-Apr-2009
just awsome!!
great ideas
wonderful blockmixing
well deserverd

User Award   rocKz0r' 12-Jul-2009
User Award   eie 03-Aug-2009
I forgot to award this track ^^

this is just The perfect bm track
everything fits perfect, and everything is smooth,
so it's very addictive

User Award   D4rC 13-Sep-2009
User Award   vgr 29-Sep-2009
User Award   Hunter ._. 11-Oct-2009
User Award   JaXeL 11-Oct-2009
Perfect use of BM
User Award   JakeRay 25-Oct-2009


User Award   ~Rekyem! 25-Oct-2009
A W E S O M E =D
User Award   «PasSion™ 21-Feb-2010
No words.
User Award   _vanguard_ 30-Sep-2010
Nice o.O
User Award   sw 11-Sep-2011
cool map

User Award   Erizel (brutal) 25-Jun-2012
Sick track Hawk, sorry for late award
User Award   Konix 07-Nov-2014
My favourite mix
User Award   Rxt 11-Nov-2014
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