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Name: Download Out Of Memory
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   o0.Coat '
Version: 15-Dec-2008
TMX id: 330108
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 54,151
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Symmetric
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:32.79   oriiiiiiiii+ 0:00.0054,151
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0:35.91   Lausoe+ 0:03.1223,236
0:46.67   <3+ 0:13.880
0:46.94   o0.Coat '+ 0:14.150
0:47.26   Demp'!+ 0:14.470
0:47.51   PagH .xT+ 0:14.720
0:48.36   Quantum.Max'+ 0:15.570
0:49.12   TMV.Puma+ 0:16.330
0:49.36   *The Vip*+ 0:16.570
0:49.38 0:16.590
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Author Comments

Hi All !

Welcome To Out Of Memory

My New Symmetric Track

Here’s a Long time I want build A Symmetric, now it’s done
And I think that I succeeded to build a Very Nice Symmetric !

My Building time is Approximately 8 hours

Track’s informations :

Length : about 48 Seconds

Difficulty : the map is not difficult, But the way is not easy to understand at the begin But you Can use the GPS
Drifts : yes, if you can, it's better!
Turbo : yes
Re-use : yes
intro : yes
Gps : yes (no easy Way!)
Off-Roads : Very small
1759 cc
+- 3725 m

Screenshot By Me

Thanks a lot For all replays and awards...

Thanks all For "Best Of Week"
Thanks for the best symmetric track in TMF
Thanks All for 900 Dl's

autor time: 47.09 (finally 46 possible )

Hope you will like it !
Gl & Hf at driving

*Coat ‘

my Others Tracks :

[FS] Gin And Sin by   o0.Coat '

"Stairway to heaven by   o0.Coat '"
"City of Blinding lights by   o0.Coat '"
"Supermassive black hole by   o0.Coat '"
"Have a Nice day II by   o0.Coat '"

User Comments
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  o0.Coat ' 16-Aug-2008
Thanks For All Awards :

Thanks JooR For your Fast
Thanks barbarzen For your Lovely Thx my friend
Thanks Daddydukat For your Nice mate
Thanks DeFacer I'm Glad you like it
Thanks Nt'Quentin Thx My Friend
Thanks Triple_Shoot For your awesome a:ward:
Thanks o3.shok Your comment is very Nice to me Thx Mate
Thanks Skizow I'm Glad you like it
Thanks o3.Fitty again an o3 ^^
Thanks HardDance Your time is Awesome mate
----------------------------- 10 ----------------------------------------
Thanks feeLit For your simple
Thanks idjo For your mate
Thanks RuSsianX For your Nice
Thanks o3.Sebi Nice to Heard that from you
Thanks |*The Vip* Thx A Lot My Friend
Thanks `Weee* For you nice & Comment
Thanks D4v1d For you Nice & comment
Thanks jonadums For your award!
Thanks kebab For your award !
Thanks o3.CraxX Nice to heard that from you 'm glad you like it
----------------------------- 20 ----------------------------------------
Thanks PAM180 For This Nice
Thanks Qbert Thx For cut finding! I will arrange that
Thanks °Stx'Plight For your lovely
Thanks o3.Barta For your Very Nice comment
Thanks gnarfz I'm Glad you like it
Thanks gianco For your simple
Thanks o3.Akon Again a o3 Thx !! o3 PowWWaaaaa!
Thanks -VIP-Krust Thx My friend for your nice
Thanks *RaStA*SanKa* For yor nice award
Thanks OWN vgr For your Very Nice comment
----------------------------- 30 ----------------------------------------
Thanks cenaps For You my friend
Thanks o3.Chillmah Again a nice award from a o3 member xD
Thanks Exrange For your Nice
Thanks -Napalm- Thx My Friend
Thanks Golden-Master for this nice
Thanks Chaotic_RPM For your nice & comment
Thanks For your Nice
Thanks DenSu.~ For this lovely Very Nice comment
Thanks mbc Quat I'm glad you like it!
Thanks aceufo22 For your lovely
----------------------------- 40 ----------------------------------------
Thanks frax.designer I'm Glad you like it
Thanks ==>logan<== For this Simple
Thanks lamborghini_team For this nice & comment
Thanks lagunadani For your Lovely comment
Thanks speedshark Thx A Lot My Friend
Thanks skyliniste For your Lovely
Thanks Xcyte For your nice words &
Thanks nanogamer For your Very Good Replay and
Thanks Puma For this Nice
Thanks the-rover Thanks A Lot for this Wonderful
------------ 50 Woow Awesome Thanks A Lot All ------------
Thanks R4ß.Max' For your lovely
Thanks tOto For this nice And Congratz for your Awesome time
  Fitty | Standby 16-Aug-2008
Damn, you rock.
  Qbert 17-Aug-2008
Sry about cut, but better now then later. And it was kinda obvious Happy retracking

Second one, can be done faster. Happy re-retracking Dont let me cut it a third time mate

Ok, third time and I will try not to cut anymore after this I think you should work with timetriggers (to prevent going any other way then the intended) or rebuild so you can add 1 more checkpoints, maybe another big U-turn at the start.
Sry again about cutting, but if the map become popular many replays will be lost, and I (,and I hope all others) think it's best this way.

I could not resist the urge to cut again This time it was the lack of symmetry that let me find the way. What do you say about a U turn inside the first big turn(where the small Inflateble is placed now. Maybe you can fit a cp there...

Yey,fifth cut! The cutdevil has found your map Hope you can edit it again, and while you're at it, make the"No cut" clip longer. It dissapers after a while...

Number 6 was not a great time, but it could be better with some more luck. Make black "No cut" clip longer
  craxx - gone 17-Aug-2008
^^ i thought of cuts too

so many re-use

but good to show the cuts now then later with more replays
  o0.Coat ' 17-Aug-2008
It's ok for Cut's i think!!

...I Hope ^^

I'll try to add more checkpoint Qbert, but in a Symmetric you can only use it in the common way
all the cuts problem are because of that
  skyliniste 31-Aug-2008
I'm sorry Coat but I don't love this map
  o0.Coat ' 31-Aug-2008

you don't take the good way!^^

i understand that was not fun xD
  skyliniste 01-Sep-2008
Okay but now, the WR find a cut again...
  o0.Coat ' 02-Sep-2008
cut fixed
  wopz 08-Mar-2009
Let's see what I can do
  o0.Coat ' 08-Mar-2009
  wopz 15-Mar-2009
toto's time is awesome perfect, has to be pushed to max almost
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 53 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   frax.designer 01-Sep-2008
very good, skilled mapper
nice environment
User Award   ==>logan<== 07-Sep-2008
good job
User Award   Gallardo | gonna quit :) 08-Sep-2008
What a track
Love It
Such a good one

The lamborghini team
User Award   laguna 09-Sep-2008
this track is art!!
User Award   speedshark 09-Sep-2008
Another great map of the best mapper
User Award   skyliniste 21-Sep-2008
Very good symmetric

Take this
User Award   Xcyte 26-Sep-2008
WoW ----What a great symetric tech!!
I am speechles
Go Go for 50 awards !!
I`ll go play more of u`r tracks now
User Award   nanogamer 11-Oct-2008
Nice Symmetrical track manteau !
User Award   TMV.Puma 14-Oct-2008
Award 49...

Really great map m8...
Build more such them... !

~*:..:*~ by Pumaaaaa
User Award   the-rover 16-Oct-2008
cool symmetric track
great intro and funny gps (should have taken a loooong time )
incredible re-use of blocks
awesome work !!
whoho 50 awards!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
User Award   Quantum.Max' 11-Mar-2009
Hey mate!

Your speed tec is very cool to drive !

User Award   <3 14-Mar-2009
just awesome oO
User Award   o0. Jlooo :) 23-Nov-2009
nice map poulette =)

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