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Name: Download Last ones standing.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rewiind
Version: 01-Nov-2010
TMX id: 3355254
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 16,508
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
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0:43.56   aQ » Alba.+ 0:00.2415,959
0:46.94   TurbRono+ 0:03.628,231
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Author Comments

- monday, november 1st, 2010 -

- - - - -

Good evening to you all. It has been quiet a while since my last upload, huh. I don’t have a good reason for that fact I guess. I just lost all inspiration and couldn’t come up with anything decent. I have made 1 or 2 pretty good ones, but after a second look on those, I decided they won’t be released. Anyways, that’s not important anymore, since I’m here now!

This track is somewhat different than normal. I like making race-focused track lately, but this one is quite transitional. Not the transitional you see nowadays by experts on that area, like Answer, Zogger or Sapph, but I guess it still is transitional.
Also, it’s different because it’s the first track I felt like tributing to someone. Or actually, to more than one. The following guys have been an inspiration ever since I really started to build tracks. They all have their unique style wich I love dearly. Some of them, unfortunately, left the scene, but others are still here, or have returned. So guys, this one is for you!

  aQ » Alba.

Also, the following guys have been, next to an inspiration, also really good friends wich I got to know better during my time here. An extra thanks to you for the great times we’ve had here and/or on msn.


- - - - -

The track itself is a 43 second long tech track, with a variety of jumps, drops and slides. I think I managed to find a good balance between sliding and transitional fun. Since I haven’t made a screen in like forever, my skills haven’t been what they used to be. I tried to make a nice one, but I’m afraid I failed miserably. It has also been a while since I worked with the MT. I tried to make it as nice as possible, but it turned out quite simple. It contains a 10 second intro and a simple gps. Last, but definitely not least; the scenery. I needed a really good one for this ‘sort-of’ comeback. Hence I asked one of the best in the business:   'DarkNoob».! He made me a truly beautiful scenery with a great atmosphere. I’m really excited about it, and I hope you will be too!

- - - - -

Now, that’s about it for now. I had fun making the track, but my lack of transitional skill might result in a poor flow for the experts. Comments are therefore much appreciated.

Peace out for now,


User Comments
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  rewiind 01-Nov-2010
  mr.hubby 01-Nov-2010
  ZoggeR 01-Nov-2010
  comedY_xT. 01-Nov-2010
Great AC ! Just 2x wich instead of which (:
  W!cked 01-Nov-2010
finally! (:
  Quat 01-Nov-2010
42.xx possible for sure. it´s just that the blue part in front the last drift is almost too tricky ...
  brenni 02-Nov-2010
Just when I look at the Name, The Authorcomment, and the Screen.
This track must be perfect ! So much love on the Details.

  .wesc 03-Nov-2010
: o It´s been a while^^ don´t wait that much for next release!
Be sure I will try it this afternoon
  rewiind 04-Nov-2010
Thanks list will come soon. Thanks for everything so far, it truly puts a smile on my face (:
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User Awards
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User Award   Raffi 01-Nov-2010
a w e s o m e

User Award   W!cked 01-Nov-2010
Quote ...

well, this one kinda surprised me. firstly: it's pretty hard for noobs like me! there are places like this jump to the dirt hill... my car always bumped there a bit. but secondly: i definitaly loved this one. all these awesome jumps and drops combined with these awesomely calculated slides. - that's just amazing!
oh... and did i already mention this awesome variation of surfaces? no? well, now i did! - the only thing i can say about this track is: "awesome"
about the scener<: darknoob made an awesome job here! it's just eyecatching!
you made my day with releasing this one
User Award   antanasro 01-Nov-2010
User Award   mr.hubby 01-Nov-2010
Version 2

ö - this track is unbelieveable great rewiind. You know that I've waited for a long time now for a new track from you and I was so happy to beta a track by you but the one I tested I like nothing compared to this track <3. Its been a while but I have to say it again: I personally think this one is perfect! Sure, there are some spots which could be better but then it wouldnt fit as well together as it does here. You've combined your new racing and rather challenging style with your way older style like you used in 'end credits' - You built challenging slides with tricky transitions - . Normally I'd also say that a scenery which is made by oneself is better but I dont know if you have been able to make such a perfectly fitting although you are pretty good at building sceneries. All in all, a challenging techie with some nice, however, tricky transitions and surrounded by a really niiiiiiiice atmosphere :> ... Big GG mate, you've done a splendid job & thanks keep playing/building ;-)

And Im glad that it seems like you enjoyed our msn conversations as much as I do/did and please keep building, otherwise I'd lose one of my biggest inspiration sources ... its always a pleasure to talk to guys who are as cooperative as you are

User Award   Quat 01-Nov-2010
wonderful one - great ideas - lovely atmosphere - awesome flow ...
User Award   chuckn0rris 02-Nov-2010
The atmosphere is lovely here, and so is the track. These things together just make me happy, mate.

User Award   aQ » Alba. 02-Nov-2010
Somehow TMX changed, over the time i was away. Dude, this seriously is some mindblowing track. First of all, i know the problem of finishing a track, or the half of a track and throwing it right into the paper basket. You're not alone mate. And second, I'm really glad that you finished this one and released it.
The author comment is unique and stunning, i was so flashed as I saw my name in there, really means a lot to me. I knew that you liked 'Stay' very much, but I could never get an idea for how much my work influenced you.
The intro is decent and nice, the last cam is superb, watchin the sunset. Text effect and size is great, as you may have noticed i love small letters and simple effects in my mt-work. GPS includes a nice run, and the scenery establishs a warm atmosphere, though sunset is not my favourite mood, because my pc starts being a b**** there.
However i was able to drive it without any problems, which was great. The fullspeed start is tricky, had a few problems on my first runs there. The drops and jumps in the maps are always perfectly timed, loved it to fly over the dirt hill, just a few centimeters above the ground. Also big respect that you included an old rooftop part and left the platforms away, gosh i think they're so ugly...
But anyways, everything was great, maybe the last offroad is a bit hard to handle with high speed, but due to the blue carpet it's possible. End is smooth, as the rest of the track. By the way the first slide is damn amazing, it feels like moving a hot knife through butter.
The block after the exit of the dirt part is in my eyes adorable, i love to use it the same way.
Thanks dude for this awesome track, i just totally adore your style. Keep them coming please.
Ah, I forgot to say why I think times have changed in here ... In my holy opinion this one is much more fun than most of the tracks which were in the BOTW the last few months. Deserves more ..

Regards Alba
User Award   ZoggeR 02-Nov-2010
It's quite an ok track with some good transitions ^^
User Award   brenni 03-Nov-2010
Well, this Track belongs to my favourites now. I've been driving it for an hour actually and I just can't stop. Mate, I'm serious that this Track could be one of the most flowing Tech Tracks I've ever driven. The best thing is, that it feels so good with all those little Transitions even if I don't think that Transitions are good for the Flow. But you did build a Track where those Transitions make it flow even better. It's so smooth too. This little drop right after the dirt-part is really delicious. Also the drop from the Inflatable is awesome. Those "WOW-Moments" made it so easy for me to drive, eventhough i'm not really the Best Tech-Driver. Actually and honestly, I did not really expect such an awesome "Comeback". But here you are and I'm quite stunned. So you made it once again, made a perfect Track and so is the Scenery. Good Job DN, you proved once again that you're one of the best Scenery-Builders out there ! Well. The Mediatracker is so simple yet is it just beautiful to watch. The Intro gives such a nice Feeling of the Track just before you get the rush of driving it. The only thing I can't get into is the Start. Sometimes it buggs and sometimes it doesn't. But c'mon. It's really not a big deal. This Track's still perfect and that's important.

Oh and since I've read the Authorcomment, I gotta thank you for your Support and everything you gave to me in the Time we spent here on tmx. I know this is getting way too emotional but you know how I am .. So thank you for building such Tracks and being a realy good mate, whether on tmx or on msn.
User Award   .wesc 04-Nov-2010
A bit late but finally I could test it^^ Well, nice map dude, I love the start section and the next slide with these offroad parts. The jump to the inflatable is tricky but really sweet when you drive it well. The transition from the inflatable to the road was no very tasty for me. It feels a bit random if you want to get a good time. Rest is great too, I specially liked that blue carpet zone plus the next slide, it was so fun. The scenery looks splendid, but imo, you should´ve done it yourself. You´re so skilled in this aspect too and it´s always more "comforting". And hey! I love that screen you may post the big version
User Award   Roomie¬ 04-Nov-2010

-bye Roomie!
User Award   Pat 05-Dec-2010
Really great track you made here.
User Award   Blix. 28-Dec-2010
Such an awesome track Only 14 awards

User Award   dadm 11-Jan-2011
I really love your style (:
Scenery is well constructed and the layout is perfect. Definitely an awesome track.
Well deserved award.

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