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Name: Download The Bira's Hill !
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   makonen.nwt
Version: 28-Nov-2010
Released: 28-Nov-2010
TMX id: 3456702
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 30,956
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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0:58.01   Fire !+ 0:00.0030,956
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0:58.02   albandu17+ 0:00.0130,924
0:58.09   gswe81+ 0:00.0830,699
0:58.30   alexdu65+ 0:00.2930,027
0:58.51   makonen.nwt+ 0:00.5029,355
0:58.66   birarri+ 0:00.6528,875
0:58.96   'NwT' NorRocK+ 0:00.9527,914
0:59.75   'nwt' ®ocket+ 0:01.7425,385
1:00.31   mic270+ 0:02.3023,591
1:01.38   kiwibyrd+ 0:03.3720,165
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Author Comments

-------------------------------Author comment :-------------------------------
Hey !

...This track is dedicated for one of my most important relationship on TM ! Sir Birarri is with us (nwt) since the beginning now (2 yrs !). He was our little 14 yrs old "children", and we were a little bit their "daddies" on TM ;-D. But many things happened since those first days...and now Birarri is an adult ! :°D...or nearly =:°D...Well, for all the good moments spent with you my Bira, for all the serious you have given, for all the "lessons" you can give us, here is my Tribute for you ! ;-))

Just a little description of the track : SOOo...^^. I'm quite sure, I will destroy some brains with this one...^^. Btw, it's exactly the same than "Metallic World" or "Pain of Chaos"...It's certainly not "so hard"...after learning the track ! That means : if you leave the challenge after 5 min, while thinking something like : "impossible for me !"...Well....shaaame...:-).../b]Wait 15 min and you will get a good 58 secs[/b] ^^...SOOoo :
GoGo you can ALL my a good PB on it !


---------------------------------Environnement :--------------------------------

Ambiance : Morning / sol666's mod winter eclipse !
Coppers : 3416
Scenery : Made by Me !
Screenshot :1680x1056 & Wallpaper !
Music : Jean-Michel Jarre - Teo and Tea
Movie :

---------------------------------------Style :---------------------------------------

59 secs & DIRT-tech !

---------------------------------------MT :-----------------------------------------

Intro : Made by Me !
GPS : Made by Me !*
Outro : Made by Me !*
* : with the "old effect" created by Sir Pantseri !

---------------------------------Beta TesTers :----------------------------------

- rocket| in beta
- Alexdu65
- Norrock

-----------------------------------Thanks list :-----------------------------------

- 'NwT' NorRocK
- kr0t4l
- alexdu65
- JKith
- Awesome
- gswe81
- Revilo.o'
- pagg
- nair
- pantseri

<<=== 10 ===>>

- Griff.
- master94ga
- Rocket/Asylum
- NL-Chr!s-
- Guik'Zz
- birarri Thanks my Love
- IR.eNks
- mic270

<<=== 10 ===>>

- albandu17

----------------------------------Signalization :----------------------------------

made in

-----------------------------------Autor Time :-----------------------------------


----------------------------------Showcases ! :-----------------------------------


Biras dirty fl0w II by   birarri

Biras mini dirt by   birarri

MakO apos;N apos; Bira by   birarri



User Comments
Showing 14 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  makonen.nwt 28-Nov-2010
  birarri 28-Nov-2010
schi thanks man huhu yeah you guys were like my second dad and you took the bigest part of being that ;D hehe and it some more years until i'm an adult thanks thanks thanks sir mako i'll try it ASAP

  makonen.nwt 29-Nov-2010
eheh, no prob my little bira it was a pleasure...
...only this "flood of awards" is a little bit killing me^^...
  nwt/Awesome 30-Nov-2010
Quote ...
Ambiance : Morning / No Mod !

What about pantseris winter mod? ^^
  makonen.nwt 30-Nov-2010
omg yeah, i'm stupid :;-D...i update that^^
Thanks ^^
  .wesc 01-Dec-2010
me love that screen
  pantseri 02-Dec-2010
lol update that mod text again... actually it's sol666's mod winter eclipse
  makonen.nwt 02-Dec-2010
updated ^^
  NLChr!s 02-Dec-2010
hmpf, why isn't this in the botw list !?
  makonen.nwt 05-Dec-2010
don't know...Now it's too late...
Crap, I believed in this track ^^
  wormi 13-Dec-2010
Do people think pantseri has done everything that has something to do with dirt
  makonen.nwt 16-Dec-2010
ahahah lol...probably yeah...Pantseri is sooo famous than ppl's forget the other guys behind him...!
F***...We deserve more attention ! ^^
  pantseri 16-Dec-2010
Ok, i retire then
  makonen.nwt 16-Dec-2010
ahahahha lol...NOOOO stay here !
We can't live without our "daddy" builder
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   'NwT' NorRocK 28-Nov-2010
Nice track for a nice guy
User Award   outoforder 28-Nov-2010
Really great track
User Award   alexdu65 28-Nov-2010
awesome track m8, this is really smooth, well calculated and i had a lot of fun playing it
and it's a great tribute for bira , here is your
User Award   JKith 28-Nov-2010
Nice map! Great transitions and flow. Great Work!
User Award   nwt/Awesome 29-Nov-2010
Wooo Great Work Mako!!
Great transistions, cool jumps and the mod fits just perfect to our little skiboy

Cheers Awe
User Award   gswe81 29-Nov-2010
Great map Mako
Ur back to form in dirt building - woohoo
User Award   MnM | Revii 29-Nov-2010
that's dirt

User Award   pagg. nwt 29-Nov-2010
The Mako's style track we all like is back !
I love the flow of your track.
But the whole track is very confusing at the firs tries.
Well done Mako !

)) |pagg| ((
User Award   nair 02-Dec-2010
Awesome Track!

User Award   pantseri 02-Dec-2010
Great and very challenging dirt track mako Lovely ideas all over!
User Award   Griff. (giz) 02-Dec-2010
Great track and dedication (:
User Award   master94ga 02-Dec-2010
Good track

User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 02-Dec-2010
Hmmm ... ... ... ...
Damn nice flow
Another great track .... As always mate
smooth jump, challenging racing line
Cool scenery

Awesom Tribute here
User Award   NLChr!s 02-Dec-2010
the mod didn't seem to work for me *sigh
Whatever! This track is great man. I'd even give an award if the track wasnt raceable at all just because of the amazing scenery
Though those mixed cp's kind off ruined it lol.
The Gps is also really cool man, i love the old videotape effect you made here.

User Award   Guik'Z 04-Dec-2010

User Award   OLDA_X 05-Dec-2010
class track !!
Wery well calculated way with good construct combos . Also decent mix isnt bad . Some parts little difficult for me but track withot bugs .GJ

.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   birarri 11-Dec-2010
fucking awesome this is really one of the top 5 best tracks i've ever drive everything is just so damn perfect i think this is your best track

you deserv those <<

User Award   eNks 12-Dec-2010
great track
User Award   mic270 23-Dec-2010
User Award   albandu17 31-Dec-2011
Great map Mako
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