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Name: Download Technological Madness
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 11-Aug-2013
Released: 11-Aug-2013
TMX id: 3481019
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 7,860
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Night
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36:11.48   -DrM-+ 0:00.007,860
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49:16.73   Pi malun+ 13:05.250
53:24.76   NiielMoo+ 17:13.280
70:27.21   cranberries+ 34:15.730
78:16.74   nunni+ 42:05.260
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Author Comments

Technological Madness


Do you remember "Technological Breakdown" ?
This is the evil twin brother ^^ ... actually I'm not kidding -,-
This track is very long (about 1 hour) and has some insane parts that can test your patience to the limit - you've been warned ^^
This track takes place outside of the original cube (which basically defined the whole design of T.B.) so the play happens mostly outside of the main building, but from time to time you'll have the opportunity to drive on actual parts from T.B., slightly changed or edited, a reminiscence of the old track, but improved and integrated in the new trial
There's not much else I can say, not sure anyone is actually reading
but this track belongs to my collection, so I had to release it properly


Style : Trial
Difficulty : Lunatic
Copper Count : 9800C
Validation : 58 min ( my best time was 53 min, but it goes lower )
Mod : Lanegrid ( - not sure if it still works)
Mixing : yes ( but only for the walls of the cube )
CPs : 45 ( Rings : 8 )


Thank you   >Dawe and   igntuL for your replays and comments,
and thanks to the guys that played this monster online at the first launch


if you post a replay on this track, I will play your latest release, and I will post my best replay along with my sincere/objective comment or award
(PM me if you have a specific request instead of your latest track)


thank you   Pi malun for your "funny"
and for convincing me to finally release this monster ^^

thank you   Lovva for your "cool"
and for your determination and awesome comments

thank you   Razo.'R |R4a for your "crazy"
and for dropping by, on my tracks, from time to time

thank you   Timefound aka. Jepsen (new map). for your "fun"
and for your very awesome comment about the track

thank you   micheledge for your "like"
and for finishing the track ^^ hope you upload the replay

thank you   Xerox. for your "managed"
and for taking on this challenge, hope you'll post your replay

thank you   Switch for your "missed"
not so cool to hear that, but I'm glad you made it in the end

thank you   nunni for your "stadium"
nice surprise on this obscure track, much appreciated

thank you   uetzer|R4a for the "serious"
another unexpected award on this old and hardcore track


Keep playing Forever !

User Comments
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  cranberries 11-Aug-2013
Start - Enter madness - find the entrance into the cube
CP o1 - End of breakdown, Start of madness - the last CP of T.B.
CP o2 - On the edge (1) - drive on the edge of the rooftops
CP o3 - Spiral up (1) - platform border spiraling up
CP o4 - On the cube - 4 rooms with 4 CP puzzle
CP o5 - in the puzzle (Ring1) - jump off the bubble
CP o6 - in the puzzle (Ring2) - go over the road's edge
CP o7 - in the puzzle (Ring3) - go between the roads
CP o8 - in the puzzle (Ring4) - get over the edge of the road
CP o9 - On the signs (1) - drive on top of the black boxes
CP 1o - Left and Right - platform border run in and out of the cube
CP 11 - Parkour (1) - wall hit and jump over gaps
CP 12 - On the roofs - precise and hard jumps on the rooftops
CP 13 - Boost up - booster stairway that takes you all the way up
CP 14 - On the walls (1) - a complete collection of wall rides
CP 15 - Get down - a series of drops that get increasingly difficult
CP 16 - On the pipes - pipe run with harder and harder corners
CP 17 - FS wall ride - unusual wall ride on the side of platforms
CP 18 - Cannon jump - a series of boosted jumps up
CP 19 - On the signs (2) - jump on top of the black sign-boxes
CP 2o - On the edge (2) - ride on the side railing of house blocks
CP 21 - Spiral up (2) - increasingly difficult spiral going up
CP 22 - Plunge of faith - vertical drop with multiple obstacles
CP 23 - Straight - a series of chained difficult straight jumps
CP 24 - Parkour (2) - series of jumps and technical obstacles
CP 25 - Bubble jump - speedy bubble jump in the box
CP 26 - Road madness - jump over the road gaps
CP 27 - Speed hops - side to side hops in full speed
CP 28 - Backwards (1) - drive backwards on top of platform borders
CP 29 - Technical hops - technical series of connected jumps
CP 3o - Jump through (Ring5) - the start of the technical hops
CP 31 - Jump through (Ring6) - the middle of the technical hops
CP 32 - Jump through (Ring7) - the end of the technical hops
CP 33 - Over the edge (1) - precise jumps over the road's edges
CP 34 - Over the edge (2) - fail safe point
CP 35 - Backwards (2) - backwards driving part on top of Q-loops
CP 36 - Spiral down - spiral platforms downwards
CP 37 - Road bump - a series of on-the-ground road bumps
CP 38 - Jump for it (Ring8) - jump through ring CP
CP 39 - Quarter loops - series of boost-up & knock-down loops
CP 4o - Reminiscence (1) - one of the original checkpoints from T.B.
CP 41 - Reminiscence (2) - a little reminder of another T.B. part
CP 42 - Puzzle box - box with a little puzzle to escape
CP 43 - On the walls (2) - jump and land on the narrow walls
CP 44 - Patience trial - slow and technical platform border run
CP 45 - Green darkness - figure out a way to jump out of this area
Finish - Back at the Start - you end up right where you started
  Razo.'R |R4a 11-Aug-2013
do i smell a second comment here?
  cranberries 11-Aug-2013
neah, don't need second takes
  Lovva 12-Aug-2013
i will try it today

edit: i have no idea where to go from start
  cranberries 12-Aug-2013
that was funny ^^

well, it's part of the puzzle ... and the track doesn't have many puzzles, since it's mainly trial, so I will leave it to you to find it ... use cam 7, look around, I'm sure you'll find it quickly ... there aren't many possibilities on the ground ... also, there's a clue in my first comment (Start - Enter madness - find the entrance into the cube) ... there's only one block on the ground next to the cube ^^ and that will help you enter it .. GL
  Lovva 12-Aug-2013
i did it to hmm, where is 10+ boost to up,but after that this balansing is way too crazy, cant do it. 4 room with ring cp was best part so far ^^ and this long balansing between cp´s sux.

edit: so i think im stuck here: CP 14 - On the walls (1) - a complete collection of wall rides
edit2: time after 13 cp ~37 minute, so no matter if i finish or not, im not able to post my replay cus too big
edit3: stuck n CP 16 - On the pipes - pipe run with harder and harder corners - time ~90minute and i give up
  cranberries 12-Aug-2013
I so much appreciate your determination thank you for playing
and thank you for the awesome words about the track ^^ means a lot
but I also feel a bit sorry to hear that you quit, and I understand it
but I'm sure you realize that there are players who don't even blink at
this sort of challenges, and they fly through this map like crazy ^^
I'm not one of those, but I do build the tracks according to my skill level
so if I find it way too difficult, I edit it, and this is a version that I was able
to manage, even though it took me quite some time to build and play
  Lovva 13-Aug-2013
how long took ur first run to finish? yeah, this is made to top rpg plaayers ^^ lets see if simo900 or ingtul will try it
  cranberries 13-Aug-2013
oh ho, first run on the complete track ( not counting the hours and hours spent building and testing each CP separately ) I think it was about 3 hours ... I'm not really sure, but this was some time ago ... and later, when I learned all the tricks, I managed to play it under 53 minutes (I mentioned this in the track's description as well) ... but when I put this in beta, I immediately made a testing run online, with lots of good players dropping in and out, trying it ... this test took several hours ... and only a handful of players managed to finish (most of them you can still see in the top online records) ... and iggy and dawe posted their replays in the beta area, so they've definitely tried it ^^ hope to see new replays here, though
  fab'm 22-Aug-2013
not a good track for playpal m8
don't you have alternatives otherwise this will be here forever
  cranberries 22-Aug-2013
will change it soon, I promise hope it doesn't bother ppl that much
don't forget that I offer a great deal in case somebody posts a replay:
I'm willing to play your latest track release or another track of choice
hope it's a nice way to give back to the person that uploads a replay here
  Bat ! 22-Aug-2013
haha cran you're crazy. Didn't knew you build that kind of track too... I'm too lazy now to try to open it with my lagging computer but it seems to be a lot of fun...Will try it later. Maybe
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User Awards
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User Award   Pi malun 11-Aug-2013
First Awarder Funny map :3
User Award   Lovva 13-Aug-2013
pic definetly 10/10 and difficult is hmm.. middle-expert players can do it - just if u have enought time. under 1h 30min u need to be top driver and bit lucky too. normally i dont award maps if i cant finish but this looks cool, pic is cool, lower skill players will find problem becus so long run between cp´s and difficult increases all time. only bad thing i found was way too long wall-balansing.
so lets se ATLEAST 9/10
User Award   Razo.'R |R4a 13-Aug-2013
f*ck my impatience.
i won't be able to really drive this one 'til the end are crazy, sir.
good job.
User Award   Timefound aka. Jepsen (new map). 13-Aug-2013
Crazy stuff. I don't recall having so much fun in trackmania before ^^
User Award   micheledge 18-Aug-2013
first run was 2 hours and 15 minutes, but i really liked it
User Award   Xerox. 22-Aug-2013
Good map, very challenging to finish.
There's many hard tricks, perfect to rage, that's cool.
User Award   Switch 10-Dec-2013
missed one ring in the puzzle, needed 10 minutes to go back to it
User Award   nunni 04-Feb-2017
User Award   uetzer|R4a 04-Feb-2017
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