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Name: Download [SP]eVentathlon.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eXtracT
Version: 10-Dec-2010
Released: 10-Dec-2010
TMX id: 3496905
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 58,750
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 1m 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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Offline World Record
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
1:45.70   B1ts+ 0:00.0058,750
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:45.89   EpiK :)+ 0:00.1958,116
1:46.87   eXtracT+ 0:01.1754,848
1:47.64   Never+ 0:01.9452,280
1:48.03   uetzer|R4a+ 0:02.3350,979
1:48.97   PN`Qwerty+ 0:03.2747,845
1:50.00   SweSebbe+ 0:04.3044,410
1:50.02   der-bozz.esu+ 0:04.3244,343
1:50.69   peteypablo7+ 0:04.9942,109
1:52.28   DDR.Buddha+ 0:06.5836,806
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

[SP] = Special Project

_________________- TRACK UPDATED -_________________
Both cuts found by Down have been fixed and a slight alteration made to the ending (: For the second time, please go go go hunt the record ...


___________________* IMPORTANT *___________________
For the full driving experience, be sure to download the file located from the link below. Unzip/extract the contents of the pack into the following directory: My Documents / TrackMania /
The files should then fall into the correct folders by themselves. Without these files, you may find it difficult to see both the mod and custom signs found in the track. DOWNLOAD THIS FILE

____________________- D e t a i l s - ____________________
Welcome one & all to my newest production – a special project. This track replicates a regular indoors Heptathlon Structure; heptathlon meaning seven(7). The idea first came to me after the commonwealth games came to a conclusion, so I’ve been working on this for quite some time (: Please don’t give up on your first few tries, some events may pose some difficulties but keep pursuing that gold medal!

Build Time: 40 Hours
Design Style: Special Project
Length: ~1:50.00
Author Time: 1:46.87
Coppers: 4300 c
MT Production: 3-in-1 (Intro + Ingame + Outro)
+ Intro & In-game produced by myself, my best effort yet (:

SunRise - MidDay - SunSet - MidNight
Default Signs - Custom Signs
Normal Environment - Custom Mod

I challenge you all, attempt to beat the World Record(WR) in both the Long Jump and Pole Vault events, a Media Tracker Message will pop up as you obtain these records. Although there is no prize for achieving this, why not give it a go and test your driving skills (:

_____________- C o p p e r C o m p e t i t i o n - _____________
What is an athletic event without medal prizes? And because of the intense competition that should pose itself these medals can be traded in for valuable coppers (: Obtain these medals by posting the fastest times on this track:


____________________- S c r e e n y -____________________
The screenshot of this track was produced by the one & only Ornaiim . I give many thanks to the man for creating such a nice atmosphere, thanks!
Enlarged Version

_____________________- V i d e o -______________________
I had some trouble making a video for the track so I requested the wonderful assistance of dejavu . The video consists of some stunning effects, great quality and provides an excellent summary of the track, check it out (:
VIDEO LINK (tm-tube)

_______________- A d d i t i o n a l I n f o -_______________
I pray that you enjoy my creation, feel free to upload a replay or comment below. Better yet, why not award it? (:


User Comments
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  Sparco (links in bio) 13-Dec-2010
You have misinterpreted the idea i think
  acura_rsx/ broken hand >.< 13-Dec-2010
  eXtracT 14-Dec-2010

_____________________- T h a n k s L i s t -____________________

21.|d!plo.xT - omg! what a wonderful award, thanks a million my friend
22.| SweSebbe - another awesome i can't thank you enough
23.|Uetzer|R4a - damn i love reading your awards, thanks so much man
24.|NL-Chr!s-' - its always great tot hear the enjoyment people find, thx!
25.|Geeerardo - glad you noticed my effort into making it huntable, thx
26.|*TrixX* - wow what an award, thx man (: and what a replay too!
27.|Chris - a pity you didn't like the loop, altho i still welcome the (:
28.|B1tsR - and i love your type of awards, thanks a billion my friend (:
29.|Acura_rsx - hey man, thanks for you such awesome help, thanks!
30.| Natzke™ - damn what an amazing award, it was a pleasure to read
31.| Roomie - haha thanks man, i love reading awards such as your (:
  EpiK :) 14-Dec-2010
Omfg so close ( Time WAS 1:46.02 )


I think 1;45.5x poss
  B1ts 14-Dec-2010
that's it for me
  EpiK :) 14-Dec-2010
haha nice
  acura_rsx/ broken hand >.< 14-Dec-2010
  EpiK :) 14-Dec-2010
Btw what's with coppers ?
And B1ts, fight ain't over !

I hope some other freaks will come to set their unbelievable times ( as always ... ) !
  eXtracT 14-Dec-2010
woah! crazy times you two however, i awoke to see both these times under 1:46.00, who achieved their time first?
  EpiK :) 15-Dec-2010
Well, I posted it maybe 15 mins before B1ts xD
But as I want it to be fair, he needs to agree ( of course he will xD )

And now I gonna sleep, have a nice " day " exxy
  B1ts 15-Dec-2010
I absolutely do not agree !!! I was the one who posted .45 time 10 minutes earlier.. it's just ridiculous how you're trying to steal my coppers !!!

ok, I"m kidding xD I uploaded it later than trix don't be mad
  EpiK :) 15-Dec-2010
I didn't expect anything else from you dude
  HardDance 16-Dec-2010
Looks like a track i would award, but i never award a track just from a videos. Sorry
  eXtracT 16-Dec-2010
well why don't you drive it then haha
  «PasSion™ 16-Dec-2010
Exract, i have figure something, the DOWNLOAD THE LINK its a link that gets old with the time, and its get deleted, you need a upload place that never expired, search for i don't know where to find, but when the file gets delete no one will can enjoy the work you made, just saying Good luck.
  B1ts 17-Dec-2010
does any1 understand what he said? xD
  «PasSion™ 18-Dec-2010
"DOWNLOAD THIS FILE" , may get older and many people will play without the mood, hope you'l understand now.
  B1ts 18-Dec-2010
well, that makes sense, but nothing can last forever..
  Roomie¬ 19-Dec-2010
ups,forgot to mention my 550th given award goes to you eX.
  eXtracT 20-Dec-2010
wohoo! thanks roomie and yes i will make an updated version of the athletics equipment, thanks passion
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User Awards
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User Award   «PasSion™ 16-Dec-2010
first i would like to say, terrific work mate, amazing jumps and drops, i love it, its like an adventure to me, like a Big project behind of all tmx, i really love the work you made, everything is totally perfect and had pure fun, so much work, you deserve 41 awards, even more will be an honor, keep up the good work, Incredible Project of a great secretly person like you, wonderful trip.
User Award   Joyeux.« 17-Dec-2010
Awsum idea!! Well done!
User Award   itsjustme 17-Dec-2010
But filesize is toooo large for playing on a server
User Award   :-) 18-Dec-2010
creative stuff
User Award   TimeBreaker 27-Dec-2010
The mod really added to the atmosphere I was missing in the beta phase^^ Great job I got to say, lovely execution of the disciples and an overall flowing work. I also liked the whole MT, which had some slick effects, with very few little mistakes. I just didn't understand he intro, why did that text repeat like 10 times, is this scientology? xD

User Award   SPN'« 09-Jan-2011
lovely track and gr8 idea!
User Award   RaµL 17-Dec-2013
i feel sorry for myself for not noticing this track before, really fun to drive and totally aced that 100m on the long jump haha
had alot of fun here
User Award   ZoggeR 27-May-2015
Better late than never huh

It has some great ideas, I like the hurdle part a lot
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