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Name: Download Fall Guy [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Big Al.xT
Version: 13-Dec-2010
TMX id: 3508139
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
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Author Comments

After 1 year of break of building RPG, I just wanted to try TM Unlimiter for some few mixes. I couldn´t stop. TM unlimiter is amazing
So here is the result: Fall Guy [RPG]*

The story: You´re junior stuntman and do Your final examination after long months of train, to get hollywood stuntman and join the Fall Guy Association.
A track full of labyrinths, flowing jumps with loooong pipes to climb in a "stunt-test-facility". When You finished all difficult climbing parts, the nasty tight rooms, speedy and drifty parts You will get a member of the Fall Guy Association.

The theme was motivated of an old-fashioned tv-series called The fall guy. When I was a young boy, I loved it .

Track features:
- 21.464 copper
- ~7.000 Blocks
- lenth: ~45 km (I always forgot to look at finish)
- AT: 15.03
- Metropolis mod, I had to choose a lightweight mod, cos of heavy MT
- 40 cp´s + 3 hidden rings
- soundtrack (action mix)
- very fast track with many jumps (152 counted by Iggy )
- in-track movies (stunts of "The fall guy", and other movies)
- special animated flame mt when you reach top speed to perform jumps
- I tried to avoid any "flickering" as good as possible, because i hate that
- 1st time driving ~25-30 min
- finally there will be times of +/- 13 min

Thx very much to -|MfG|-Lucker for his work on the in-track movies and also the soundtrack .

- Lucker
- Tandur
- Tac
- Tabasco
- Moi57 (pre-alpha )

I tried not to overmix track, like these days many do, just because they can through TM unlimiter.
TM ulimiter is a very nice tool. I´m oldschool CE mixer and I was so surprised how easy there can be done mixes now!

I am using some old tricks and some new aswell, In my opinion not every track has to be filled with tons of "innovative" ideas, and in the end there was something forgotten: the fun to drive it!

- If You like the track: award it plz
- If You don´t like the track: award it plz
- If You just wanna MIMIMIIIII: award it plz

Click here to donwload Mediapack ~40Mb

Okay junior stuntmen, now start Your engine - Hollywood is calling!

* Fall Guy Association=union of (hollywood) stuntmen

User Comments
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  BX3 TinTin 27-Aug-2011
Why are you trying to make it look like i'm battering the trackmaker?
You are the one who says that im not entiteled to an opinion based on my driving preferences, so you are the target of my bashing.
Lay down and die you dickless twat.
  Igntul 03-Sep-2011
did you say you prefer tracks without mods? no, you said that saying a rpg map without mod isnt an rpg map is bullshit
did I ever insult you?
  onicole 26-Nov-2011
nice track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you tell me songs of this?
i know Omen(prodigy) but other songs i don't know..
  lain64 23-May-2012
gps :
  elgster 07-Apr-2013
Anywhere i can still get the mediapack? kinda unplayable without it. Really enjoy the track and it's sad that a mediapack makes it unplayable from now on
  Olymptor 11-Jun-2014
Pictures down
mediapack Link broken
  rastaman 14-Oct-2014
Some one gave this ZIP with some mediapack files. I think it's enough so that the track is drivable.
Extrack to cache folder (ProgramData\TrackMania\Cache)
  Vønix!« 10-Aug-2015
Sorry I dont like it but why do i write this?
I think you should build your tracks not that "open" that makes it look a bit "random" i think. But well 2010, nah? But congratulations to 50(!) awards
  Xerox. 14-Feb-2018
You can download this map's mediapack by using this link:

Put this .zip in Documents/Trackmania and just unzip it there and then restart Trackmania. That's all you need to do.
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User Awards
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User Award   onicole 19-Mar-2011
it's nice track!
User Award   GSA|Foxi 26-Mar-2011
Hey BigAl
very cool map
User Award   lain64 26-Nov-2011
User Award   mighty-mike 07-Feb-2012
Awsome track
Best speed rpg i playe in a while

Great work Big Al
User Award   nospor2 14-Apr-2012
Its very special rpg track but i must say it was a great pleasure to drive it:)
Nice work

User Award   rastaman 01-Jul-2012
Very nice to drive, great track
User Award   nunni 17-May-2013
thought I had awarded it
User Award   Xerox. 18-Jan-2014
Never played it too much, but today I saw that's really a great map. Classic RPG
User Award   Vadidas 10-Aug-2015
Great track and fantastic press forward
User Award   Levon 10-Aug-2016

Had a alot of fun here some years ago
User Award   PrimaveraMasterSound 29-Jan-2018
User Award   Loe 23-Jan-2019
User Award   charn 25-Apr-2019
Never awarded this map for some reason... but it is sooooooo good I had to.

We all love Fall Guy here is your award
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