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Name: Download EtniEs.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Pat
Version: 08-Nov-2014
Released: 25-Jan-2011
TMX id: 3529047
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:40.52   AR »NGTT <3+ 0:00.06-
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0:41.13   Pat+ 0:00.67-
0:41.22   unholy79+ 0:00.76-
0:41.37   Sky.esu+ 0:00.91-
0:40.28   ben3847- 0:00.18-
0:40.60   ekdan+ 0:00.14-
0:40.69   AR »Down.+ 0:00.23-
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Author Comments

25th January

Well guys, today I proudly present you my newest track Etnies. This one is my biggest project so far, it contains a full mt and a heavy scenery, but more to that later. The track itself is a 41 seconds long, platformbased fullspeeder. In my eyes the difficulty is intermediate-expert, because some turns are really tight and if you don´t get them perfect, you won´t be able to finish the track. There is also a dirt transition which can be a bit buggy if you drive in a too acute angel, but you have to life with that (: Btw, I didn´t use any kind of blockmix.


Style: Fullspeed
Lenght: ~41 seconds
Author Time: 40.96
Coppers: ~5700
Mod: Evening


A big project needs a great mt and I hope you will like my work here. I made a good looking intro, with flowing cams and cool fx colours, please take a look at it (: This time I also made a great outro. Every cam should flow very well. A GPS is also available, the time is 40.95.


I tried to build an impressive scenery and I think I succeeded. It´s really heavy in my typical style. And yes, I used alot of signs, because in my eyes they are looking very well (: Find out for yourself how it fits to you.

All the respect for that awesome screen deserves Ornaim. Big thanks mate!
Also big thanks to my betatesters, you really helped me.


In the last time, some things changed at tmx. The forum is full of immature behavior and high quality tracks in the botw are rarely seen. At this point I want to show you an awesome track which definately deserves more attention. And please read the AC.

Last Stars by   rewiind

Cheers, Pat

User Comments
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  joe b 29-Jan-2011
No I rly, don't see something special in this track, just a fullspeeder with smooth trnasititions as we've seen 20 times before.
  ZoggeR 29-Jan-2011
so you should like it?
  jstc 30-Jan-2011
way more possible for me.
always been at down, or even .03 in front of him. but i just always get those ramps at the end /:
  pascow.esu 30-Jan-2011
joe sry but i wanna see u building a map like this
  joe b 30-Jan-2011
why should I, it's just not my style of a map to build, pascow.

and @ zogger, no, because it ain't something new anymore.
  ZoggeR 30-Jan-2011
I was just saying that you build almost the same style of FS
also your new one is not different
  Roomie¬ 13-Feb-2011
updated the award ^^
  Pat 15-Feb-2011
  Nino (: 12-Sep-2013
easy cheesy
  ben3847 16-Jul-2014
could someone pls do it offline?
  ekdan 31-Aug-2014
Ive got nothing but contempt left for u guys...
This is one of the best FS Maps ever made, and u bloody idiots (excuse my offensive words, but thers nothing i hate more than cutters) ruined it!
I know that u probably put alot of efford in finding this cut, and considering all ur videos u seem to have fun at ruining maps, and i dont care if u keep cutting Nadeo Bullshit, cuz thats probably the best use of that trash.
BUT cutting a well built map, that cost the mapper alot of time to make and the players alot of time to hunt in a fair competition is, well i dont know how to call it, just bullshit.

I guess u wont give a fk about this comment, but after a mate made me watch ur video i couldnt resist the amount of rage, that just grew in me, as it allways does when i see that some fool has cutted a awesome Fullspeeder

  Edge.Fwo 31-Aug-2014
well built
  ben3847 04-Sep-2014
It's the authors fault.
  Sky.esu 04-Sep-2014
And it's the womens fault that she wore a skirt...
  AR »tk! 05-Sep-2014
Don't feed the troll
  ekdan 13-Sep-2014
He aint a troll, hes a cutter, thats worse!
So u are saying that the mapper has to be aware of some guys that jump all over the place just to cut a map? seems legit.
  ben3847 13-Oct-2014
actually yes.
  Pat 08-Nov-2014
I really can't understand how you find the motivation to spend your free time searching for cuts. Anyways, here is your update...
  ben3847 09-Nov-2014
to be as fast as possbile.
  AR »tk! 28-Nov-2014
thanks for the update, Pat
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User Awards
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User Award   Switch 05-Dec-2011
Hard map, but really nice
User Award   Kumpelblase 12-May-2012
i won´t leave a long award since everything about this track has, i think so, already bee said.
i very much like the beginning till the downhill part, well everything else too but this part especially

it is sad that you stopped building man but what to goes on and time is fading so do yar best out there
User Award   Kadzio 13-May-2012
The flow is just awesome
User Award   canje 11-Sep-2013
one of my all-time favourites
User Award   Maniakelys 16-Jul-2014
Very very good map
User Award   vince78 25-Jul-2014
Classic and freak
User Award   ekdan 04-Sep-2014
One of the best Fullspeeders ever
Sadly cutted by some fools
User Award   AR »NGTT <3 28-Dec-2014
Well built and exciting
User Award   Vivek 10-Feb-2015
Really Awesome map,Loved it!!!!! One of My favorites!!!!!!!!!
User Award   Sky.esu 10-Feb-2015
User Award   AR »Trex 07-Nov-2015
very nice, only the early drift trigger after the 1st loop is a bit annoying sometimes
User Award   unholy79 09-Dec-2015
User Award   Insyde 09-Dec-2015
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