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Name: Download Grace
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eXtracT
Version: 28-Dec-2010
Released: 28-Dec-2010
TMX id: 3566207
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 37,792
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:40.89   Jakub19+ 0:00.0037,792
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:41.42   eXtracT+ 0:00.5334,853
0:41.52   Massa.+ 0:00.6334,298
0:41.55   Metal_Snake+ 0:00.6634,132
0:41.60   SapphiroN+ 0:00.7133,854
0:41.82   Hitchy+ 0:00.9332,634
0:42.46   RaµL+ 0:01.5729,085
0:42.92   peteypablo7+ 0:02.0326,534
0:43.42   .nixx+ 0:02.5323,762
0:43.79   Burtur.esu+ 0:02.9021,710
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Author Comments


i'm sorry to say, but this is going to be my last track ................................. .................................................................................. for this year

I would like to thank everyone for such a great year, hoping the next will be even better. Special thanks goes to my mod buddies, its been an honor so far and i hope i can continue my service cause i'm loving it (:

this track was proposed for a competition, unfortunately i dint't win, all congratulations goes to the winner however i still very much enjoyed my creation and wanted to share it with you guys (: Some of the beat-testers said that they expected more from me. Most of you expect a transitional-hungry tech form me, but this track is simply different. It's simply ... simple. Nice curve, smooth flow and hopefully a nice atmosphere to race in, this is essentially a hunting tech map, so take it as it is please, and thanks.

- D e t a i l s -

FullSpeed - Tech - Platform - SpeedTech - Dirt - Offroad
36sec - 38sec - 40sec - 42sec - 44sec
Morning - MidDay - SunSet - MidNight
Default Signs - Custom Signs

Author Time: 41.57
Coppers: 4190 c

M-T Work: produced by yours truly, just simple 'n' sweet work ;D

- S c r e e n y -

Awesome screen by the awesome.Ornaiim, thanks bud. The atmosphere in this shot is absolutely insane, i love it! (: Check out one of his great maps!

Caviar Green»». by   .Ornaiim

- B e t a ‘ s

Big thank you to my beta-testers. Although I received criticism, I humblY accept it and will hopefully produce to your liking next time.

> > Hitchy, RaùL 'P.H.C, ziE|'P.H.C,


User Comments
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  eXtracT 28-Dec-2010


go go go hunt and break the 401.xx barrier, reach a 40.xx!

_____________________- T h a n k s L i s t -____________________

01.|Arzar. - hey thanks bro for hitting it off with this great cheers man!
02.|niXxi.e - hmm .. ill take that as a compliment as well haha, thanks (:
03.|Elonger - hey thanks man for your great i appreciate it very much
04.|Hitchy - thanks man, its ok to have lsot to someone as great as you (:
05.|Mr.ZoggeR - wow thanks man, it means alot to hear something like that!
06.|.Massa. - haha sorry man about the end, but im glad you like the rest
07.|Jakub19 - thanks for the bro, and of course the sick time, wow (:
08.|IR|placket. - hey thanks bro i appreciate the you have given, thx!
09.|SapphiroN - haha no probs man, next map will be more complex i hope
10.|RaùL 'P.H.C - the end is tricky i agree, but thanks for your lovely
  Hitchy 28-Dec-2010
too early for happy new year ^^
  eXtracT 28-Dec-2010
haha, well im going to be busy in the coming days so i din't want to miss my chance its only 3 days away, we celebrate Christmas week before
  Hitchy 28-Dec-2010
well then, Happy new year to you

Is the signs supposed to be black and red?
  eXtracT 28-Dec-2010
haha ummmm ... nooo, is that what your seeing?
  Hitchy 28-Dec-2010
yeah. they are all black and red, but it's kinda cool too
  eXtracT 28-Dec-2010
haha. thats cool! can you take a print screen and show me, im curious?
  .nixx 28-Dec-2010
when i got black and red sign, it's mean that i will got a blue screen soon but that's me my pc is weird
  eXtracT 28-Dec-2010
haha yep, blue screen is always a bad sign haha
  .nixx 28-Dec-2010
  Hitchy 28-Dec-2010
here are the sinners but i don't get a blue screen
  .nixx 28-Dec-2010
lol you look sad to don't get blue screen
E//: now happy
  Hitchy 28-Dec-2010
what do you talking about? ^^
  .nixx 28-Dec-2010
now happy

ps. now let's shut up and keep comment clean for exxy
  eXtracT 28-Dec-2010
haha i don't mind really, its not too outta control but btw, anyone else seeing red & black signs or is that only hitchy?

  - ziE @ RIP TM <3 28-Dec-2010
I've not seen 'em.

And by the way, sorry Extract, but no award. I think you can build quite a lot better, so I was quite disappointed for this, as I told you in beta. ^^
  eXtracT 28-Dec-2010
hey no probs man, i respect that, hopefully you'll like next years installment hopefully a dirty track haha thanks again man
  RaµL 30-Dec-2010
maybe you get red & black signs cuz the other signs are still loading ?
  GodofWar 30-Dec-2010
Far too few awards for this Awesome Track fnd it!!
  eXtracT 30-Dec-2010
haha thanks for the sympathy mate, kinda sucks that it only has 38 downloads but thats tmx for ya - unpredictable as always
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User Awards
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User Award   Sundive 28-Dec-2010
User Award   .nixx 28-Dec-2010
User Award   elonger 28-Dec-2010
very beautiful track
good and nice drifst man
i love it
User Award   Hitchy 28-Dec-2010
Awesome track mate. The flow is amazing once you get it and the overall design is just epic. Intro is smooth and clean, not to much. Well done
User Award   ZoggeR 28-Dec-2010
wow, this, you're surely one of the most skilled Scenery-makers out there, that atmoshpere is just
and the track is purely fun, great slides and easy transitions
also the jumps and drops fitted well, so very well-produced track, amazing track
User Award   Massa. 29-Dec-2010
Nice Track!

But i dislike the end (: had -33 on your time than i failed according the end

But if i don´t drive the end this map is very nice!
User Award   Jakub19 29-Dec-2010
User Award   Placket.ft 29-Dec-2010
Nice track dude, like the flow and the slides are cool.

- placket.
User Award   SapphiroN 29-Dec-2010
It's not a break through in design, but it drives and looks bloody good! I know it was your purpose here, so I don't really mind. Excellent job, maybe I can see a bit more complex track from you in the future, eh?
User Award   RaµL 29-Dec-2010
though it isn't the real masterpiece i expected to find,
i really enjoyed driving it in beta & it still is far above the average lvl
you should've gotten more points in ptp (imo),
but still hitchy deserved the win ;o
scenery, as always, is really awesome
i'll upload a replay in a minute, just finishing PPO now
e; aaah, i remember why i didn't like !
actually i love it, all the subtile transitions which flow perfectly into eachother,
but only the last jump/drop really made me furious
how u could ''screw up'' such a beauty with an end that fits some tracks, but not this one..
i still admire it
e2; ok, i was wrong, the end also fits this one perfectly (i found out after hunting)
i have 1 remark tho, the little jump at ~11s would be better without the little grasspart in front of it (imo)
i'll keep hunting for a 41.3x (probly the best i can do)
hope you liked reading this award
e3; i might have found a cut O.O -> still checking
e4; yes i think it's a cut, should've gottn 39.5 i think though i missed the finish ^^
e5; ehm, well i can't handle the cut, but i'm pretty sure there are others who can.. so i uploaded replay where u can see the cut, though i fail..
User Award   GodofWar 29-Dec-2010
Awesome Track!!!
but i´am not a good Tech driver:(
Very Nice!!
User Award   ciciman THE 30-Dec-2010
Hi eXtract

You put much work in creating a delightful scenery..
... and i really have to say you have been succesfull

Unfortunately... my Computer is not the newest One, so its very hard for me to drive a good time with a lagging screen
... But i will try to give you a good replay soon

The Track has awesome passages.. I really like the jump at the beginning of the Track..
You can drive very fluently through all parts ... There is no strange Turn where you could have problem passing it
So -> Nothing to critizise

You´re a really good mapper...If you have finished with a new Techmap, just call me

C i c i

User Award   uetzer|R4a 30-Dec-2010

This is extraclass...

You always came up with something special for me.
First as I drove this track I thought that the track itself is not thaaaat good cause first time it looks realy normal
But after a few runs I got the special extract feeling Every slide and curve and jump is so flowy and good to drive!
Its like a good song I can hear/drive it again and again and It doesnt became boring !
For sure your scenery again blows me away! You know you're my favourite scenery maker dude
so I just can say perfectly work again!

User Award   dadm 30-Dec-2010
Nothing extraordinary but still very nice...

Overall the track is nice and well constructed. It's really fun to play and the end makes it even more fun with these 2 finishes, il love the idea ^^ But actually i just expected more from you, maybe i just prefer your platform tech tracks (: The scenery is nice too but not better than on your previous maps, it gives a great atmosphere anyway (; Here is you well deserved mate, you are a decent bloke !?

User Award   Sparco (links in bio) 03-Jan-2011
Nice track as usual from you, some turns are basic but always fun
Ps: first award in 2011
User Award   peteypablo7 04-Jan-2011
nice one dear collegue although I may not be the best driver (yeah, bad replay) I really enjoyed the track a lot the corners are very cool to have a good slide and the flow inside the track is really great you proved that even mods can make a very nice track without using our supernatural powers ouch, I shouldn't have said that, shouldn't I? XD ah well, you did very well and you could be proud about it I hope you get some more awards on this track and perhaps I could give it a try for a better time
User Award   Guess Who ´ 08-Jan-2011
Nice screenie too
User Award   »panKey. 23-Jan-2011
this is masterpiece my friend
User Award   master94ga|On MX 28-Jan-2011
Awesome track!

User Award   Metal_Snake 28-Jan-2011
This track is sweet, definitely.
The thing i enjoy the most is the fact that the speed is pretty high, and still the track stays tight and very technical. You did a marvelous job in adjusting this balance. I also love the transition with the dirt, it works so nicely ! A very nice design as well, the way is very clear all along ( even without checking the gps ).
Very technical, yet funny and competitive at the same time. This is how a track should be, and you did it, well done
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